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Galileo Tech Media was named after Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance. He was instrumental in paradigm shifts in many facets of science and industry. He was also an inspiration to us for his defense of freedom of inquiry.

In this vein we founded Galileo Tech Media on the foundations of science, creativity, independence, and freedom. We intend to create paradigm shifts for our clients so they can enjoy freedom and prosperity.

What does that mean for Your Business?

Galileo Tech Media provides top Search Engine Marketing (SEO/PPC) and Content Marketing services to In-House Agencies, and Fast Growing Businesses. We have a strong vertical specialization in SEO for the travel industry.  Because of our core principles, we built from the ground up by seeking the best and brightest talent. From copywriters to designers, programmers to project managers, photographers to videographers. We have a network of the best, vetted, and trained freelancers in the world.

Meaning, if you need to staff up for high-pressure short-notice projects, we can get you covered. You need copywriters for deadlines or intense marketing campaigns – call on us! And if you need us to manage the project, manage the traffic, or even manage the strategy – we can help you there as well with our Star-Powered Galileo Creators!

We have researched tens of thousands of travel-related keywords, written thousands of articles and content pages on destinations and accommodations, and delivered content that has been seen by millions of online searchers. Simply put, we help travel-focused businesses get customers.
SEO Content has come a long way. We all remember days past with content stuffed with keywords and links, that seemed to repeat the same sets of optimized phrases over and over.  SEO Content of days past wasn’t designed to be helpful or interesting or lovely. It was designed to rank.

Search on-the-go and via voice methods [like Siri or Google Now voice assistants] have caused our methods of searching to change. Galileo Tech Media still starts with a core set of keywords, but takes it steps further to predict and answer the audience’s questions about the brand.

It’s not good enough to just create content anymore. Content must be Wise Content. It must be scalable. And it must be tested and proven over and over again. It must be attractive, interesting and yield targeted prospects.

Keyword Science creates the data used to fuel the Wise Content we create. We use the best Keyword Scientists and tools to mine the vast reservoirs of contextual data to find the best keywords for YOUR content.
Wise Content is THE integral piece of an Inbound Marketing campaign.  Wise Content attract visitors, but it measures, predicts, and converts the curious into customers. A successful Inbound Marketing campaign earns the attention of prospects through quality and targeted interest. At Galileo Tech Media, we work to communicate the correct tone of message to the different audiences it must support; and in a way that extends and support the story and mythology of the brand.
We know the most important elements to a successful Social Media Marketing campaign are TRUST and AUTHENTICITY. A Social Media Marketing campaign must target the proper community for the brand and connect existing customers to prospective customers…  since nothing closes a sale better than a referral. A brand has to be transparent and authentic in its marketing since anything else will be pilloried in Social Media.
We realize that in-house agencies and fast-growing businesses need custom support for the applications that will drive their campaigns. From building new sites, landing pages, and web/mobile apps to simply making existing ones do new tricks, we are the experts.

Meet Our Team

Joseph McElroy
Joseph McElroyCEO, CTO, Co-Founder
Joseph Franklyn McElroy is a technology and inbound marketing expert who understands it takes much more than “words” to enhance a brand. It takes wise words, wise content. Joseph possesses the depth that allows him to live and breathe a brand, and realizes the emotional and psychological elements of marketing. Joseph’s experience with big-data tools, inbound marketing strategy and implementation, and all the ins and outs of wise content development have brought him in contact with some of the top brands in the world.
Erin Miller
Erin MillerDirector of Projects
Erin Miller offers years of experience in hospitality marketing client management to the Galileo Tech Media Team. She’s a savvy professional, and has the unmatched ability to build relationships with clients and vendors and earn their trust. Efficiency is the name of the game, as Erin is able to quickly and thoroughly meet clients’ demands and exceed expectations. Clients interested in website user experience, wise content, and analytics-based decision making will want Erin’s brain in the mix.
Adeel Ather
Adeel AtherLead Developer
Adeel Ather is an award-winning web designer and developer with vast experience creating elegant, flexible, and responsive websites and web apps for clients of all sizes. He’s a web conversion wizard who recognizes the need for design to be as effective as it is attractive; he’s also an excellent communicator and problem solver, able to translate even the most difficult requirements into sophisticated yet accessible solutions. “Good enough” is never good enough for Adeel; he’s dedicated to going above and beyond, in order to ensure client satisfaction.
Torie Ketcham
Torie KetchamWeb Manager and Content Developer
Torie Ketcham has worn quite a few hats in her long career in the online industry; she counts project management and user experience design among her many skills. Her most noteworthy talent, however, is content development; Torie excels at using the written word to capture user attention and facilitate product growth. Blending together intelligent strategy, proven SEO techniques, and an almost obsessive attention to detail, Torie brings Wise Content to life.
John Connolly
John ConnollySEO Specialist
John Connolly possesses comprehensive knowledge of all things SEO and SEM; he focuses on proven, sales-driven keyword strategy, helping clients to identify their strengths and to market to them appropriately. John is also skilled in project and account management, and lends his expertise to competitive analysis, affiliate marketing, and sales management.

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