Sophia Solanki is an entrepreneur and content marketer with 16+ years of experience in building great products and businesses for the content and digital marketing industry. The products she has built using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and NLP technologies.

She is currently on her journey to build Narrato to be the ‘Github for Content teams’ – the platform to bring all content creation and collaboration to a single place.



In the first segment, Sophia Solanki talks about starting previous startups, how Narrato got started, what Narrato is and why it is needed. Next, Sophia goes into the complex content process and the five content pillars. Finally, ending the segment with a moment of pain in the business.


In the second segment, Sophia goes into in-depth details about Narrato. Sophia tells the audience Narrato is a complex platform where you create and track the life cycle of the content, from the idea to the creation to the editing, and lastly, finishing with the publishing. The Narrato helps with the speed and organization of content creation as every piece of content becomes a task. Narrato is for business, content creations, and various agencies


In the third segment, Sophia details Narrato helping with the speed of content creation. Sophia also talks about the excess of information and data Narrato offers; this data, in return, helps with task management tracking. Lastly, Sophia talks about planning content through templates and calendars.


In the last segment, Sophia talks about what is more important, content quality vs. content quantity. Sophia also lets the audience know when a business should feel like they have a wise content process. Sophia emphasized planning, research, and having a solid approach. Lastly, Sophia discusses the Narrato content marketplace, with thousands of vetted, ready writers for fast content help.