In-House SEO Services & Inbound Marketing Support

In House SEO and Inbound Marketing for the Enterprise

The in-house agency model is as unique as it is complex – composed of many moving parts, all working together to achieve a shared goal. Galileo Tech Media is not an in-house agency, but rather provides specialized talent, skills, technology and services to in-house agencies, thereby helping them to deliver the best SEO and Inbound services to their clients.

In-House Agency Services that Work

On-Demand Talent

When crunch time comes In-House Agencies need talented and trained people to get the job done. Great marketing requires more than just good skills - people have to jump in ready to work in the company's process.

Galileo Creators

Vetted and agency-caliber talent is trained in the processes of our clients and made available on-demand for those high-pressure times of need.

Demand Generation

It is the reality of the day that you can't do it all for demand generation. Sometimes you need support for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Digital Advertising.

Content & Technical Support for Demand Gen Campaigns

Do you need keywords researched for 100s or 1000s of pages of content? Do you need engaging summaries written and promoted on scale for your content? Do you need landing pages designed and developed? Mobile apps? We have the experience and the teams to support your campaigns in many ways.

Content that Scales

Content needs can expand or contract with little warning. A project sitting in the queue for the entire quarter is put on the front burner as a priority. A blog post goes viral, and there is opportunity to capitalize on the attention.


Brands and agencies unfortunately are seldom afforded the luxury of a scaling content creation department. Schedules are tight and deadlines are already in place. That’s where Galileo’s team plugs in.

Keywords & Data

Today, Content needs to be many things. It must perform well for users, but it also must perform well in Search Engines, Social Media, and Demand Generation.

Solution - Keyword Optimized Content

Galileo helps you optimize your content with data. Utilizing advanced Keyword Research and other data sources that include behavioral, psychographic, hyperlocal, and contextual information, we will produce optimized pages for your web, mobile, and advertising needs.

In-House Agency Areas of Focus

 Wise Content

Galileo Tech Media fills websites with words and ideas that spill into the world and attract users to brands. Not just words – wise words. Wise Content.

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 Stellar Apps

Our organization realizes that in-house agencies need custom development for the applications that will drive their campaigns. From building new sites, landing pages, and web/mobile apps to simply making existing ones do new tricks, we are the experts.

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 Keyword Science

In order to truly connect with your customers, the very first thing you have to do is get to know them – what motivates them, what they’re looking for, and why they’re looking for it. Keyword Science digs deep into understanding this.

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