Project Description

Technical SEO Audits

A South Carolina eCommerce Marketing Agency sought to fully service a multi-location Construction Industry client by adding Technical SEO Services to their skill stack. This agency reached out to Galileo Tech Media due to our reputation as a scalable solution specializing in multi-location businesses and Technical SEO. Our private label SEO services helped this agency:

  • Fully service their clients’ needs, without stretching in-house resources or increasing head count.

  • Increase client satisfaction by meeting the need for Technical SEO expertise

  • Meet client’s complex and deadline-specific requests, due to Galileo’s ability to scale.

Campaign Tactics

  • Increase SEO Visibility with improved Technical SEO.

  • Assist agency’s technical team by providing a priority-based list of Technical SEO to-do’s, all designed to improve website performance.

Campaign Tactics

  • Conduct a deep-dive technical audit into 12 business location websites.

  • Develop an audit that identifies areas of improvement, such as duplicate content, page load issues, errors, and more.

  • Meaningful communication with the agency, to allow them to serve as the client’s SEO expert.

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