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We have honed our travel industry SEO expertise with decades of combined experience, working with some of the biggest travel brands in the world. In fact, travel SEO services are our specialty. That includes Keyword Science, Wise Content Creation, Technical Audits, and Authority Building.
Our marquee client is Marriott International, for which we research thousands of highly-targeted, hyperlocal SEO keywords and write hundreds of pages of SEO content generating organic traffic and conversions worldwide. We’ve learned that the best SEO strategy comes from realizing your site must succeed with or without traffic from Google. We don’t write, build authority or create websites for Google – we create them for your target audience.


Galileo Tech Media fills websites with words and ideas that spill into the world and attract users to brands. Not just words – wise words. Wise Content.

Wise Content is based on well-thought-out inbound strategy, big data, and analytics. It’s also about intensely creative forms of digital media, devised by some of the best brains in the business, who dig into your brand and breathe it just like you do.

Wise Content gets attention, brings new customers to your company website, and makes them believers of your brand. Wise Content is strategic, full of heart, and chocked full of all the elements needed to make your site work for you.


Here at Galileo Tech Media, we work tirelessly to establish effective, actionable inbound marketing strategies that are backed by research and data – strategies that take into consideration the different ways that different groups interact not only with online technology, but with the world around them as a whole.

A great deal of that which works today is Keywords in Search, Messaging, and Social Media. We dig in to recognize the patterns that work and the words that produce value. From optimized pages that are full of semiotically related terms that work well in search engines, to headlines that are optimized to be accepted by different audiences, we take the science of keywords and data to a new height.


Our content is consumed by a million eyeballs and drives sales worldwide. Our applications support millions of users. Our strategy has built industries.

But that’s not why you are here. You want to know what we can do for your organization.

First of all, we are not an agency. We are an Inbound Marketing Support System. We provide the on-demand talent, content creation, and custom application development that in-house agencies and fast-growing businesses need to meet the demands of their Inbound campaigns and SEO projects. Using top-quality freelance talent, content driven by customer demand, Big Data, and neuroscience, we ensure that industry-leading strategies are cost-effectively executed with Star-Powered results.

Galileo has attracted the best content creators and applications developers in the world. Whether you need supplemental staff or managed teams backed by strategy, we are the solution. Our team works with some of the biggest brands in the world to maintain teams and processes that can be activated quickly to handle excess demand during crunch time.
Star Talent, Meet the Team
Joseph is that rare combination of creative, strategic thinker and highly-detailed, results-based consultant. The results we continue to get from his work continually exceeds our scope and expectations.
Scientist, Artist, Entrepreneur, Meet Joseph
Whether an In-House Agency or a Fast-Growing Business, our clients need services that create marketing campaigns, content, and applications that can scale to the millions. With our fleet of best-in-business talent, we’re able to create scalable solutions that build a sustainable brand story in the mind of your customers and prospects.
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