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The SEO Strategist’s Guide to Link Building

When it comes to Link Building (also known as Authority Building) for your website, there are many people who claim to be experts. Or, who can offer some quick steps to increase SEO Visibility. Truth be told, there's nothing quick and easy about Link Building. It's still about creating content people care about, and building relationships

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A SEO Strategist’s Guide to Link Building Techniques: Black, Grey and White Hat

Link Building is so important to a successful SEO strategists' campaign that we could devote dozens of articles to the subject. In fact, we’ve already talked about Link Building Authority and last week we dove into Part 1 of what we think is an extremely important aspect of Link Building: Increasing website visibility by understanding

SEO for Travel Professionals – Strategies for Micro-Moments

We are pleased to welcome Travefy as a guest blogger to the Galileo blog, writing about SEO for Travel Professionals!  Travefy builds beautiful, branded collaboration and itinerary management software for travel professionals. Their B2B Pro tools work with hundreds of travel businesses ranging from small, independent travel advisors to the largest travel organizations like HomeAway and Travel and

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