Stellar Apps for the Enterprise


The Internet, the World Wide Web, and the Mobile Universe do what they do because someone built the applications that run them.

 From websites to Facebook, applications deliver the content that drives marketing, sales, community, and commerce. Our founder, Joseph McElroy, has been building web and mobile apps since before the Internet was public, for public corporations, major brands, public institutions, startups and small businesses.  He is still building them today and brings that experience to lead teams of top talent both onshore and abroad to maximize top notch results and cost-effective solutions.

Our organization realizes that in-house agencies and fast-growing businesses need custom support for the applications that will drive their campaigns. From building new sites, landing pages, and web/mobile apps to simply making existing ones do new tricks, we are the experts.

We answer the questions of scale.

What happens if a marketing department builds a web campaign that suddenly goes huge? What happens if a start-up builds a suddenly successful app that goes viral? Can a company or small department afford the infrastructure costs of managing millions of users or sending out millions of emails?

We have developed the expertise and methodologies to support all of that with complete cloud-based services and technologies, as well as teams of designers, programmers, and media professionals available at a moment’s notice. From user management to data storage, we’ve got it covered. Imagine being able to send out a million emails for less than $200 – it is possible! It is possible with Stellar Applications from Galileo Tech Media.

Our Expertise is Extensive

  • Amazon AWS Experts
  • Heroku Support
  • Wordpress Gurus
  • MEAN Stack Developers
  • LAMP Stack Programmers
  • MongoDb NoSql Administrators
  • MySQL & PostgreSQL Data Experts
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Security Analysists
cloud-based application platform
Example Customer Cloud-Based Custom Application Platform – highly scalable and cost-efficient

StartUps Welcome!

Nurturing ecosystem for Fast-Growing Businesses that are just getting started.

Fast and Secure Applications

Experts in building and marketing applications for mobile and web, we’ve know how to create low-run rate, highly scalable application platforms.

Legacy Systems

From Upgrades to Integrations, we got you covered!

There is nothing like using it the first-time around.

With over 30 years of application and database experience, Joseph McElroy can connect to your past and bring you into the future.

Web Sites

You need to start with the basics. We can build you responsive sites fast.

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Django

We support and understand all the major content management systems. And connecting them to marketing tools like email automation. And making the SEO/Social Media ready!

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