Companies functioning in multiple locales can grow a customer base in each of area of operation using a well-planned multi-location SEO strategy. Successful hotel brands, chain restaurants, real estate agencies and other companies doing business in more than one place, nationally and internationally, build their corporate and local presence by implementing geo-targeted SEO tactics for each destination in addition to a general plan for overall search optimization.

It may sound like a big feat to optimize locally for each offshoot of a business, and in a way it is because SEO is a rightfully time-consuming task. But, the great thing about putting a multi-location SEO strategy into action is that the local treatment for each site is nearly the same. After initial set up of a working local system for one arm of your business, you can replicate what you’ve created as many times as you wish, with the difference being your geo-targeted keywords and accompanying local (and even hyper-local) web content.

Local SEO Compliments an Overall Optimization Strategy

Let’s look at a hotel brand, for instance, and consider that it might have properties all over the United States and reach into several other countries with its offerings. This type of company would, of course, follow an blanket SEO strategy to attract customers to the corporate image and reputation. Any individual hotel belonging to the brand would be wise to first follow SEO guidelines that promote the entire company name and benefits, and second it would have its own local SEO needs to tend to.

To optimize locally and draw in travelers seeking a specific locale, a property under the umbrella hotel brand should receive customized location-based SEO analysis and management. There are best-practice steps that would need to be taken to discover the best local keywords, content approach and link-building strategy. But aside from geo-specifics as differentiators, the method to achieving success for each location is the same and scalable.

Differentiating for Local Offshoots

Whether the company is a hotel brand, a real estate agency or another multi-location business entirely, the local SEO campaign for every outpost is similar: similar analysis, research, deliverables, website structures and so forth. Additional focus for each locale, however, is placed on uniqueness of geography, cultural norms, social behaviors and other factors.

Simplified, local SEO for individual branches of a business would need to include geo-specific:

• Competition assessment
• Market analysis
• SEO budget
• Seasonal trends
• Optimal linking strategy
• Content needs
• and off-site signals and profiles

Optimizing for multiple locations of any business means that website content (including title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags) need to include hyper-local and carefully researched keywords and keyword phrases. It requires local listing audits be done to ensure the business is properly cited on each. A well-implemented local SEO campaign includes obtaining back links from reputable and established area businesses, done in a way that builds trust and doesn’t come with a penalty from Google.

This is just the start of effective multi-location SEO strategy. The strategy is a tough one to master, but done well, it can rocket a business to the top and keep it there.

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