Project Description

Campaign Goals

  • Facilitate increased visibility and improved rankings via Search Engine Optimization tactics

  • Drive targeted traffic to Ritz-Carlton properties

  • Increase online conversions with SEO content that is descriptive and persuasive

  • Seamlessly engage with Marriott property managers and stakeholders to adhere to all internal processes and guidelines, functioning as a part of the team

  • Create efficient processes that allow Galileo’s team to scale up and down, depending on the volume of work

Campaign Tactics

SEO Keyword Selection

  • Maximize competitive return for Travel Websites

  • Identify and execute upon key differentiators for each Marriott property and page being optimized, such as type, luxury, business, location, etc.

  • Identify the Ritz-Carlton property’s target audience and the Travel SEO Keywords most relevant to that audience

  • Leverage sophisticated SEO platforms to provide insight into which Travel SEO Keywords will be most successful

  • Select general and long-tail keywords based upon search intent, relevancy, competitiveness, etc.

  • Evaluate and revise keywords in order to maximize visibility

SEO Content Creation

  • Adhere to brand standard for each property, including proper tone, nomenclature, and other property-specific requests

  • Utilize SEO Keyword Selection to delicately incorporate approved keywords

  • Carefully apply SEO Keywords to content, to read naturally and comply with SEO white-hat practices

  • Create SEO Elements including Meta Descriptions and Title Tags, to create conversion-focused messaging for maximum click through

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