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In this episode, we discuss Artificial Intelligence, which has recently been affecting digital marketing exponentially.

Joseph is joined by our special guest Matteo Cassese, he is a digital marketer, coach, and entrepreneur who provides training and coaching to individuals, established companies, and startups. His experience spans managing digital marketing for multinational companies (Warner Bros.), teaching at a university (Link Campus), and consulting for digital unicorns (Netflix). He’s collected the most insightful stories from these experiences as case studies.

Matteo explains what WordLift is, that it looks inside the content of your site, determines the meaning of the content, and helps you link the specifics of your content to a knowledge graph that Google uses to rank your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Joseph introduces the topic of today’s episode, Artificial Intelligence, which has recently been affecting digital marketing exponentially. Joseph explains the different areas in marketing where Artificial Intelligence, and how is helping marketers create content that best suits their purpose, allowing them to spend more time creating the actual content rather than researching to create the content. Joseph introduces his guest for today’s episode, Matteo Cassese, a digital market and entrepreneur who works in marketing across several industries. Matteo explains his journey of working with the web to where he is currently in digital marketing. He discusses how he was able to work with the internet ever since he was fourteen years old, and has been working with coding and web page creation since he was a young adult. Joseph and Matteo discuss how Matteo started working for Warner Bros. and what he did while working there, and how he started off as a production assistant working with screenplays, and then he worked towards continuing with digital marketing.

Matteo discusses how he likes being able to post his own content on his own website, which leads him to find WordLift, which is a plugin for WordPress websites. He explains how for a long time he was a customer of WordLift, until recently as he is now collaborating with WordLift. The two discuss Matteo’s work across mediums, through both text-based content and audio-based content, such as podcasts. Matteo explains what WordLift is, that it looks inside the content of your site, determines the meaning of the content, and helps you link the specifics of your content to a knowledge graph that Google uses to rank your website through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Joseph and Matteo discuss the audience for WordLift, and who uses the plugin the most, with digital marketers being the largest users of WordLift.

Joseph and Matteo discuss e-commerce on websites through using WordLift, which works with Google to list your e-commerce site on the “products” section on Google. Matteo explains how e-commerce works with WordLift, and how they plan on expanding the platforms that it will work on in the future, along with the VIP program they had recently put into place. The two discuss how Matteo connects content with concepts, and that Matteo makes use of Artificial Intelligence, by reading what Artificial Intelligence has to say in regards to content that he has already created. Matteo explains how structured data works through WordLift to reinforce the information found in the content, which allows for websites to be ranked higher in Google. Joseph and Matteo discuss machine IDs, and that it is something that cannot be determined by WordLift and must be done separately. The two also discuss product numbers and product identifiers, and what people can do to best connect product identifiers with Google.

The two discuss WordLift’s marketing approach, as Matteo explains when he first began his collaboration with WordLift, the only focus was on semantics. Matteo explains the role of automation within WordLift, and how often automation is used throughout the process of working with WordLift. Matteo explains where people can find WordLift and suggests that people book a demo before doing anything else with WordLift, to have a hands-on experience with WordLift and have any questions you might have answered in real-time. Matteo also explains how people can find and contact him.


00:00:31.110 –> 00:00:42.570 Joseph McElroy: Hello thanks for joining us on this week’s episode of wise content creates well, you have heard that content is king well wise content rules, the world.

00:00:43.230 –> 00:00:53.670 Joseph McElroy: This kind of this podcast is about understanding how you can make and utilize wise content to improve your financial success and your company’s bottom line.

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00:01:13.380 –> 00:01:22.650 Joseph McElroy: Are was conscious content that incorporates semantic science behavioral science Ai and data to make content that converts better and gives better rankings.

00:01:23.130 –> 00:01:36.240 Joseph McElroy: Since 2014 we provide a suite of global clients smart seo wise content sure services, ensuring maximum visibility and organic search and effectiveness in marketing conversions.

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00:02:11.070 –> 00:02:15.450 Joseph McElroy: our agenda today is growing your audience with Ai and word.

00:02:16.680 –> 00:02:33.360 Joseph McElroy: As as the digital word world expands and technology grows increasingly advanced there’s no denying that artificial intelligence is going to and actually has already started to change the game of content marketing.

00:02:34.260 –> 00:02:41.670 Joseph McElroy: There are some examples I think I come up with five here that I wanted to highlight of where it’s rapidly growing in importance.

00:02:42.750 –> 00:02:55.200 Joseph McElroy: One is chat box 24 seven interaction with the users, you see it all the time chat box on websites providing detailed information to consumers who want answers immediately.

00:02:56.700 –> 00:03:06.810 Joseph McElroy: But however chat bots are no longer use just no longer just on websites they’re everywhere they’re in Facebook messenger they’re in.

00:03:07.860 –> 00:03:22.710 Joseph McElroy: You know, is this SMS in a sense, is a chat box and these and these Apps are now the capability to mimic real life conversations with consumers, so they don’t have to fill out a generic form.

00:03:23.100 –> 00:03:36.240 Joseph McElroy: Consumers really like that they like that quick and immediate answers to their questions and and also and what’s happening with their purchases throughout their journey and buying from a from a from a.

00:03:36.840 –> 00:03:41.340 Joseph McElroy: Company and they feel like they’re having a normal conversation, and that is.

00:03:41.850 –> 00:03:51.750 Joseph McElroy: A new form of content marketing is these conversations and you can control those a lot with Ai as well as pre determined paths that you want people to take.

00:03:52.560 –> 00:04:07.260 Joseph McElroy: Another area where Ai is becoming important as custom feed algorithms you know with the advancement of technology marketers can track and analyze what users are interested in this then allows content strategists.

00:04:08.280 –> 00:04:14.880 Joseph McElroy: to generate news articles blogs and other forms of content that users are likely to interact and engage with with.

00:04:16.470 –> 00:04:28.740 Joseph McElroy: So social media is an example and as and it’s created a presence in the digital world and they analyze the data of what people like and don’t like.

00:04:29.070 –> 00:04:36.570 Joseph McElroy: And they generate the social media posts that’s an that’s an Ai algorithm and you’re seeing that all the time, but you know you also.

00:04:37.110 –> 00:04:54.390 Joseph McElroy: there’s also new applications out there, that will be talking about in the future that will generate feeds for say you have a website need and you want to automate what people might be seeing you can do some of that with Ai based upon the pat favorite behavioral patterns.

00:04:55.860 –> 00:05:08.970 Joseph McElroy: Another area where Ai is becoming important as predictive analytics and content marketing predictive analytics help marketers observed cus consumers behaviors and create profiles based upon those actions.

00:05:09.390 –> 00:05:15.540 Joseph McElroy: With Ai marketers crew to view pet predictive analytics and generate relevant content, based upon the data.

00:05:15.990 –> 00:05:23.880 Joseph McElroy: This is huge for digital marketing because strategist than can provide personalized valuable content to individuals on each stage of their customer journey.

00:05:24.270 –> 00:05:32.700 Joseph McElroy: I mean it started with a simple things like just being able to you know, give them GEO GEO specific information if they’re in New York, they get information about New York.

00:05:33.450 –> 00:05:38.190 Joseph McElroy: But now you know if they’re in New York and their mom and you know they’re they’re about to have a baby.

00:05:38.910 –> 00:05:49.470 Joseph McElroy: You can give them more specific information and Ai is helped and predictive analytics has helped you know understand who the consumer isn’t an Ai is help generate the correct content that they’re seeing.

00:05:52.080 –> 00:05:58.950 Joseph McElroy: You know another way another area where Ai is becoming big and content strategy, research and development.

00:06:00.300 –> 00:06:15.180 Joseph McElroy: So you consistently reshare researching and generating engaging relevant and insightful content is actually difficult and time consuming one of the reasons, people have reached out to gallery on the past is, we can do that on scale for them.

00:06:16.500 –> 00:06:26.160 Joseph McElroy: But it’s it’s it is, it is a time consuming task so and while reducing that research, it can be beneficial, because you can understand what.

00:06:26.430 –> 00:06:38.220 Joseph McElroy: Consumers want you just don’t have the time necessarily to write all that so Ai helps content marketers create content that is relative to their target audience and each.

00:06:38.760 –> 00:06:55.470 Joseph McElroy: Buying stage of the marketing funnel and they can they can therefore use the they can focus more of their time on writing the context and really that rather than spending the writing in the context rather than spending time researching and analyzing.

00:06:57.900 –> 00:07:08.610 Joseph McElroy: Finally, quick content generation, so now there’s actually Apps out there that helps that uses Ai to generate content for you for your blog post.

00:07:10.200 –> 00:07:24.570 Joseph McElroy: For articles on your site, it can do content research analyzing Google trends in analytics and bringing information to it can make suggestions and recommendations upon analyzing your analytics and it can also recommend seo strategies.

00:07:25.320 –> 00:07:29.280 Joseph McElroy: For your content and creating more valuable and relevant content.

00:07:30.090 –> 00:07:38.790 Joseph McElroy: So technology has never stop advancing and the digital world will only continue to grow and because it’s such a huge competition and such a time suck and.

00:07:39.120 –> 00:07:49.680 Joseph McElroy: The Internet is such a gaping mall which you throw content into Ai is just going to become more and more critical now a guy I have here today not to Casa see.

00:07:50.130 –> 00:07:54.390 Joseph McElroy: You know you have to tell me how you pronounce last name i’m sure I just misspell miss miss.

00:07:54.990 –> 00:08:06.600 Joseph McElroy: Miss vote that but is somebody that knows a lot about this world, he is a marketer coach and entrepreneur who provides training and coaching to individuals established companies and startups.

00:08:06.960 –> 00:08:19.860 Joseph McElroy: His experience spans managing digital marketing for multinational companies like Warner brothers teaching and universities like link campus and consulting for digital unicorns netflix.

00:08:20.400 –> 00:08:30.030 Joseph McElroy: he’s collected, some of the most insightful stories from all these experiences and creates case studies and consulting that makes benefit all that.

00:08:31.200 –> 00:08:42.570 Joseph McElroy: he’s he’s today he’s here today representing himself and his client I believe we’re lift and to tell us a little bit Ai and content, marketing, how are you doing about do.

00:08:43.050 –> 00:08:50.100 Matteo Cassese (he, him): i’m doing great Thank you so much for the introduction I can think I think that today we can we can cover a little.

00:08:51.000 –> 00:09:03.210 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Some of those points that you just just highlighted in terms of creating content and content strategies through through Ai and I hope we can make it very practical for the audience cool.

00:09:03.690 –> 00:09:11.670 Joseph McElroy: Well, you know before we get into word left tell me a little bit about your journey to getting here where you’re such an expert and and have such a vast experience.

00:09:12.510 –> 00:09:23.190 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Well, I really started working with with the web, I had the lucky accident of having the ability to create a web page.

00:09:23.820 –> 00:09:35.880 Matteo Cassese (he, him): When the Web was one year old and I was 14 years old, and so my journey started really just creating websites by hand through html.

00:09:36.600 –> 00:09:50.130 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And then I sort of over the years I graduated from the technical to the to the marketing and I I had this hunch career wise that I wanted to work for entertainment.

00:09:51.090 –> 00:10:01.980 Matteo Cassese (he, him): I don’t really know why but anyway, I find myself for working in the entertainment sector for for cinema for over seven years.

00:10:02.640 –> 00:10:14.550 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And that has been very formative for for many aspects, especially learning how to market stories through stories has been very fascinated for me.

00:10:15.150 –> 00:10:38.850 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And since 10 years ago I went freelance and now I offer my my coaching and my consulting services to all sorts of companies and i’ve been so privileged to have some incredible clients in my roster and the last last few years and i’m extremely honored to be representing word live today.

00:10:39.570 –> 00:10:44.220 Joseph McElroy: You are so you were with Warner brothers for a while working with a lot of movies right.

00:10:44.820 –> 00:10:55.830 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Yes, so it with Warner brothers, the way I got in the door, because I was this guy that knew about marketing and a guy that knew about technology.

00:10:56.220 –> 00:11:07.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): But the way I got into into the door was through the only position that was open at the time I was a production assistant, and so I got myself.

00:11:08.520 –> 00:11:20.310 Matteo Cassese (he, him): a pile of screenplays to read that was my job for a couple of years and and through that job I had to learn everything about storytelling and how.

00:11:21.000 –> 00:11:24.030 Matteo Cassese (he, him): How a three act structure works and.

00:11:24.870 –> 00:11:37.260 Matteo Cassese (he, him): How a movie is can be effective or not effective, how to what are the analytics around sort of arts and crafts, so it was a fantastic thing, unfortunately, then I went on to continue.

00:11:37.560 –> 00:11:49.740 Matteo Cassese (he, him): In in digital marketing there as well, but this encounter with with culture with art with creating these cultural products as really been foundational for me.

00:11:50.130 –> 00:11:54.780 Joseph McElroy: wow you know it’s funny when you say a pile of things in my my first job was with IBM.

00:11:55.380 –> 00:12:01.020 Joseph McElroy: And I was, I was a communications products programmer and I was working on the Internet related stuff.

00:12:01.380 –> 00:12:10.140 Joseph McElroy: And they would give me not piles of scripts I would get piles of what we call dumps which are the internals of computers and I had to figure out what went wrong.

00:12:10.590 –> 00:12:19.440 Joseph McElroy: And you know, the thing was is I discovered in all this, basically was all hexadecimal numbers, I discovered, I could find stories, so people have been doing right.

00:12:20.520 –> 00:12:24.540 Joseph McElroy: and find out in that journey, where they the computers.

00:12:25.650 –> 00:12:27.090 Joseph McElroy: disrupted the story.

00:12:29.280 –> 00:12:35.460 Joseph McElroy: So anyway, when we come back we’ll finish your dirty they’ll start talking a little bit about word it has so.

00:12:36.960 –> 00:12:37.770 Matteo Cassese (he, him): that’s great.

00:15:34.680 –> 00:15:57.630 Joseph McElroy: hello, this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the wise content creates wealth podcast and today we’re talking about a growing your audience with Ai and word lift and talking with maddie of cruces here, how do you say this name, let me just get that straight right.

00:15:57.630 –> 00:15:59.820 Matteo Cassese (he, him): it’s a little bit like scorsese so.

00:15:59.940 –> 00:16:01.050 Matteo Cassese (he, him): This past season.

00:16:01.200 –> 00:16:02.160 Joseph McElroy: cassez a.

00:16:02.760 –> 00:16:04.530 Matteo Cassese (he, him): very open very Italian Right.

00:16:05.700 –> 00:16:08.010 Joseph McElroy: From the beginning, I missed that I miss.

00:16:08.250 –> 00:16:09.720 Joseph McElroy: i’m still new at this game.

00:16:11.190 –> 00:16:24.420 Joseph McElroy: So we were talking about your journey, you were at you were at Warner brothers and then you went into the digital marketing world where did you really start start thinking about technology and Ai and content.

00:16:25.620 –> 00:16:35.520 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Well, I have to say I always loved the idea of publishing my own content on my own platform I founded a blog in 2001.

00:16:35.970 –> 00:16:52.950 Matteo Cassese (he, him): which was in Italy was slightly too soon and and unfortunately this this went on only just until 2003 2004 but then I started again and I couldn’t have continued basically blogging since the 2000s.

00:16:53.550 –> 00:17:10.470 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And i’ve always had this this attention to the idea of having content on your own platform, not just on other people’s platform and then four years ago I I started following a word lift of progress.

00:17:11.550 –> 00:17:23.970 Matteo Cassese (he, him): As they were transitioning from a purely research phase and they started applying their technology to content that was present on the web and.

00:17:24.960 –> 00:17:38.850 Matteo Cassese (he, him): The first time I saw word lyft inaction of first thing I didn’t understand it, and the second thing I miss interpreted it as a tool for writers, so I thought it was a sort of grammarly.

00:17:39.990 –> 00:17:44.880 Matteo Cassese (he, him): At the beginning, so I thought it was something that could help me a right better.

00:17:45.300 –> 00:18:01.680 Matteo Cassese (he, him): and actually it is something like that it’s something that can help you write better articles and be more relevant, but the incredible advantage is the one that comes on the other side, and that is the seo lift that you can get through through the system.

00:18:02.880 –> 00:18:07.020 Joseph McElroy: So, so you you’ve been using it now, you say for four years.

00:18:08.130 –> 00:18:19.620 Matteo Cassese (he, him): i’ve been using it on my properties for for three years in production, also as a paying customer so before collaborating with them so that’s that’s that’s my endorsement as a customer.

00:18:20.580 –> 00:18:28.530 Joseph McElroy: And I guess your site you say you’re you’re you’re a coach with a lot of companies right yeah startups and what does that mean.

00:18:29.880 –> 00:18:36.810 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Well, that means, most of the time i’m intervening both with some content so with some training.

00:18:37.350 –> 00:18:49.380 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And at the same time i’m also helping solving practical problems, and you know getting them, maybe, out of a rut or solving really an issue for for the company.

00:18:50.100 –> 00:19:00.210 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And I have to do a lot of content marketing in order to get customers because half of my customers, I would say will come through my network, but the other half, I have to go on the Internet and find them.

00:19:00.510 –> 00:19:04.290 Joseph McElroy: So I that’s exactly my experience as well.

00:19:04.290 –> 00:19:08.760 Joseph McElroy: Too so it’s important to build your network, you know this year has been a.

00:19:09.390 –> 00:19:25.890 Joseph McElroy: it’s been a tough year in terms of building that network but we’ve learned how to do that online much better this podcast actually is driven by a desire to expand my network of people who know me so content like is incredibly important to doing that wouldn’t you say yeah.

00:19:26.430 –> 00:19:37.470 Matteo Cassese (he, him): I totally agree that the moment that you’re providing value for a Community, and this is, this is the moment that you’re going to aggregate people around you and they’re going to be eager to learn from you and to to hear from you.

00:19:37.950 –> 00:19:45.780 Joseph McElroy: What is your single What would you say is your most important piece of advice is for somebody wants to use content marketing to build their network.

00:19:48.270 –> 00:19:53.850 Matteo Cassese (he, him): The single the single most pieces to is to have a process and follow every step.

00:19:54.780 –> 00:20:01.410 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So what I what I see a lot of times is that when people are athletes are starting off.

00:20:01.800 –> 00:20:10.710 Matteo Cassese (he, him): they’re thinking that the rules don’t apply to them, and they can cut corners and they are just going to write incredible content and everybody’s going to flock to that content.

00:20:11.010 –> 00:20:26.670 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Instead of 20 years on creating content for the web, every time I have to go back to the manual I have to go back to the methodologies and make sure that I follow every single little step that’s in the book and only then I can aspire to have some results.

00:20:27.150 –> 00:20:42.570 Joseph McElroy: I see cool you know, one of the things I do I don’t know if you do this too is I use tools like zapier and I TT tf right or if ifttt to set because I forget to do a lot of stuff.

00:20:43.980 –> 00:20:50.400 Joseph McElroy: And so I have it do the try to automate as much as possible, like if I create a blog post.

00:20:50.820 –> 00:20:58.710 Joseph McElroy: You know it’s getting is going to be posted to several different social networks is going to be put into a group and it’s going to be copied to you know to another.

00:20:59.340 –> 00:21:06.690 Joseph McElroy: syndicated blog network or if I create a podcast is going to be streamed at multiple things is that things that you do yeah.

00:21:07.830 –> 00:21:14.370 Matteo Cassese (he, him): yeah I love these because if you have different tools, the tool will guide your thinking.

00:21:14.940 –> 00:21:28.050 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And so, in order to respond to the needs of the tool you’ll actually do your job better, and I think this is why it’s so important in the tools we use, what is the default that we’re presented with.

00:21:28.560 –> 00:21:41.400 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So so just to make an example, we all know, every time you open PowerPoint you have this white background and then there’s title and subtitle and voila most presentations first slide is title and subtitle.

00:21:42.240 –> 00:21:50.160 Matteo Cassese (he, him): decision you know, based on the default if the default were better you know people will have dates and I don’t know who’s speaking, for instance.

00:21:50.220 –> 00:21:50.790 Joseph McElroy: To the right.

00:21:51.870 –> 00:21:58.320 Joseph McElroy: So, opening up the right template is a PowerPoint do that can open up a different template than the basic again.

00:21:59.160 –> 00:22:00.720 Matteo Cassese (he, him): You have to you have to set it up.

00:22:00.900 –> 00:22:01.830 Matteo Cassese (he, him): I have to.

00:22:01.890 –> 00:22:03.360 Matteo Cassese (he, him): individually select it out yeah.

00:22:04.020 –> 00:22:10.830 Joseph McElroy: Alright, so let’s get let’s get to where we’re going to talk about today, tell me what is word list, what does it do.

00:22:11.850 –> 00:22:18.150 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Okay, so let’s take a little step back so whenever you’re writing content, you are.

00:22:18.720 –> 00:22:27.450 Matteo Cassese (he, him): For instance, writing some keywords maybe your keyword is content marketing right, and so, when you publish this on your on your blog.

00:22:28.110 –> 00:22:34.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): search engines will will go on that page and we’ll try to understand what you’re talking about because.

00:22:35.460 –> 00:22:41.730 Matteo Cassese (he, him): On the other side users when users go on search engine and they type in a keyword like content marketing.

00:22:42.330 –> 00:22:57.570 Matteo Cassese (he, him): They don’t want the search engine just to look for that keyword on pages, but they want to look for the meaning behind that keyword so am I interested in the information and the definition and a course etc, etc.

00:22:58.140 –> 00:23:11.610 Joseph McElroy: So what led his head, I mean that’s important right now, because that intent under the understanding the intent is what rank brain is about which is Google they I were them to figure out what people are searching it’s like the third most important signal yeah.

00:23:12.150 –> 00:23:16.770 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Exactly, and how does Google do that it created its own.

00:23:18.510 –> 00:23:27.180 Matteo Cassese (he, him): is created its own knowledge graph Okay, and so what word lift does is look inside the content of your site.

00:23:28.710 –> 00:23:36.210 Matteo Cassese (he, him): try to understand the meaning help you disambiguate the meaning because, for instance, if i’m talking about football on my blog.

00:23:36.690 –> 00:23:43.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): I might be referring to American football, I might be referring to soccer I might be referring to Australian football.

00:23:44.370 –> 00:23:54.630 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And word lyft gives me the opportunity to really link football to American football that i’m talking about and give this information to Google.

00:23:54.930 –> 00:24:14.370 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So when when Google goes on your page it doesn’t need to use their own translator to translate your page into their knowledge graph they have your own knowledge graph to already grasp exactly what you’re talking about mm hmm, this is the basic functionality.

00:24:15.300 –> 00:24:16.320 Joseph McElroy: wow and so.

00:24:17.400 –> 00:24:23.580 Joseph McElroy: How I think I understand that it delivers this mostly through wordpress sites right so.

00:24:25.230 –> 00:24:26.370 Matteo Cassese (he, him): yeah i’m started there.

00:24:27.030 –> 00:24:35.730 Joseph McElroy: yeah and so people install that into into wordpress you know, and I think you have a javascript to do it in some other places right.

00:24:36.990 –> 00:24:42.960 Joseph McElroy: But they install it and then it really comes up while you’re editing a blog post or an article correct.

00:24:43.680 –> 00:24:52.260 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Correct so you can you can install it on any type of site, we support any type of site, but the first one, we supported was wordpress so.

00:24:52.830 –> 00:24:53.070 Joseph McElroy: The.

00:24:53.100 –> 00:25:07.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Is the largest integration that we have today so you’re writing and when you’re writing about Washington, you will have a pain appearing to to the right in your.

00:25:08.040 –> 00:25:16.530 Matteo Cassese (he, him): In your editing interface in wordpress and you will have the opportunity to say, well, this is Washington, the state Washington.

00:25:17.250 –> 00:25:25.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): The President or Washington, the district of Columbia and and you know just you just need to to type which one.

00:25:25.860 –> 00:25:40.650 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Just to click on which one is the is the correct one, and this i’m making these examples about things that you need to disambiguate but it doesn’t work just for that you can you can use it just to highlight what are the main topics of your.

00:25:41.280 –> 00:25:53.190 Matteo Cassese (he, him): of your blog post so we’re talking about content marketing, so you want to tag content marketing there, and you can create your own we call it a vocabulary, you can create your own knowledge graph this way.

00:25:53.640 –> 00:26:00.090 Joseph McElroy: Now, because it also make suggestions to suggest content suggest ideas things like that yeah.

00:26:00.210 –> 00:26:13.050 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So basically the The first step is recognizing what you’re talking about and to recognize what you’re talking about, we have an API that reads your texts and spits out suggestions.

00:26:13.410 –> 00:26:28.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Once you confirm the suggestions you will have the opportunity to have links added automatically to your page but also have images suggested for for your post and other contents to.

00:26:28.950 –> 00:26:48.960 Matteo Cassese (he, him): To link another feature as well is also having a related content or related products widget added to your pages that uses the intelligence that you create by tagging your content through word lift to provide meaningful suggestions for your users cool.

00:26:49.140 –> 00:26:51.150 Joseph McElroy: Who do you think uses the most right now.

00:26:53.100 –> 00:27:13.530 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Content marketers they they they use it, they use it the most there are some lot of a lot of websites still that have a purely advertising based or page view based business model and we’ve seen that with those type of customers.

00:27:14.730 –> 00:27:29.070 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Even getting a 5% lift or a 10% lift in a month it’s a huge in the bottom line, and so this this, these are the customers that really get the most the most benefit so in the.

00:27:29.910 –> 00:27:44.130 Matteo Cassese (he, him): In the Internet business model, and then we have a lot of customers in tourism, for instance, where you really need to highlight and bring traffic to the smaller attraction and everywhere in your territory, for instance cool.

00:27:44.460 –> 00:27:50.670 Joseph McElroy: Well, when we come back, I want to dig deeper into how the concepts behind the word lyft and what it’s doing.

00:27:51.720 –> 00:27:55.050 Joseph McElroy: And some of the other features, I think it’s kind of a cool APP platform.

00:27:57.180 –> 00:27:59.550 are listening to talk radio.

00:30:42.930 –> 00:30:58.440 Joseph McElroy: howdy this is Joseph Franklin McElroy and back with the wise content creates well podcast my guest Matthew CT because he see and we’re talking about Ai and growing your audience with words.

00:30:59.730 –> 00:31:02.820 Joseph McElroy: Great Ai based content application.

00:31:04.140 –> 00:31:08.670 Joseph McElroy: You know, I was looking at your your certainly your services, I think you recently introduced.

00:31:09.690 –> 00:31:16.320 Joseph McElroy: Word lift for shopping carts for product woo commerce, which is a shopping cart for wordpress.

00:31:17.850 –> 00:31:28.530 Joseph McElroy: And it helps really evidently work with you getting your products better search results and showing up in Google prop product feed, can you tell me about that.

00:31:29.010 –> 00:31:37.620 Joseph McElroy: You know the reason I asked, let me tell you, the reason I asked is i’ve actually i’ve been in this business for a long time, you know I never set up my own E commerce site.

00:31:38.700 –> 00:31:45.750 Joseph McElroy: And recently, because I have a motel in the mountains of North Carolina and started doing some seo and I bought a site that was related to.

00:31:46.110 –> 00:31:56.340 Joseph McElroy: You know, to them it’s called smokies adventure.com and we introduced E commerce on there just as a lark to start selling some books and maps and things that were selling you know who knew.

00:31:57.270 –> 00:32:06.480 Joseph McElroy: So now i’m now E commerce proprietor and so i’m interested in things that can make products sell better so tell me about this.

00:32:07.710 –> 00:32:16.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): yeah we’re really excited to introduce ecommerce seo by word lift because there’s so much advantage, you can get as as an e commerce from.

00:32:17.490 –> 00:32:29.400 Matteo Cassese (he, him): From the markup that the word lift creates, so there are requirements by Google specifically on how to get featured in the Google product listings.

00:32:30.240 –> 00:32:38.160 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And the moment you install ecommerce seo by word lyft directly from the woo commerce marketplace.

00:32:38.730 –> 00:32:47.400 Matteo Cassese (he, him): You already fulfilling all the requirements from Google, so you don’t need to do anything actually and so you already have an access way to Google products.

00:32:47.880 –> 00:32:57.690 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Then there’s another two advantages that you get so The first one is that, in the same way that you can tag your concepts in places locations and people.

00:32:58.320 –> 00:33:04.110 Matteo Cassese (he, him): On your on your content, you can also tag your products.

00:33:04.530 –> 00:33:18.120 Matteo Cassese (he, him): But you don’t only add a link to your products from your blog, which is already smart right you blogging about you know the best best tour guides for for a certain area, and then you link to to buy that guy.

00:33:18.660 –> 00:33:28.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): But you also add the schema markup for Google, so that Google knows that that page is referencing exactly that product.

00:33:29.010 –> 00:33:42.240 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And finally, you get the same content recommendation that you would get for content, but for products, so you get a product recommendation engine based on the API so it’s it’s a really neat.

00:33:43.440 –> 00:33:58.800 Matteo Cassese (he, him): neat addition, I think, to to every for now we’re supporting of woo commerce are we going to extend it to to other platforms in the future, and any way, we have a VIP program where whatever platform you’re using we can integrate the services for you.

00:33:59.220 –> 00:34:03.660 Joseph McElroy: It looks exciting to me so i’m going to go roll up my sleeves and experiment with it.

00:34:05.190 –> 00:34:22.710 Joseph McElroy: So yeah let’s talk a little bit about the the concepts behind what you what you guys are doing, you know I went and looked at your blog and boy you guys are really technical you really put some real smarts into your blog post it’s not intended for the average audience.

00:34:24.090 –> 00:34:37.530 Joseph McElroy: But there’s other ones that were more more business level, but a lot of those posts are also pretty technical and strategic I really appreciate it so um, how do you connect content with concepts.

00:34:38.910 –> 00:34:56.970 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Well, what what we do is that we really start from from asking the machine about what are the, what are the contents that we and the concepts that we need to talk about so actually we’ve started to create our content in.

00:34:57.780 –> 00:35:11.220 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Such a smarter way thanks to what the Ai has been telling us about our the content that we already created because whenever you you just submit a text to the Ai it will sort of.

00:35:11.760 –> 00:35:22.170 Matteo Cassese (he, him): give you back a picture of how it sees it so so now we’re also using the Ai to start degeneration process, and this, this is really this is really exciting.

00:35:23.340 –> 00:35:23.910 Matteo Cassese (he, him): cool.

00:35:26.070 –> 00:35:31.290 Joseph McElroy: You know you talk a lot, I saw a lot on there about linked data.

00:35:32.490 –> 00:35:38.220 Joseph McElroy: Can you explain that concept and what it means and how is that better than structured data.

00:35:38.730 –> 00:35:43.770 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Yes, I love those those types of questions because I struggle with these concepts myself.

00:35:44.010 –> 00:35:45.870 Matteo Cassese (he, him): But let’s see if I understood it correctly.

00:35:46.470 –> 00:35:51.990 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So schema markup is the language of the knowledge graph from Google.

00:35:52.530 –> 00:36:02.700 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And it’s a it’s a public standard every software can create schema markup and you can create schema markup by hand if you want, if you fence so.

00:36:03.120 –> 00:36:26.130 Matteo Cassese (he, him): it’s not anything that is proprietary or that only word lyft can do, however, there is a classification in terms of quality of structured data and this classification comes from Sir TIM burners Lee himself the creator of the web and through this classification, we know that.

00:36:27.240 –> 00:36:42.510 Matteo Cassese (he, him): proprietary data is less open that open data and then open data is trumped by structured data, because that adds this element of being understandable, but at the top level of all these there is linked date.

00:36:43.050 –> 00:37:00.300 Matteo Cassese (he, him): and imagine that structured data is like you know, having a smartphone so it’s very detailed, but unfortunately the smartphone is an airplane mode if you switch airplane mode off that smartphone is still very powerful, but it has the web.

00:37:01.530 –> 00:37:09.750 Matteo Cassese (he, him): To to boost that even more and so Lincoln data is structured data that is also interconnected.

00:37:10.710 –> 00:37:19.290 Matteo Cassese (he, him): to other structured data on the web, so that these links reinforce the information so i’m not just talking about American football.

00:37:19.650 –> 00:37:29.670 Matteo Cassese (he, him): i’m talking about the data point from the national football league that is explaining the tournament Okay, and so, in this way, and you can do this.

00:37:30.300 –> 00:37:44.460 Matteo Cassese (he, him): automatically only well, you can do it automatically with word lift in a very, very simple way and I don’t know of any other competitor on the market that has the feature of adding automatically the data.

00:37:45.060 –> 00:37:46.650 Joseph McElroy: mm hmm that’s.

00:37:47.940 –> 00:37:55.500 Joseph McElroy: That so there’s there’s this you know i’ve used a ouija structured data quite a bit, and so we you know things like same as.

00:37:56.670 –> 00:38:10.530 Joseph McElroy: You know, is a pretty important one, I think, right and that is that when you say same as you’re saying this entity, you know cougar you know, is the same as the Ford cougar and Wikipedia is that is that what you consider the link to data.

00:38:11.100 –> 00:38:25.770 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Exactly, and you, you can link to URLs you can link to your eyes, you can link to data points in the link it open data cloud, and all of this can be done by hand.

00:38:26.280 –> 00:38:30.870 Matteo Cassese (he, him): For sure, or can be sort of simplified by by using a tool.

00:38:31.530 –> 00:38:38.010 Joseph McElroy: Now, do you do you do get machine ids do you work with machine ideas at all, you know, Google assigns.

00:38:38.850 –> 00:38:54.480 Joseph McElroy: You know, like they assign a business machine ID for their Google my business profile the you is that is that determined by word word lift or is that something that we might have to do still individually to put into you know the schema.

00:38:55.440 –> 00:38:56.640 Matteo Cassese (he, him): I think there is.

00:38:57.930 –> 00:39:08.460 Matteo Cassese (he, him): In this sense, there is, there is one thing that that word live does really well in terms of trying to comply with what google’s indications are but that’s not.

00:39:09.300 –> 00:39:20.310 Matteo Cassese (he, him): The machine ID because that is something that you have to negotiate with Google with their own interface, but one thing that I didn’t mention that we’ve been focusing a lot on.

00:39:20.670 –> 00:39:31.290 Matteo Cassese (he, him): is actually product numbers and product identifiers is that is very, very big struggle for a for Google to understand.

00:39:31.590 –> 00:39:39.630 Matteo Cassese (he, him): What is the exact product that you’re talking about in a blog post or the exact product that you are presenting in your ecommerce.

00:39:40.260 –> 00:39:49.410 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And so we’ve added to the E commerce seo part the ability to add if it’s a book obviously an ISP an.

00:39:50.160 –> 00:40:00.720 Matteo Cassese (he, him): apartment number an lpn or GT I n or II II a and so all of these standard identifiers for for products.

00:40:01.530 –> 00:40:12.150 Matteo Cassese (he, him): are now included in you can declare this in such a way that then Google will understand what is the exact product that you’re talking about and drive drive.

00:40:12.780 –> 00:40:19.890 Matteo Cassese (he, him): really interesting traffic to you and I think if we if you ever looked for a spare part for your.

00:40:20.460 –> 00:40:36.630 Matteo Cassese (he, him): vacuum cleaner or for your car or anything specific on Google you realize how still how limited the product search is and and this step is really important to to improve the product search mm hmm.

00:40:37.260 –> 00:40:44.460 Joseph McElroy: So, so I read that word live person publishers your content is linked open data, what does that mean.

00:40:45.930 –> 00:40:48.660 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So we we already talked about the link data.

00:40:48.750 –> 00:40:49.380 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So right.

00:40:49.440 –> 00:41:04.800 Matteo Cassese (he, him): schema org is very well structured i’m telling you this is really American football link a data is i’m telling you that it is American football and i’m linking to the proprietary sites from the nfl.

00:41:05.700 –> 00:41:20.670 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And then open data is that i’m connecting it to open data sources, like the pedia and and then the like, and so i’m making this content, the structure content.

00:41:21.360 –> 00:41:30.930 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Available also through a free license so that anybody can can use it if I if I like to, and so this is the open data.

00:41:31.890 –> 00:41:46.800 Matteo Cassese (he, him): element, and this is the same database that Google uses for their knowledge graph so basically you’re really talking the language of Google to tell Google a this is really American football cool.

00:41:47.610 –> 00:41:55.740 Joseph McElroy: Alright, so when we come back we’ll finish up with some other words about we’re lifting and what what what what’s coming in the future look forward to.

00:42:00.420 –> 00:42:00.720 Seeing.

00:44:12.300 –> 00:44:26.820 Joseph McElroy: hey this is Joseph Franklin McElroy back with the wise content creates wealth podcast my guest maki CC and we’re talking about growing your audience with Ai and we’re live so.

00:44:27.990 –> 00:44:37.110 Joseph McElroy: quick question no word list goes into analyze your content and understands the entity and things like that, how does it go through it and understand your content.

00:44:38.310 –> 00:44:48.840 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Oh well, that that’s that’s the work of a huge research project that has been going on for quite a few quite a few years, we have our.

00:44:49.560 –> 00:45:00.570 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Analysis server and this analysis server will get the information from your website whatever a cms you’re using and it will analyze it with.

00:45:01.080 –> 00:45:11.250 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Natural language, processing and then come out with with a series of guesses now these guesses can be matched through your existing.

00:45:11.700 –> 00:45:20.940 Matteo Cassese (he, him): matches so let’s say that you’re always talking about seo and content management if we’re live finds these on on the page will.

00:45:21.210 –> 00:45:36.210 Matteo Cassese (he, him): automatically put those up top, but it also is going to propose a lot of other entities that maybe you hadn’t realized that you were talking about other concepts other places, other locations other opportunities for you to better tag your content.

00:45:36.960 –> 00:45:48.600 Joseph McElroy: So then, it brings those up and then you can you sort of train it to them right, you were also training the algorithm to bring up better and better results to your to your content correct.

00:45:48.630 –> 00:46:01.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): yeah yeah you’re you’re curating your own little cloud of of ideas and places and people and concepts and that’s going to have always have priority and.

00:46:02.370 –> 00:46:13.950 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And, for instance, when whenever you are curating really well one of those concepts Google will sort of if you if you write a new article on that concept.

00:46:14.520 –> 00:46:25.230 Matteo Cassese (he, him): It will sort of give it a higher ranking automatically because you already are ranking for all these articles on that concept, and this reinforces this this principle as well.

00:46:25.530 –> 00:46:34.110 Joseph McElroy: Now, is it more than just as it is, but also semantics to you know synonyms things like that it finds in traditional content related content yeah.

00:46:34.500 –> 00:46:47.370 Matteo Cassese (he, him): So when I started helping word list with our marketing, we were just talking only semantics, everything was semantics semantics semantic but bye bye I sort of band this.

00:46:48.870 –> 00:47:12.150 Matteo Cassese (he, him): This word all of the technology that we’re talking about is based on semantics and and the simple explanation is there is a map of meaning inside every declaration of word live every schema.org markup etc, etc, and so there is there is always this structure of triplets and.

00:47:14.040 –> 00:47:17.490 Matteo Cassese (he, him): subjects and predicates and and so on.

00:47:18.780 –> 00:47:21.780 Joseph McElroy: triplet, so I think that’s a good concept yeah people should know about.

00:47:22.200 –> 00:47:34.290 Matteo Cassese (he, him): yeah so so basically you can you can define things in a very structured way through triplets and, for instance, you can say that motto is a coach.

00:47:34.740 –> 00:47:46.110 Matteo Cassese (he, him): But you can write it as motto is a coach or you can encode it in a triplet where there is a subject material, there is a verb that is an a coach, that is, the, the object and.

00:47:46.560 –> 00:48:01.320 Matteo Cassese (he, him): And everything that is part of of good markup is stored in in this way, so this is why it’s much better to to reinforce what you’re saying with natural language also through structured data.

00:48:02.760 –> 00:48:07.560 Joseph McElroy: So we’re lifted the automation number of things, but isn’t just about automation.

00:48:08.970 –> 00:48:14.730 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Well, I think automation plays plays a really important role, also in our in our roadmap.

00:48:15.360 –> 00:48:25.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Because you know going forward, we want to empower users to find new keywords we want to empower users to get content suggestions.

00:48:26.310 –> 00:48:36.600 Matteo Cassese (he, him): We want to empower users to get maybe title suggestions for their content, we want to empower users to get automatic Meta descriptions and.

00:48:37.200 –> 00:48:50.880 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Automatic summaries, and all of that, but mostly word lyft is a bunch of technical smart technical people that are trying to figure out.

00:48:51.480 –> 00:49:04.920 Matteo Cassese (he, him): What is it that will create the best dialogue between the humanistic aspect of writing and creating content and the technical aspect of publishing and being successful on on Google.

00:49:05.850 –> 00:49:11.430 Joseph McElroy: servers So how do people find out more about word lift and your yourself.

00:49:12.330 –> 00:49:30.330 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Sure, I think the best way is to go on word lyft.io so word like word on a page and lift like the elevator did you can find in the lobby and.io because yeah that’s the most digital of of domains.

00:49:30.960 –> 00:49:39.060 Matteo Cassese (he, him): The single best hack that I can tell you is to just go on the website and just book a DEMO don’t do anything else.

00:49:39.390 –> 00:49:57.360 Matteo Cassese (he, him): don’t read anything don’t just book a DEMO because in 30 minutes we can walk you through the product our seo experts are incredibly entertaining as well, while they’re doing this, and so you can have a hands on experience you can get all your questions answered.

00:49:58.890 –> 00:50:17.130 Matteo Cassese (he, him): it’s not it’s not that easy the word lyft but the the advantage, the potential lift that you can get once you put in the word it’s incredible so so the best way is to get a very competent guide by just going on the homepage word live.io and booking a DEMO.

00:50:17.700 –> 00:50:21.810 Joseph McElroy: How about you, you got some sites have your own right that people can find out more about you.

00:50:22.350 –> 00:50:38.730 Matteo Cassese (he, him): Absolutely uh you can find me around the Web you just just googling metallica scissor, but you can also find me on my company website that has a very long Italian name but, fortunately, I have a shortened domain to.

00:50:39.780 –> 00:51:00.270 Matteo Cassese (he, him): To make it easier for people is a fabric outdoor la that is spelled FA w B are I ca.la so it stands for la fabrica, which is the the factory in Italian, but I I find the.la for Los Angeles.

00:51:03.330 –> 00:51:04.350 Matteo Cassese (he, him): i’m not in La I mean.

00:51:05.940 –> 00:51:15.900 Joseph McElroy: cool alright great well, thank you for being on the show it’s been a pleasure, having you here and I, you know i’m Actually, I am going to actually.

00:51:16.710 –> 00:51:24.450 Joseph McElroy: You take that DEMO and I think that we’re looking at doing, especially the woo commerce that looks totally fascinating and exactly what I need.

00:51:25.800 –> 00:51:33.720 Joseph McElroy: So i’m gonna i’m gonna be one of the first customers, we probably already have customers, but i’m gonna i’m gonna become one.

00:51:35.010 –> 00:51:44.610 Matteo Cassese (he, him): We want to tell them all about all about the story about you becoming a customer so it’s going to be an important first for us to to.

00:51:45.210 –> 00:51:46.560 Tell your whole story.

00:51:47.580 –> 00:51:48.300 Matteo Cassese (he, him): online.

00:51:48.480 –> 00:51:58.770 Joseph McElroy: i’m starting i’m gonna start a YouTube job to this where i’m actually gonna do demos, you know of products, you know some more demos on YouTube so we do have those.

00:51:59.400 –> 00:52:09.420 Joseph McElroy: Okay, so, as I mentioned before my company is Galileo tech Media we help those in charge of mapping marketing campaigns, we need to know which tactics with best persuade prospects.

00:52:09.840 –> 00:52:19.380 Joseph McElroy: to buy or take another course of action hard data is part of the wise content plan that helps eliminate and substantiate key decisions revolving about content.

00:52:20.190 –> 00:52:30.060 Joseph McElroy: We help companies make better organic mechanics with their customers I this podcast is part of the talk radio dot nyc network.

00:52:30.600 –> 00:52:38.820 Joseph McElroy: It airs live every Friday from one to two prior to the show JEREMY boxing’s host of the entrepreneurial one.

00:52:39.210 –> 00:52:45.000 Joseph McElroy: And that is a really nice show there’s a lot of good shows on this network take a look at the top radio dot nyc.

00:52:45.450 –> 00:52:52.890 Joseph McElroy: I have another podcast on this network not related to tech at all it’s called gateway to the smokies I mentioned earlier, have.

00:52:53.670 –> 00:53:08.580 Joseph McElroy: A motel resort in the mountains of North Carolina smoky mountain, so this podcast is about promoting the awareness of the culture and things to do in the smoky mountains, especially on the North Carolina side, which has the bigger part of the smokies but less than the reputation.

00:53:10.740 –> 00:53:14.670 Joseph McElroy: I you can find more about wise content.

00:53:16.650 –> 00:53:33.870 Joseph McElroy: Content podcasts on facebook.com slash wise content creates wealth, where we actually also Stream is live with the zoom live So you see, I see our faces and the excruciating reporter contortions we do with our our eyes and mouth.

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00:53:44.880 –> 00:53:58.350 Joseph McElroy: Next week we’re going to have Austin rosen TAO digital presence which has an automated influencer marketing with Ai applications so it’s another cool.

00:54:00.060 –> 00:54:10.530 Joseph McElroy: Intelligent engine that I think is worth investigating having a series of podcasts right now about tools and it’s a it’s a important part of.

00:54:11.640 –> 00:54:23.190 Joseph McElroy: I think the future of Ai and content, so thank you all for listening to this week i’ll see you next week where it’ll be another great show Friday from one to two on talk radio dot nyc.