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Travel companies need to implement smart Travel SEO strategies to show up online where consumers are searching for trips. And, they need to know how to build authority and brand trust in order to convert. Do you know how to make your Travel Marketing measure up?

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The Supertraveler: Opportunities for Travel SEO Strategies

By |February 10th, 2017|Categories: SEO Best Practices, Top SEO for Travel Industry Blog Posts|

If you’ve wondered how to frame your travel SEO strategies so that you take advantage of opportune moments in a traveler’s journey, offering customers and potential customers just the bits of information they’re looking for

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Travel SEO and Travel Marketing is no longer just about incorporating a few high-ranking keywords into your copy. It’s about focusing on the right keywords – those that consider the intent of the searcher. It’s also about creating smart content that anticipates what the consumer wants and needs at any given moment during the trip planning process, and that provides actual value for a memorable and positive experience. Good Travel SEO and Travel Marketing looks not only to a quick sale, but also to building a relationship with a traveler – and with complimentary travel brands to grow an industry. Travel marketing strategies are complex, and great ones take expertise to develop. Galileo Tech Media is an expert in SEO and marketing for travel businesses, and we offer many tips and tools for marketers on our SEO Travel Blog.