The world of SEO is changing fast and anyone who thinks they can use yesterday’s tactics is in for a surprise. Today’s SEO landscape is revealing new best practices every time we read our morning news, it seems, which makes sense given that fact that John Mueller from Google admits that the search engine giant updates its ranking algorithm often 3 times daily. Many business owners and marketing managers wonder how they can keep up with quickly evolving SEO strategies. The answer lies in leaving SEO to those who live and breathe it. In particular, finding a company with whom you can outsource SEO and allow them to take care of ranking matters and building an online presence that will create a strong business of the future.

Do You Know Which SEO Strategies Don’t Work Anymore?

In the past, SEO strategies focused on including keywords in copy and linking on a mass scale, in hopes of showing up on the first page of Google search. As some business began throwing dozens of keywords into web content at a frenzied pace, text became a free-for-all of words and phrases that didn’t even make sense in many cases.

Companies thought they could spam the reader with links to any online directory that would take them, and website users were left with a mess to look at and to navigate through.

Google caught on to the get-ranked-quick schemes and it changed the way it rewarded websites. For the past several years, and even up until the present moment, Google has placed more weight on providing value for the reader and in turn for a customer.

Is There More Than SEO Keywords and Links?

Good SEO is more than keywords and links. It still includes these critical marketing components, but it’s a comprehensive brand-building effort that focuses on offering benefit to a consumer. Since Google has made it known that users should get valuable experiences out of searching for information online, businesses that agree (and put practices into place reflecting they agree) reap rewards.

But, creating an effective and expert SEO strategy that’s consistently in line with Google’s thinking (including its machine learning) is hard to do. It’s time consuming and it takes knowledge of the history of SEO and the emerging data for tomorrow business successes.

Why Outsource SEO?

Businesses that want to provide value to consumers, but simply don’t know how to do it through online tactics, can utilize the expertise of a Managed SEO Service provider. A Managed SEO Services company takes the reigns of an SEO marketing campaign and integrates traditional tools that still work to some degree.

It works with keyword implementation and link building for ranking, but it does more. A company offering Managed SEO Services looks at a client’s entire online presence and it creates a comprehensive strategy, across many channels, for building brand awareness, trust and loyalty.

How to Create Success With Managed SEO Services

With Managed SEO Services, a business can do what it does best in effort to obtain more customers, boost sales and see success. It can book travel, sell homes or engage in something entirely different. And then the Managed SEO service provider takes care of every aspect of building a solid reputation online for that business, one that reaches into all aspects of consumer behavior and outlasts any SEO trend.

Galileo Tech Media provides Managed SEO Services, and here are 3 SEO Case Studies to prove it! We make it possible for our clients to avoid spending every minute of a workday thinking about SEO, because that’s our job. Instead, they welcome guests into their hotels, send them on trips around the world, develop cool technology products and service consumers they way they love. It’s a perfect partnership, really. One that we’d love to take on with you.

To learn more about how Galileo Tech Media can manage your entire SEO journey, and keep your online marketing ship moving forward while making any necessary adjustments along the way, talk to us. Tell us about your business’ challenges and goals, and we’ll show you how we can set up an SEO game plan to take you where you want to be.