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In this episode,  you’ll learn how to use artificial intelligence for your business, why AI makes life easier for both consumers and entrepreneurs, and how AI can help you discover new value propositions.

Joseph is joined by our special guest Ankur Pandey, he is the Founder of Long Shot AI which he started in 2021. LongShot is an end-to-end platform to research, generate, and optimize long-form content. Think of it as a team of content writers on steroids rolled into an app.

He shared with us how he got started in AI and data science and how he came to build a startup that can automatically transform any article into an optimized version.

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Joseph introduced Ankur and talked about his journey as a businessman in the first segment. First, Ankur discusses the importance of emotion in a business. Next, Ankur talks about his first successful startup, Unfound News. Next, Ankur talks about how Unfound News helped create his new company, LongShot. Lastly, Ankur discusses the challenges and joys of working with his wife.


In the second segment, Ankur talks about the long-form content writing A.I. company called LongShot. First, Ankur tells a funny story about the meaning behind the name LongShot. Next, Ankur talks about his G2 award and why he won it. After that, Ankur informs the audience of the meaning of long-form content. Finally, Ankur discusses how the free software Longshot works.


Ankur talks about the pros and cons of A.I writing. Ankur discusses features that help writers. Next, Ankur talks about A.I writing good for SEO talks being backed by Google. Ankur Talks google only wants high-quality and original content. Lastly, Ankur talks about the future of A.I.


Ankur talks about the negatives of using an A.I writing system, stating that news writing may not be best for A.I writing at this point. Next, Ankur breaks down how A.I fact-checking works. Ankur talks about the pain points of content teams and how Ankur products can fix them. Next, Ankur talks about the LongShot human-like approach to content writing. Ankur lastly discusses the vision of Longshot.


00:00:44.280 –> 00:00:53.910 Joseph McElroy: Hello thanks for joining us on this week’s episode of wise content creates well you’ve heard that content is king wise content rules, the world.

00:00:54.600 –> 00:01:10.230 Joseph McElroy: wise content requires analysis and use of data to inform decisions, but how to create and how to promote it using knowledge and tools such as behavioral science artificial intelligence manic research and influence or co-creation that are.

00:01:11.790 –> 00:01:23.490 Joseph McElroy: necessary to make meaningful impact on the content and produces resolving effectiveness this podcast investigates the art science tech and people that make wise content successful.

00:01:23.760 –> 00:01:34.740 Joseph McElroy: If you’re not doing wise content in his world your your company is getting behind I am Joseph Franklin mcelwain i’m a marketing technology expert who’s built a multimillion dollar company.

00:01:35.340 –> 00:01:44.220 Joseph McElroy: Created award winning technology and successfully implemented viral content campaigns and today we’re going to talk about long form content.

00:01:46.140 –> 00:02:01.410 Joseph McElroy: So today my guest is uncool pandey uncool is the founder of long shot Ai which he started in 2021 long shot is an end to end platform to research, generate and optimize long form content.

00:02:02.130 –> 00:02:10.800 Joseph McElroy: He has previously founded unveiled a startup to invite Mr information for both consumers and companies where I worked with the likes of the.

00:02:11.310 –> 00:02:23.250 Joseph McElroy: Of the BBC can Google news and etc is a decade long experience of data, science, where you build data teams at three different companies hello, on her work well how are you doing.

00:02:24.300 –> 00:02:25.350 Ankur (LongShot.ai): An awesome Joseph.

00:02:25.680 –> 00:02:28.710 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah I know I think we it’s so glad to be here.

00:02:29.130 –> 00:02:30.540 Joseph McElroy: cool and where are you based.

00:02:31.230 –> 00:02:32.670 Ankur (LongShot.ai): i’m in Bombay Mumbai India.

00:02:33.210 –> 00:02:35.160 Joseph McElroy: yeah have you always been there.

00:02:36.240 –> 00:02:43.440 Ankur (LongShot.ai): No, not really I mean like pretty much everywhere part of it in the United States as well, and in the Europe yeah cool.

00:02:43.920 –> 00:02:47.190 Joseph McElroy: And how did you get into machine learning and data science.

00:02:48.420 –> 00:02:57.720 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Well, I was a technical guy like I did my engineering, I was I did a Masters and then I was like a PhD student and then kind of you know, it was.

00:02:58.500 –> 00:03:06.990 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The beginning of the machine learning it, in part, so I ventured into data science machine learning and have an industrial machine learning for about a decade.

00:03:08.070 –> 00:03:08.610 Joseph McElroy: cool.

00:03:09.810 –> 00:03:17.640 Joseph McElroy: And you’re you work for some decent companies so and then you you, you had your first startup which your linkedin profile said it’s failed fast.

00:03:17.670 –> 00:03:21.870 Joseph McElroy: That was called smart load What did you do, what did you learn.

00:03:22.950 –> 00:03:40.530 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah I mean I saw kind of you know, I was at that time more of an idea guy and we found a cool idea about you know, using machine learning to fix logistic industry and we kind of found a client like in a day another day another client and so on, but what I noticed was that we got these.

00:03:41.910 –> 00:03:50.220 Ankur (LongShot.ai): orders, but I noticed that I was solving the problem, but I didn’t really understand it well, and also my heart was not yet I was kind of fascinated with.

00:03:50.700 –> 00:03:56.580 Ankur (LongShot.ai): how to do it, but like maybe not so attuned with the the full title of solving.

00:03:57.060 –> 00:04:10.140 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right, so I kind of you know, decide to wrap it before it becomes too late buddy I was like you know starting to go through that journey and entrepreneurs also go through that journey where and we understand two things, and then we realize what is our true calling right so.

00:04:10.950 –> 00:04:17.040 Joseph McElroy: So your it sounds like it’s an important lesson I think for anybody doing startups is that.

00:04:17.490 –> 00:04:31.500 Joseph McElroy: The idea we can click cool and clever but, if your heart is not in helping the actual clients yeah and the industry that you’re helping is probably not a good idea to decide to base your life apart right.

00:04:31.950 –> 00:04:32.970 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Exactly exactly.

00:04:33.780 –> 00:04:37.920 Joseph McElroy: yeah I mean it’s hard i’ve had i’ve been through that before you know it’s.

00:04:39.570 –> 00:04:54.180 Joseph McElroy: You know it’s like you sort of you get into just becomes like a chore to actually do the business anymore, because you’re just not enjoying it if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it just because it’s a clever idea right yeah.

00:04:55.890 –> 00:05:10.110 Joseph McElroy: I mean it’s getting people to pay for creating piece of software is one thing right that’s, a challenge that you thought this would be great, but then making a business and marrying that business and deciding to do that for long term no.

00:05:11.400 –> 00:05:17.250 Joseph McElroy: I, I think that was a wise choice on your you learned it on your first startup well that’s pretty amazing.

00:05:18.210 –> 00:05:28.560 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Excellent yes i’d like to add that you know my co founder at that time, like even the starter field but we started dating and she’s now my wife so something we got.

00:05:28.980 –> 00:05:36.750 Joseph McElroy: So you that was it was a it was a it was a startup necessary to meet your life partner it wasn’t the startup to be your life.

00:05:38.700 –> 00:05:42.480 Joseph McElroy: So, then you started writing you were columnist for a bit how did that come about.

00:05:42.990 –> 00:05:49.380 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah so it was so it was kind of in parallel with the things and I was basically kind of you know, trying to write for.

00:05:49.710 –> 00:05:58.740 Ankur (LongShot.ai): For a startup magazine in India, and this was more of a the copy thing right like I I used to ride, or you know once in a while, and I was just trying to share my learn.

00:05:59.130 –> 00:06:09.150 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So it was a gig which kind of taught me how to write for an audience and maybe in some sense, my first foray into what does writing for an audience really mean.

00:06:10.650 –> 00:06:14.310 Joseph McElroy: But you did that for about a year or so, and then you.

00:06:14.550 –> 00:06:16.290 Ankur (LongShot.ai): On an obvious on and off yeah.

00:06:16.440 –> 00:06:17.850 Joseph McElroy: And then you went back into.

00:06:18.990 –> 00:06:19.740 Joseph McElroy: Building things.

00:06:21.180 –> 00:06:25.050 Joseph McElroy: And we’re doing a data machine data science stuff right.

00:06:25.260 –> 00:06:30.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right right right so data science machine learning and, like everything in between something like that so yeah you’re right like.

00:06:31.050 –> 00:06:39.690 Ankur (LongShot.ai): This this gig was more of a paddle with other things, and as I said, like you know it kind of gave me a taste of how to write the content for an audience, not just for yourself.

00:06:39.990 –> 00:06:40.530 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right so.

00:06:40.950 –> 00:06:44.130 Joseph McElroy: that’s good now especially years later you’re doing a content thing.

00:06:46.050 –> 00:06:49.170 Joseph McElroy: Understanding the life of a content writer, which is great.

00:06:50.580 –> 00:07:03.660 Joseph McElroy: which I think a lot of these do there’s been a lot of good CEOs on here talking about the you know in content, but you know, some of them haven’t been you know haven’t lived the life or walk the walk you know what I mean yeah.

00:07:04.710 –> 00:07:14.700 Joseph McElroy: So you founded your first successful startup but had an exit right i’m found news yeah yeah and what would that do.

00:07:15.270 –> 00:07:26.970 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So unfortunately started with a premise that you know, like it was trying to solve misinformation and media bias from I mean, which is again so hot thanks to Mr musk but you know what we were trying to do.

00:07:27.510 –> 00:07:36.930 Ankur (LongShot.ai): was not really trying to have our own version of truth, but rather trying to aggregate all different perspective into one so basically you know if you.

00:07:37.500 –> 00:07:48.600 Ankur (LongShot.ai): search for a new topic, you are not presented with all sides of things like from let’s say us context, maybe news from fox with bad, as well as New York Times like.

00:07:48.930 –> 00:08:03.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So you can decide right like what what version kind of resonates with you so Basically, this was the so you know we were trying to approach it from a technical point of view that rather than an editorial point of view, there a lot of news out there and what we were trying to do was.

00:08:05.460 –> 00:08:09.060 Ankur (LongShot.ai): In some sense bring in this news using technology into one place.

00:08:09.270 –> 00:08:11.760 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So it was successful, it was light by a lot of folks.

00:08:11.880 –> 00:08:18.870 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But then what we realized was that it was probably not a great business idea per se, but we had a lot of users.

00:08:19.530 –> 00:08:31.710 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But then, you know, like we wanted to monetize and we did not place ads because this was kind of good kind of dilute the vision, so the baby and revenue was to kind of do the same thing for businesses.

00:08:32.430 –> 00:08:44.040 Ankur (LongShot.ai): make it part of it, like businesses also suffer with fake news, and you know, like they are, they have bias news, they want to know about it before it becomes too late right So this was the whole idea of and found news and information.

00:08:44.550 –> 00:08:45.090 Joseph McElroy: So if.

00:08:46.410 –> 00:08:49.560 Joseph McElroy: You had any monetize it by getting businesses to subscribe to it.

00:08:50.250 –> 00:08:59.370 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So we what we did was that we, the businesses would pay us to kind of detect in there are some fake news about them and kind of alert them before it becomes to knit.

00:08:59.700 –> 00:09:02.820 Joseph McElroy: Ah, so you became sort of a reputation.

00:09:03.420 –> 00:09:04.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah yeah.

00:09:04.140 –> 00:09:08.250 Joseph McElroy: reputation company and in a way, a PR company right.

00:09:08.670 –> 00:09:12.450 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It was like it was like a kind of a one friend cause for consumers.

00:09:12.810 –> 00:09:13.380 Ankur (LongShot.ai): and other one.

00:09:13.500 –> 00:09:14.430 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Of these businesses.

00:09:14.670 –> 00:09:15.810 Joseph McElroy: So didn’t make any money for.

00:09:15.810 –> 00:09:17.040 Joseph McElroy: Consumers right yeah.

00:09:17.520 –> 00:09:19.950 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah businesses or the one kind of we got my word.

00:09:20.280 –> 00:09:22.290 Joseph McElroy: And, did you did you sell that.

00:09:22.380 –> 00:09:23.520 Joseph McElroy: Did you exit but.

00:09:24.210 –> 00:09:34.680 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah so I exited not by selling it but kind of you know we kind of pivoted when we realize that a few of these businesses were paying us but post go with V realized that.

00:09:35.400 –> 00:09:39.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The kind of traction because our clients had more urgent profit.

00:09:40.200 –> 00:09:46.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): related issue rather than trying to do reputation management so, although it was a good profitable business but we decided to kind of.

00:09:46.350 –> 00:09:54.540 Ankur (LongShot.ai): pivot from there also because, while doing all these things, so we are technologists as hard at heartland i’m on me and my.

00:09:55.080 –> 00:10:06.630 Ankur (LongShot.ai): whole team, so we noticed that you know, there was some some you know, like while doing all these V realized that you know some really interesting technologies in Ai and machine learning and nlp.

00:10:07.170 –> 00:10:15.210 Ankur (LongShot.ai): could actually help solve creating content problem, and this was something we were doing on the side to some extent we’re doing also for a client.

00:10:16.080 –> 00:10:32.910 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And when we decided to kind of shift the business and also gave it a new name, because this was completely a new direction for us so yeah to In short, we not exit out like traditionally but we kind of from a profitable business, we decided to move to somewhat more lucrative opportunity.

00:10:33.270 –> 00:10:35.310 Joseph McElroy: And what did you do with the technology to do that.

00:10:36.540 –> 00:10:39.480 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So you know, like Ellis Island technology, something which.

00:10:40.650 –> 00:10:45.330 Ankur (LongShot.ai): In some sense can be repurposed so that’s why we are like, for example today in long shot.

00:10:45.630 –> 00:10:55.140 Ankur (LongShot.ai): be used the similar technologies be developed in and found, which is to kind of make sure that the content is factually correct and you know it’s it’s it does not have.

00:10:55.620 –> 00:11:01.380 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like wrong claims like which is, which is one problem with content generators, so we in some sense also repurpose that equality.

00:11:01.950 –> 00:11:13.830 Joseph McElroy: crew and now you co founded, so it looks like you’ve co founded all your company’s or at least well the first one he didn’t go down with her, but she met her there your wife and new Sri business.

00:11:13.890 –> 00:11:19.950 Joseph McElroy: Policy version yeah yeah how’s how’s it how’s how’s working with your wife and running a company.

00:11:21.150 –> 00:11:30.420 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I mean it’s um so it’s you know it has its own challenges, because sometimes you like, when you start out, you have to kind of pay the bills and you have to also manage.

00:11:31.350 –> 00:11:45.570 Ankur (LongShot.ai): My time like household chores and things like that right, so it has challenges, but it also is like you’re also about that you know you can you do not have to have you know work life balance, so to speak, like you know you walk in your life is like the same so.

00:11:46.080 –> 00:11:48.330 Joseph McElroy: So you know i’ve i’ve had i’ve had.

00:11:49.350 –> 00:11:52.770 Joseph McElroy: I have i’ve found the two companies with with them.

00:11:52.800 –> 00:11:57.480 Joseph McElroy: With my wife right also that so i’ve been in that.

00:11:57.510 –> 00:11:58.500 Ankur (LongShot.ai): place before.

00:11:59.370 –> 00:12:03.750 Joseph McElroy: And one of the things I found is that you have to set certain certain boundaries like.

00:12:04.080 –> 00:12:09.660 Joseph McElroy: You know if you’re if you’re in in the privacy of your bedroom you don’t talk about business.

00:12:11.970 –> 00:12:12.930 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Learning that i’m learning.

00:12:13.980 –> 00:12:18.960 Joseph McElroy: Like boundaries do, or you or otherwise it’s just everything becomes just about the business and.

00:12:20.970 –> 00:12:27.990 Joseph McElroy: Then, your relationship suffers it that definitely requires some management, but at the same time it’s very rewarding though today.

00:12:28.530 –> 00:12:29.790 Joseph McElroy: yeah absolutely I mean.

00:12:30.180 –> 00:12:31.920 Ankur (LongShot.ai): it’s a good feeling yeah.

00:12:32.790 –> 00:12:45.600 Joseph McElroy: Of course, now we have we have two year old twins, and this is, this is my second year Oh, do I have a 30 year old son, but now we have three euros, I have 33 year old twins so that is another enterprises entirely upon itself.

00:12:46.650 –> 00:12:46.890 But.

00:12:47.940 –> 00:12:55.320 Joseph McElroy: The the boundaries issue is still still the same thing, there are certain times you talking about child parents are those you do, you talk about other things.

00:12:58.620 –> 00:13:03.660 Joseph McElroy: But we’re gonna take a take a break and come back and we’re talking about launch out all right absolutely.

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00:15:25.170 –> 00:15:35.220 Joseph McElroy: Hello Hello there, this is just a Franklin McElroy back with the wise content creates wealth podcast with my guests and co pending, so I encourage you.

00:15:36.120 –> 00:15:50.160 Joseph McElroy: You you changed unbound i’m found that news into longshot Ai so what what you mentioned, you know you were you wanted to focus in on long form content what is a long shot me.

00:15:50.550 –> 00:15:51.690 Joseph McElroy: Why is it a name that.

00:15:52.650 –> 00:15:57.210 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right so it’s a funny story, you know, I was talking to a friend of mine.

00:15:58.230 –> 00:16:07.530 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And you know we were talking about like maybe less heard of comic character, so you know it’s it’s it’s a big it’s a big departure from what you might think.

00:16:08.160 –> 00:16:17.640 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So we you know came across a marvel character called long shot, this is a superhero and the power of the superheroes that the superhero can change probabilities.

00:16:19.080 –> 00:16:27.720 Ankur (LongShot.ai): leaky right like never heard so and it also kind of resonated somehow with what we were trying to do you’re trying to kind of focus on more long form.

00:16:28.440 –> 00:16:39.720 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Content issues right we noticed that when when you try to write long content there a lot of challenges with, even with the modern era right so in some sense this came together and long shot.

00:16:40.230 –> 00:16:49.830 Joseph McElroy: Russia alright cool well I you know you know there’s a marketplace, you know i’m sure you know, this is called g to that’s the largest, most trusted software marketplace.

00:16:50.250 –> 00:16:50.550 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know.

00:16:50.610 –> 00:17:05.700 Joseph McElroy: I think over 60 million people, and you are awarded the high performer Ai writing assistant for in for 20 the spring of 2022 congratulations yeah so So what is it that long shot Ai does that that wins that award.

00:17:07.050 –> 00:17:17.760 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right, so you know i’ll just give you a deep context you know I think about one and a half years back, thanks to a lot of innovation by Google and others the a lot of new technology started coming.

00:17:18.450 –> 00:17:26.520 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Which start you know started to create, which started to help content creation process a lot better than it used to be.

00:17:27.510 –> 00:17:35.610 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Now we’ve been in this business like in terms of technology, since away and we also understood this, you know as as a part of our other exercises.

00:17:36.450 –> 00:17:43.740 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And we noticed that there are other players also coming we’re trying to leverage it and trying to do it help content creators, but.

00:17:44.100 –> 00:17:48.840 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We saw that there is this space weekend which is like you know, trying to fix long form creation really well.

00:17:49.380 –> 00:17:53.490 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Because, as you can when you try to create let’s say a few hundred words and all right.

00:17:53.760 –> 00:18:05.070 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It completely so Ai has this habit of kind of going drunken right going in all sort of direction trying to help us in a try try and try to you know kind of conjure up things right, so this is what you want to attack.

00:18:05.580 –> 00:18:15.330 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And why you know we noticed that the lot of takers when it comes to content marketing seo Community because they have to write long form content like day in and day out right and.

00:18:16.080 –> 00:18:24.960 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, for example, for the brands they held for like or you know other pieces information pieces top of the funnel content and so on, so i’m.

00:18:25.440 –> 00:18:32.730 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The essentially the idea here is that you know, there is this platform where we try to you know you can you can put in your.

00:18:33.180 –> 00:18:37.170 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Food you know topic, and we will give you some keywords suggestions research solution.

00:18:37.500 –> 00:18:43.830 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And you can actually create the whole content and will also optimize in the sense that this content is to be written for someone right so.

00:18:44.190 –> 00:18:51.150 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We will give you really cool asus course like which is, which is not the kind of standard as use those you’re used to it is it’s very, very.

00:18:52.080 –> 00:19:00.630 Ankur (LongShot.ai): very, very so attuned to the writing process, so why is writing will give you will tell you is this writing seo friendly already or not you don’t have to stop keywords necessarily from.

00:19:00.900 –> 00:19:12.990 Ankur (LongShot.ai): anywhere so so I you know I would, if I were to sort of succinctly put it put it long shot is a is a platform to research, generate and optimize long form content.

00:19:13.680 –> 00:19:17.250 Joseph McElroy: So what would you define as long form content.

00:19:18.450 –> 00:19:25.890 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah so long form is anything which so typically you can associate a long form with long blogs, we you know, like anything you just.

00:19:26.310 –> 00:19:36.840 Ankur (LongShot.ai): To 300 more you know four and 500 words thousand we have folks writing blog seven 8000 words also right so pretty much that but then it can also be like position papers reports.

00:19:37.440 –> 00:19:49.830 Ankur (LongShot.ai): also be you know newsletters So these are some of the popular use cases the same product reviews really long product reviews right in depth product reviews, these are example long content director.

00:19:51.120 –> 00:20:15.000 Joseph McElroy: So so so you, basically, what do you do use us use the search engines to find successful content right and then train your machine your your machine learning to understand what the content that has been written about a particular subject or or based on keywords and then it will produce.

00:20:16.290 –> 00:20:22.170 Joseph McElroy: It will produce to give it some sort of outline or what how what is it what has it has a.

00:20:23.010 –> 00:20:31.590 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So I kind of you know briefly explain it and you know, by the way, like to whoever’s listening it’s you can can definitely check it out it’s free to check out but.

00:20:32.460 –> 00:20:40.710 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Essentially, the idea is you kind of started exactly at this place we what we do so, you put in any topic let’s say you want to write on.

00:20:41.400 –> 00:20:45.990 Ankur (LongShot.ai): tesla electric vehicles right you kind of put it in and we’ll give you a lot of suggestions.

00:20:46.290 –> 00:20:55.950 Ankur (LongShot.ai): From you know top sources what has been kind of popular before, but this is what you want to write on you want to write on like something specific to Texas lively let’s say you know it’s like I ve solar.

00:20:56.580 –> 00:21:03.990 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Solar batteries, or whatever I like so you can basically there is a guided approach when you can create a content beef using the suggestions we give you.

00:21:04.590 –> 00:21:11.700 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So the content brief is kind of you have to finally kind of pick up some important pieces we even give you things like.

00:21:12.060 –> 00:21:21.540 Ankur (LongShot.ai): What are the questions you should answer, so this is how do we know this like popular questions, people are asking on the search engines, as various forums like reddit Cora etc right.

00:21:22.290 –> 00:21:24.330 Ankur (LongShot.ai): This is an interesting feature called fact sheet.

00:21:24.660 –> 00:21:29.370 Ankur (LongShot.ai): When we also tell you that what are the important facts about the topic, you want to write let’s say you know.

00:21:30.690 –> 00:21:41.370 Ankur (LongShot.ai): time taken to offer a tesla car to run on on a on a given battery like things like that right So these are important facts which any content writer would want when you.

00:21:41.910 –> 00:21:47.970 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So these are all around material to basically create a content brief now as soon as you create a content brief.

00:21:48.420 –> 00:21:58.350 Ankur (LongShot.ai): be kind of soft kick start our Ai engine, so it sees the beat and it says you not like, let me first suggest you really good headline will keep on giving a suggestion and gives you infinite solutions.

00:21:58.830 –> 00:22:04.980 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And all the sudden Sir suggestions are unique you’ll never find like you know I mean, except on very like kind of.

00:22:05.430 –> 00:22:11.550 Ankur (LongShot.ai): kind of canonical cases will not find duplicate content anywhere so first we’ll give you a headline suggestion once you freeze that.

00:22:11.970 –> 00:22:21.000 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It will actually give you outline suggestions, again, you can generate any number of time you want this is entirely based on the content brief you have already selected.

00:22:21.510 –> 00:22:31.320 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And these outlines keep on changing like it can be long short and will also give you will also suggest that how many outline should you make, depending on what we know about this particular topic.

00:22:31.800 –> 00:22:45.480 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And finally, the writing that kicks in so, by the way, there is a caveat, even if he can we do not provide for you, in the sense that we will not produce that long content is one click so you know people sometimes kind of miss.

00:22:46.830 –> 00:22:54.420 Ankur (LongShot.ai): sort of assuming that you know, maybe we are kind of there is one-click content, no, we don’t do that and we don’t want to do that and i’ll come to the reason in a minute.

00:22:55.140 –> 00:23:01.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So basically, the idea is that, as soon as you have created an outline the structure, so to speak, of your content.

00:23:01.860 –> 00:23:13.050 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We it’s like you know you will kind of give it in some niches that you’re not you, you will probably tell Ai something like this, I want my first introduction to include things like these any kind of right instructions for you.

00:23:13.470 –> 00:23:18.240 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And then you can tweak it a bit and then he gave you another para so you know, there is a guided process.

00:23:18.660 –> 00:23:28.440 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So what we have noticed is that, in order to create let’s say about a couple of thousand words of article, you will need some somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes right if you are, if you.

00:23:29.040 –> 00:23:37.020 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It says, you know top of the funnel middle of the funnel content, if it is slightly more in depth, maybe 10 minutes more right so now, this is a guided process.

00:23:37.530 –> 00:23:44.760 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And, as I was mentioning that you know, we do not do one click generation, because we really wanted to be meaningful right, we do not want to.

00:23:45.570 –> 00:23:59.040 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Give the control today the human writers, the content writers still in Come on, they still are guiding the it’s like he is giving them like tons of suggestions at every button click but they have to choose it and they have to tweak it.

00:24:00.180 –> 00:24:02.640 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I hope I can give a big picture of a.

00:24:02.670 –> 00:24:20.730 Joseph McElroy: Vehicle yeah so um you know there’s also important aspect of writing you know it’s like the you know brands, especially as this all the time about a brand voice of style do you does your as your software able to write in different voices and it was a different you know style.

00:24:21.000 –> 00:24:30.030 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah yeah exactly, so this is this is again like you know the hang of this, because this is a question we keep on getting like every other day, so you know we have like a maybe a.

00:24:30.570 –> 00:24:32.490 Ankur (LongShot.ai): How should I put it, there is like a simple.

00:24:32.910 –> 00:24:44.400 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Simple and a slightly more complex solution, so we have a baby and you can change the tone like you know, maybe you want to make it more aggressive or you want to write like Elon musk food right right, you know things like that right, so you can kind of direct API.

00:24:45.000 –> 00:24:49.950 Ankur (LongShot.ai): to write formal casual have a certain type of a certain known brand things like that.

00:24:50.340 –> 00:24:57.300 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But, and this is something some bands have done with us let’s say you are a brand and you are like super sort of you know.

00:24:57.900 –> 00:25:03.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): anxious about like you know you should preserve your brand brand voice to the to the last you know, to the last bit.

00:25:04.230 –> 00:25:15.930 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So what we have done is that you can give us a data lake past data open data, we do not want any kind of secret data like let’s say you have published a brand a typical big band would have published hundreds of articles already good.

00:25:16.410 –> 00:25:17.940 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So you can use the links of those.

00:25:18.180 –> 00:25:29.970 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We take that and a train Ai exclusively for this bands so so that the Ai for these bands would actually know what kind of word choices this Brian back the brand has used in the past.

00:25:30.420 –> 00:25:32.910 Ankur (LongShot.ai): What kind of patterns, what kind of sort of tone right.

00:25:33.150 –> 00:25:45.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): What kind of applause, they have taken and even what kind of data they have what kind of take out the context they are written about, so this is like that, and this is like the complete foolproof way of preserving brand voice so yeah These are the kinds of ways we do.

00:25:47.490 –> 00:26:00.990 Joseph McElroy: You know, you know when you’re writing content right, especially if you’re writing the content for websites and for its kind of promotional aspect or sales aspect there’s a lot of different kinds of.

00:26:02.070 –> 00:26:06.570 Joseph McElroy: approaches like behavioral science, or you know ways to get people to convert.

00:26:07.620 –> 00:26:09.930 Joseph McElroy: You know, based upon how you write and lead up to.

00:26:09.930 –> 00:26:14.670 Joseph McElroy: Certain conclusions and things like that is that something that also can be trained in the Ai.

00:26:15.420 –> 00:26:27.030 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It can be a focus, so you know, like when he started this product, we know that generating content can be generic like, for example, as you said, creating content for the website and all and creating even marketing companies but.

00:26:27.570 –> 00:26:38.520 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And, and to can do all of those things, but our focus remains on this very problem like you know long form content and the reason is that I think this is still unsolved, to a large degree.

00:26:38.970 –> 00:26:42.000 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So, like as a as a young startup relatively young startup.

00:26:42.660 –> 00:26:51.390 Ankur (LongShot.ai): What we plan to let’s say in for the next six months of the year focus exclusively on this problem and, like maybe peripheral problems because.

00:26:51.750 –> 00:27:02.100 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah, so I think the answer to this is that it is, it can be done, but our current focus is on more more more towards the long form and it’s the problem associated with that.

00:27:02.430 –> 00:27:02.880 hmm.

00:27:04.140 –> 00:27:05.970 Joseph McElroy: Is it all original content or.

00:27:06.120 –> 00:27:06.480 Joseph McElroy: Do you have a.

00:27:06.990 –> 00:27:15.960 Ankur (LongShot.ai): duplicate duplicate, so this is again like you know, as you can imagine any any any content writer worth their salt would definitely worry about originality right.

00:27:16.410 –> 00:27:21.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And we have a we have a way to kind of check for yourself right you be give you a plagiarism score right.

00:27:21.990 –> 00:27:27.330 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And we will kind of so it’s and we have like we have 10,000 users, more than 10,000 users and.

00:27:27.630 –> 00:27:31.770 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The plagiarism score is always like near zero right, and if it is, for example, some part.

00:27:31.950 –> 00:27:45.360 Ankur (LongShot.ai): seems to pleasure is some some very you know kind of standardized like part can be you know, maybe seem to believe correct maybe some facts, then you can also change it right, so, so I think this is something we take very seriously and we provide our writers, to verify that.

00:27:46.140 –> 00:27:51.750 Joseph McElroy: we’re cool well we come back we’ll talk more about your product and the things that it can do, and some of the features all right.

00:27:52.230 –> 00:27:52.650 sure.

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00:29:57.240 –> 00:30:07.800 Joseph McElroy: hey this is Joseph Franklin McElroy backs back with the wise content creates wealth podcast tonight, yes and cool a pen day so anchor you know I previous guests.

00:30:09.240 –> 00:30:11.550 Joseph McElroy: machine learning doing some content to.

00:30:12.210 –> 00:30:13.740 Joseph McElroy: divert divert focus but.

00:30:14.160 –> 00:30:31.080 Joseph McElroy: He mentioned that a lot of times these machine learning content producers, if you train them, not with enough not enough data or with too much data that they they they start producing duplicate content is that is that true.

00:30:32.850 –> 00:30:42.180 Ankur (LongShot.ai): that’s that’s true absolutely and I didn’t say that you know, so I would say in not enough data is definitely more of a problem than too much data, for example.

00:30:42.840 –> 00:30:54.540 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The kind of Ai be so we have our own Ai systems, but we also kind of use the ones developed by Google and other things so, for example, google’s API which is called GP TT now a famous.

00:30:55.050 –> 00:31:11.580 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We kind of use that in in parts, so that is like train non probably like you know multi billions of you know, Internet data, so I think if you train it well, then more data is less of a problem really you know it’s it’s it’s like the lack of data.

00:31:12.210 –> 00:31:12.750 For.

00:31:14.460 –> 00:31:24.900 Joseph McElroy: So it kind of content, you know you produce content is described that what other features help a writer, but what makes your life easier.

00:31:25.920 –> 00:31:33.450 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So you don’t vendee kind of started, you know when he kind of first launched this product, so we realize that in that time it was more of a.

00:31:34.020 –> 00:31:44.910 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The focus was to improve the writing live if he still do, but then we soon realized that you know writers, who write for the audience, you know they have a purpose in mind, they.

00:31:45.690 –> 00:31:57.270 Ankur (LongShot.ai): They are not writing like it’s a different kind of set of audience who right let’s say as a hobby blogger or somebody who’s sort of you know, trying to kind of went out their own personal God things like that so.

00:31:57.630 –> 00:32:02.520 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And, of course, that they can do you know but that’s a different type of ask anyway.

00:32:03.000 –> 00:32:11.970 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But the folks who are kind of trying to write for an audience, it could be marketers it could be folks who are like trying to sort of you know, do the PR and things like that right so.

00:32:12.240 –> 00:32:22.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): They have to be very vigilant, of what kind of things audience will read what will resonate with them how it’s a content can direct in the sense that all information can be correct, but it can.

00:32:22.530 –> 00:32:37.140 Ankur (LongShot.ai): still be very complex to read right, so what we do is that he started to develop all these we call it seo metrics, but they are not really like one can also think of us as content optimizer so I just give you an example.

00:32:38.790 –> 00:32:51.420 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So in our workflow we have something called semantic seo score What it does is it will tell you that Okay, you know you want to write on tesla electric vehicles for this, you know just carrying the same example.

00:32:52.290 –> 00:32:59.250 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Now is your content really answering what people are really looking for when it comes to tesla electric vehicles.

00:32:59.760 –> 00:33:05.040 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like Is it the makings are you writing, something which you just you or your kind of close Dupont would eat right so.

00:33:05.550 –> 00:33:14.520 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We what we do is really we have a plethora of questions and patterns in keywords which we know from the Google searches and other searches.

00:33:15.060 –> 00:33:21.810 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Inside forums at what people are looking for in this particular topic, and we have an algorithm we have an Ai algorithm which we are trained.

00:33:22.410 –> 00:33:29.850 Ankur (LongShot.ai): to detect that is your content really answering it now, this is super useful for writer, because if a writer writes, you know kind of.

00:33:30.270 –> 00:33:35.880 Ankur (LongShot.ai): on their own and and you know kind of in their own zone and kind of forget to answer what.

00:33:36.450 –> 00:33:45.720 Ankur (LongShot.ai): People actually look for then the purpose of the content not serve me right, so this is what I have and also alluding to in the beginning of the call that we.

00:33:46.350 –> 00:34:01.980 Ankur (LongShot.ai): are so, and this is the This is where the optimizing part comes in that we noticed the need of the content writers, also to make sure that the content is actually will actually be read by the audience right which is also in towns means that it will be ranked high and so on, so forth.

00:34:03.690 –> 00:34:03.930 Joseph McElroy: So.

00:34:05.520 –> 00:34:09.930 Joseph McElroy: You mentioned seo and then the semantic seo thing sounds very interesting.

00:34:12.090 –> 00:34:26.460 Joseph McElroy: Are you finding that Ai content is good for seo and how passes at work i’ve had some people tell me it’ll you know even a new site with a can’t generate content will start ranking within a day now is, are you finding that sort of truth.

00:34:26.970 –> 00:34:35.400 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So, not in a day I mean see the thing is i’ll tell you this i’ve been asked both type of questions i’ve been asked questions were in they’ll say Okay, I continue right very.

00:34:36.090 –> 00:34:50.550 Ankur (LongShot.ai): ran very fast and and there is like another box skeptics who say, and there are reports like this i’m not going to mention the sources but they’ll say like oh Ai continues to be penalized by Google, you know things like that right now is really this first of all.

00:34:51.810 –> 00:35:00.120 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, whoever is listening here, let me be on record to say it’s not going to happen that Ai content just because it is the content will be penalized by Google.

00:35:00.630 –> 00:35:07.050 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And, for the simple reason that Google is itself behind all lots of these technologies they’re not going to in some sense by their own tail right.

00:35:07.350 –> 00:35:14.880 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So it’s it’s of course Apps are to think and we have taken approvals from you know penny I and stuff like that right to do this so.

00:35:15.390 –> 00:35:26.580 Ankur (LongShot.ai): To the point is that this is what what what actually what might go wrong, is it said, there are there are some mean like there might be a kind of a software is software which will just produce artificial condition.

00:35:27.270 –> 00:35:37.050 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I mean, I remember that used to happen about a decade back that people will just create web pages with just keyword stuff will rank high will they be completely absurd right now.

00:35:38.100 –> 00:35:50.160 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It is you know does not does not happen anymore, because you know, Google has kind of developed its algorithm say it can detect those things so same thing is going to happen when it comes to the Ai content.

00:35:50.550 –> 00:35:59.160 Ankur (LongShot.ai): What what search engines are be going to be bothered about this is this content high quality or not, the high quality and original that’s what they care about.

00:36:00.150 –> 00:36:05.280 Ankur (LongShot.ai): It they do not care about so they will not give an extra reference, of course, you know if you are able to write.

00:36:05.550 –> 00:36:17.820 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Content really fast, so you then can assume that you know if i’m going to write lots of content really fast and good content, so my probability of ranking is also increasing right, but they are neither going to.

00:36:19.290 –> 00:36:25.380 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know favorite not going to be against it they’re just going to see if it is high quality or isn’t it.

00:36:26.400 –> 00:36:28.050 Joseph McElroy: Well don’t you think that.

00:36:29.280 –> 00:36:32.670 Joseph McElroy: You know a lot of google’s brand.

00:36:33.750 –> 00:36:38.070 Joseph McElroy: depends upon people believe in that are coming there and finding.

00:36:39.540 –> 00:36:46.440 Joseph McElroy: The best solutions for things and finding you know things that are really do that are that are authentic.

00:36:46.950 –> 00:36:48.150 Joseph McElroy: and

00:36:48.450 –> 00:36:59.550 Joseph McElroy: And while they’re somewhat aware of seo being reform, they also think that Google is you know surfacing content that is really relevant to what they want, with the right people.

00:36:59.970 –> 00:37:00.480 Joseph McElroy: And it was.

00:37:00.600 –> 00:37:15.240 Joseph McElroy: If Ai content like anything before it becomes too successful at gaming Google down to and people start realizing that don’t you think that there will be some effort by Google to try to.

00:37:16.200 –> 00:37:26.040 Joseph McElroy: Create you know slight robots road road blocks of the Ai content generation doesn’t work, as well as it did before.

00:37:26.310 –> 00:37:27.480 Joseph McElroy: What do you think about that.

00:37:27.540 –> 00:37:33.450 Ankur (LongShot.ai): night, so I see them coming from so my answer again will be around the lines that what Google is.

00:37:33.930 –> 00:37:45.300 Ankur (LongShot.ai): will be very vigilant about and I can actually you know, like maybe in the show notes, I can share the links where google’s like head off a CEO who are on record kind of claiming what I just mentioned, so.

00:37:46.800 –> 00:37:55.770 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The idea is that of course if they notice patterns were in Ai content is is in sometimes also giving you synthetic information it’s giving you false information.

00:37:56.250 –> 00:38:01.020 Ankur (LongShot.ai): let’s say something which is very make believe right that they’re going to hunt down to you.

00:38:01.470 –> 00:38:06.480 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And I mean we we have signed agreements with opening I already like one bad go against agreement also.

00:38:06.810 –> 00:38:14.340 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But that that that this is not going to be used by their technology or other technologies, our own technology or not we’re not going to use by.

00:38:14.790 –> 00:38:20.220 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Spreading fake news I mean ironically, we are the startups we started with the whole premise of being authentic.

00:38:20.640 –> 00:38:30.120 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And this is also what is in built intrinsically in building long shot so so my answer is that, yes, if there is a synthetic country let’s say this, I mean I was actually.

00:38:30.900 –> 00:38:40.440 Ankur (LongShot.ai): noticing a content about this was just somebody has written just for the fun right somebody’s written content that how something completely synthetic some a product which is.

00:38:41.370 –> 00:38:47.250 Ankur (LongShot.ai): which does not even exist some kind of physical product which does not even exist, maybe, just for the sake of argument.

00:38:47.910 –> 00:38:59.670 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Maybe some kind of computer has kind of has this this many chips, and this many that taco this is purely synthetic was done for for like a more of a fun thing but somebody if if they publish it.

00:39:00.030 –> 00:39:09.180 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Then google’s effort would be not to prioritize it because this very they make believe, but still wrong, so I would kind of.

00:39:10.380 –> 00:39:17.160 Ankur (LongShot.ai): repeat myself, by saying that if the content is authentic or original, so I think there’s no problem at all.

00:39:17.490 –> 00:39:17.940 or problem.

00:39:18.990 –> 00:39:19.710 Ankur (LongShot.ai): we’re coming from.

00:39:20.640 –> 00:39:22.890 Joseph McElroy: So what do you think is the future of Ai.

00:39:23.970 –> 00:39:25.380 Ankur (LongShot.ai): content, I think the future of.

00:39:25.440 –> 00:39:40.050 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Ai content is similar so you know, like a lot of people asked me future of it, I think the future of a content had to be like we already living near future lots of people already used grammarly right, what is the family, not a I suggest you know writing a helper in some sense right.

00:39:40.260 –> 00:39:46.170 Ankur (LongShot.ai): There around for almost 10 years right, so the point is that this is just next phase in the evolution.

00:39:46.740 –> 00:39:53.550 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And I think that it’s we are, we are at a similar stages, you know lots lots of video creation software we’re.

00:39:53.940 –> 00:39:58.890 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like now, you see, Canada and other you know, whatever right like lots of video editing tools out there.

00:39:59.400 –> 00:40:09.930 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But maybe you know five year down before right maybe they have people are trying to kind of still create their own videos from the ground up, but now it’s like there, so the creativity still lies the humans.

00:40:10.080 –> 00:40:19.770 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I think you’d be going ahead, also 50 thing that writing is going to be success dependent that’s not going to happen, I mean the point here is that.

00:40:20.370 –> 00:40:32.100 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You are going to do less of a grunt work really you have your own ideas you’re giving in, you know injecting keywords it is giving you some suggestion you’re saying okay this good maybe replacing a bit and so on, so it’s a very guided process.

00:40:32.580 –> 00:40:34.020 Ankur (LongShot.ai): But still, save you tons of time.

00:40:35.460 –> 00:40:37.350 Joseph McElroy: Right clothes so.

00:40:38.760 –> 00:40:41.190 Joseph McElroy: I think we talked for hours upon where those to go.

00:40:42.930 –> 00:40:43.290 Joseph McElroy: But.

00:40:44.250 –> 00:40:46.260 Joseph McElroy: Part of the reason for this is part of the reason for this.

00:40:46.260 –> 00:40:50.190 Joseph McElroy: podcast is to understand this such a new space, you know.

00:40:50.370 –> 00:41:03.780 Joseph McElroy: And it’s it’s been dramatically accelerated by you know the coven and and pandemics protocols and I think that I think that we’ve gone from zero to 100 miles an hour right.

00:41:04.140 –> 00:41:08.970 Joseph McElroy: Now we used to we used to produce 4000 pieces of content, a month right.

00:41:09.300 –> 00:41:11.610 Joseph McElroy: You know, for brands at wanted a bit for.

00:41:11.610 –> 00:41:15.000 Joseph McElroy: seo purposes mad, but now it’s dramatically different.

00:41:16.710 –> 00:41:22.530 Joseph McElroy: Because they’re doing a lot at stuff like you know, generating captions and stuff like that, with a.

00:41:22.770 –> 00:41:23.640 Joseph McElroy: program so.

00:41:24.090 –> 00:41:34.170 Joseph McElroy: So this is definitely the future and it’s replacing a lot of the drudgery of content production, but who do you think uses most now the content intelligence software.

00:41:35.280 –> 00:41:39.690 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So I mean like I said, like mostly it’s used by marketers we have.

00:41:40.740 –> 00:41:47.940 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, we have users in like begins on marketing agencies content marketing agencies, as well as lots of in house.

00:41:48.540 –> 00:42:01.440 Ankur (LongShot.ai): marketers in big bands right, so a content team in a in a brand new users to kind of create their own content, sometimes, not even for seo right, sometimes for the internal reports internal newsletter stuff like that right so.

00:42:01.710 –> 00:42:09.510 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I think those are on the primary audience, we have also seen some you know interesting publishers, one of the one of the biggest publishers in the world, signed up.

00:42:09.990 –> 00:42:19.890 Ankur (LongShot.ai): With us news publish anything, not for news, by the way, but for their other kind of you know sort of media reasons, for example, more of a lifestyle content and.

00:42:20.250 –> 00:42:28.680 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Product reviews gadget reviews things like that right so so Those are the kinds of areas when it comes to long short being used, and I believe that.

00:42:29.640 –> 00:42:42.900 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know more marketers begins Paul, will you know kind of adopted more and more i’m seeing that option gradually increasing, so I think that’s where the most of the meat of the audience lies.

00:42:43.320 –> 00:42:54.180 Joseph McElroy: Great well, we have to take our last break so come back we’ll talk about what makes you unique from other Ai platforms and the future yeah.

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00:44:53.430 –> 00:45:01.290 Joseph McElroy: hello, this is Joseph Franklin mcilroy back with the wise content creates wealth podcast my guest anchor pan day so anchor.

00:45:02.460 –> 00:45:10.890 Joseph McElroy: What are the you know everything’s sounds great, but what are some of the, what are the some of the negatives of using an API route writing system.

00:45:14.160 –> 00:45:25.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So when is the border lines funny some people still kind of come to me and come to us rather and expect that you know it’s a it’s going to be kind of it’s going to create content, the push of a button.

00:45:25.650 –> 00:45:33.480 Ankur (LongShot.ai): As I said, like, even if it is possible to do it is not going to solve anybody’s purpose, because the content will become liberation stuff so, so I think.

00:45:34.200 –> 00:45:42.930 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know some of the issues exist with miss expectation and also you know, one has to say and there are some kind of areas, for example, I mentioned news right so.

00:45:43.680 –> 00:45:50.370 Ankur (LongShot.ai): These are the not the kind of areas where one should use Ai writing news or extremely technical articles.

00:45:51.300 –> 00:46:09.210 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Medical journals so so because this is this is going to be very sensitive when it comes to lots of facts and and very current tax, so I think those are not the area currently where the Ai content is content but not not in the domain where Ai can bring a lot of value at this point.

00:46:12.030 –> 00:46:20.400 Joseph McElroy: You know you have this fact checker system and but you say it’s so you say it’s not necessarily accurate enough for like big B2B.

00:46:22.470 –> 00:46:24.510 Joseph McElroy: Things like medical and things like.

00:46:24.510 –> 00:46:24.840 Ankur (LongShot.ai): yeah.

00:46:25.200 –> 00:46:27.570 Joseph McElroy: But in general generally think it’s accurate.

00:46:28.380 –> 00:46:34.950 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So it’s it’s it’s in some sense what it is doing is so think of what what actually so like let’s say.

00:46:36.300 –> 00:46:48.060 Ankur (LongShot.ai): If any factual system would need a source right, you can validate against but let’s say you’re writing a medical article and the sources, such that you know it’s it does not have a public access it’s very in some sense.

00:46:49.260 –> 00:47:05.400 Ankur (LongShot.ai): In kind of hidden somewhere in in some kind of work like which is not publicly you it says, or the I have not been trained on so, then it will fail also when it comes to new similar thing right that it is the facts, the fact checking has to be done on the ground that today X happened.

00:47:06.480 –> 00:47:14.100 Ankur (LongShot.ai): That the I will not know per se X happened not until we can find a reliable source of truth, where to seen that right.

00:47:14.820 –> 00:47:19.980 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And, of course, one can imagine this scenario where every you know, big or small publisher.

00:47:20.820 –> 00:47:29.040 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Has has not even published or non published the correct version so so it needs a reference so because of all these reasons, or like all these sort of.

00:47:30.030 –> 00:47:41.640 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know kind of reasons related to the very nature of how the fact checking box, it is not entirely not possible at this stage in the current version, at least to venture into these things, not just for us like anybody.

00:47:42.750 –> 00:47:47.910 Joseph McElroy: yeah well um you know, one of the one of our real.

00:47:48.990 –> 00:47:53.940 Joseph McElroy: Work has been work with content teams which is different than working with individual writers right.

00:47:55.620 –> 00:48:00.840 Joseph McElroy: What do you find are some of the pain points of a content team and how do you help that.

00:48:02.730 –> 00:48:10.260 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Right so content content team, the pain point, basically, are you know in so it’s a it’s also okay so.

00:48:11.100 –> 00:48:19.350 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I kind of thinking that what is the biggest pain point for many point so so among the among the pain points which we have noticed our.

00:48:20.280 –> 00:48:28.200 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like can you work collaboratively right like lots of times they need to kind of you know, do proofreading and reviews of work, you know spread across.

00:48:28.560 –> 00:48:41.490 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So this is more of a like a management or content management style problem but yeah this is this is very basic but still I think it’s still not solved, to the satisfaction of lots of content teams.

00:48:42.000 –> 00:48:45.570 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And then second thing is that you know second one thing we have noticed is that.

00:48:46.380 –> 00:48:52.890 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Lots of times let’s say there is an area, and this is more true for agencies like content agencies is.

00:48:53.340 –> 00:49:00.900 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Sometimes they will need to produce produce a piece of content for the clients in which they do not have enough of an in house expertise.

00:49:01.320 –> 00:49:10.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So, then they realize like they have to either outsource them sell for kind of pillars of either reject this, so this is also something we have seen you know they would probably.

00:49:10.590 –> 00:49:18.300 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, because sometimes some some companies do work in a specific area, but other journalists style content agencies would kind of.

00:49:19.200 –> 00:49:24.300 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, seek the work, but then they may not have the expertise and therefore content quality go for a toss.

00:49:25.020 –> 00:49:40.260 Ankur (LongShot.ai): click product, like us, for example, try to solve or mitigate it to some extent because, as I mentioned the beginning, we tried to kind of help you also in the content research part right so but yeah there’s a limit like it is very research heavy then, of course, the problem is still living.

00:49:41.340 –> 00:49:44.760 Joseph McElroy: So yeah i’ve i’ve interviewed a number of content producers.

00:49:45.090 –> 00:49:46.350 Joseph McElroy: That i’m sure you were of your.

00:49:46.350 –> 00:49:47.190 competitors.

00:49:48.480 –> 00:49:52.440 Joseph McElroy: But what makes a long shot, a unique.

00:49:54.150 –> 00:49:55.560 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So I would say i’m.

00:49:56.610 –> 00:50:06.180 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like the first and foremost be like we have we like since our existence last year, be have you know exclusively focused on long form, which means that we have.

00:50:06.480 –> 00:50:10.800 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Lots of nuts and bolts, and so no one can call them sell long form right there but.

00:50:11.100 –> 00:50:22.500 Ankur (LongShot.ai): One if one has to use it to see it like you know, like what kind of intricacies are there and what kind of solution spectrum exist which we offer right so so one leg very specific or way you sort of.

00:50:23.220 –> 00:50:28.110 Ankur (LongShot.ai): In your face answer would be that we have been kind of dealing with the problem, since our inception.

00:50:28.440 –> 00:50:39.060 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And therefore we have tried to accommodate all possible t’s in which long form either can go wrong or it can be fixed or people what kind of things people right because most of the users are actually long form right right.

00:50:39.540 –> 00:50:48.840 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And we kind of look at the data we talk to them and we kind of see the learning so if you want to write focus on long form, I think we have provided you.

00:50:49.620 –> 00:51:00.360 Ankur (LongShot.ai): As you as a very expert long home writer would like you know, we have tried to learn from them from all users and try to replicate in the Ai system, so I think this is.

00:51:00.870 –> 00:51:10.080 Ankur (LongShot.ai): In some sense a definitional difference and then the other thing is that we focus a lot on like things like you know authenticity, as I mentioned, using tactics, etc.

00:51:10.740 –> 00:51:26.700 Ankur (LongShot.ai): things we have like this unique feature called semantic seo score right which is which, at least, to the best of my knowledge, you know it’s a very intrinsically so it’s like a lot of time people would approach at keyword and cities and clusters and things like that right like.

00:51:26.970 –> 00:51:28.410 Ankur (LongShot.ai): All begins Paul would.

00:51:28.440 –> 00:51:30.540 Ankur (LongShot.ai): kind of have that approach, but we have an approach there and.

00:51:30.810 –> 00:51:40.260 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We try to see okay is your content really answering what people are looking for and assign a score based on that and your task is should be to improve that score with with the suggestions to get right so it’s a very.

00:51:40.740 –> 00:51:50.400 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Human like approach right, rather than trying to stop things unnaturally, so this is These are the kinds of differences, where we take up and we are of course very end, to end.

00:51:51.240 –> 00:52:00.690 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Typically, also we have seen without naming the competition, some might be good bad whatever, but we have seen that they focus on the writing part, but we have noticed that by why bother.

00:52:01.200 –> 00:52:10.170 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Long form writers to kind of take like three four tools, one for research and one for you know, writing and other for Su metrics so like we try to kind of combine things like.

00:52:10.650 –> 00:52:24.630 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Ai writing and things like seo so you know, a cell phone so whatever it is like these, and resize like keyword research tool, so our vision is to become SEM rush plus surf on seo plus a writer all in one you know.

00:52:26.490 –> 00:52:29.010 Joseph McElroy: Whatever those those division right yeah.

00:52:30.600 –> 00:52:38.250 Joseph McElroy: Well, great So how can people reach out to you find out more about you, is there anything going on, you want to let people know about.

00:52:38.910 –> 00:52:47.340 Ankur (LongShot.ai): The actual I mean, so we have to our website is long sought out a link you’ll find lots of information there you just move along to launch it I find about us.

00:52:48.030 –> 00:52:53.640 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I can share my mail, it may be in the show notes, and you know you can reach out to me my team.

00:52:54.000 –> 00:53:06.240 Ankur (LongShot.ai): And all the links we keep on maybe producing content like you know some video and tutorials and webinars and things like that we just did a webinar like you know, three days back where lots of audience came as the questions.

00:53:07.020 –> 00:53:13.560 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We also gave a live DEMO just to kind of answer what they’re looking for, so our plans to keep on doing these things educating the market.

00:53:13.890 –> 00:53:25.770 Ankur (LongShot.ai): We believe that we are so yeah we in some sense within a few months later than like some of the more known this, but I think so, you know, like, I also believe, maybe this is not the question directly answered but.

00:53:26.820 –> 00:53:30.630 Ankur (LongShot.ai): I do not, I do not believe in directly on completing I think.

00:53:30.900 –> 00:53:39.870 Ankur (LongShot.ai): You know, many other peers, are doing their own things, and then the great you know say you know, there have been times that I have recommended my users to use some other tool and not us right.

00:53:40.170 –> 00:53:48.660 Ankur (LongShot.ai): So I think Okay, you want to focus on X type of things so rather use that right, so what we want to you know do is like you know, based on our users feedback.

00:53:49.290 –> 00:54:02.400 Ankur (LongShot.ai): Like we have decided to broad area, but then the specifics, things will be told was by user, so we kind of tried to you know go into that direction, and therefore will keep on interacting with the users and again.

00:54:03.120 –> 00:54:11.130 Joseph McElroy: want to thank you for being on the show, I mean you reached out to me and I put you on the spot and say be on it and you’re done really well, I appreciate.

00:54:11.160 –> 00:54:12.420 Ankur (LongShot.ai): That i’m glad I did i’m.

00:54:12.420 –> 00:54:13.080 Ankur (LongShot.ai): glad I did.

00:54:14.730 –> 00:54:15.540 Joseph McElroy: A very interesting.

00:54:15.840 –> 00:54:16.470 Ankur (LongShot.ai): One person.

00:54:16.650 –> 00:54:27.480 Joseph McElroy: yeah i’m gonna pay attention to and, frankly, one of the things I thought I liked is where you’re talking about the agencies and needing factual based information for content in areas you don’t necessarily know about.

00:54:27.990 –> 00:54:33.360 Joseph McElroy: And I think that would be very useful for some of our practice so i’m gonna look into it for that alright that sounds really great.

00:54:34.050 –> 00:54:48.690 Joseph McElroy: And so thank you for being on the show this is the wise content creates wealth podcast you can find out more about us at wise content creates wealth COM we’re also streamed live on facebook@facebook.com slash wise.

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00:55:40.710 –> 00:55:45.870 Joseph McElroy: noon until one so hope to see you next week, thank you for showing up and talk to you later bye.