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The Art & Science of Keyword Research

Content and digital marketing campaigns are informed by many sources of data. A fundamental data source is historical contextual data – like the keywords people use to search, talk, and socialize. Keyword Research, using experts, science and tools, is used to mine the vast reservoirs of contextual data to find the most optimal words to use in your content and digital marketing campaigns, like search engine optimization, paid search, social media marketing, and content marketing.

Strategy is Built from Knowledge

brick“Strategy for strategy’s sake” is the enemy of good business. In order to truly connect with your customers, the very first thing you have to do is get to know them – what motivates them, what they’re looking for, and why they’re looking for it. This understanding can only be achieved through comprehensive, targeted data gathering and evaluation – from developing a robust user persona including travel habits for each and every one of your potential customers to harnessing the power of Big Data to determine the most successful words, messages, and tactics for each individual audience.

We work tirelessly to establish effective, actionable strategies that are backed by data and start with extensive keyword research and messaging science.  These strategies take into consideration the various ways that different groups interact not only with online technology, but with the world around them as a whole.

And we recognize that data-based marketing is an ongoing process – one that requires constant analysis, as well as the flexibility to affect change on the fly.

Keywords for:

Keyword research is the foundation of Search Engine Optimization. We find the best popular and long-tail niche keywords for content and optimize return on investment.
Paid search requires a solid understanding the keywords which people use to search, but also how to narrow down the words used, and to know which words not to use. We optimize keywords for your paid campaigns, and optimize the words used in your ads and landing pages.
Identifying and constructing your messages in Social Media requires an understanding of trends, topics, and points of engagement. We help maximize the “pull” out of your social media marketing campaigns.
People search for apps in App stores. Understanding what and how they search is important to get adoption of your apps. We optimize the topics, app name, and keywords you should use in your mobile app store entries to maximize results.
Headlines need to be catchy and human readable. They need to have emotional trigger points and search engine savvy keywords. We help craft the best headlines for your articles, emails, pages, and advertising.
Those little buttons and banners don’t generate clicks just because they show up. You have to craft and test various versions imbued with researched trigger words. We help you do that.
Both Behavioral Science and Neuroscience can make use of data collected all over the Internet to make adjustments and predictions on the behavior of readers in response to messages. We help you utilize those tools to optimize your campaign responses.

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