How To: Use a Hashtag Finder to Fine Tune your Content Marketing Campaign

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Ready to create content that broadens your company’s reach? Use a hashtag finder to better connect with your target audience and provide them with exactly what they’re looking for. Using a hashtag finder, it’s possible to get more information on the conversations that consumers are having. With this information, you can organize your editorial

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Inbound Journalism – How To WRITE FOR Your Audience Purposefully.

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We recently talked about “inbound journalism,” a term coined by marketing firm Austin Lawrence Group, and how to incorporate it into your toolbox. The main objective of inbound journalism is lead generation. It generates leads by giving customers what they want—not what you want. To generate quality leads with inbound journalism, you can’t just

CMO Ted? Business Manager Molly? 3 Tools to Create Buyer Personas.

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The Technology Behind Buyer Personas Buyer personas, those fictionalized, research-driven composites of your ideal customers, help marketers zero in on the customers they want to attract. Buyer personas factor into content creation, design, link building, and SEO. Consider buyer personas the foundation for your marketing strategy. According to Buyer Persona Institute, 73 percent of organizations

How to Understand Your Buyer Personas and Take Your Sales to the Next Level.

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When you meet the buyer’s basic needs and speak their personal language, you are creating a relationship and not just a transaction.  This requires a special blend of art and science, and the ability to insert this data and knowledge directly into your sales process and use it to nurture more prospects into customers. This

How to Use Big Data to Create Wise Content

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You’ll find a multitude of definitions of Big Data with a quick Google search. Big Data analysis is a complicated science and a profitable industry. In this post, we here at Galileo Tech Media provide examples of how to use big data to create wise content for your audiences. Big Data can be defined as large