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In this episode, Joseph is joined by our special guest Keith Reynolds, Founder & CEO of Publi.io LLC. He helps clients imagine, plan, and produce digital media and marketing solutions. We are going to talk about Content Strategy ROI.

Joseph and Keith discuss the importance of finding a name for one’s media that is different from a blog, and that can get an audience hooked and engaged in the content.

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Joseph introduces a tool from Google, Search Console, and how it is incredibly helpful for checking data for one’s website in relation to search engine optimization (SEO). Joseph introduces his guest, Keith Reynolds, the founder, and CEO of Publio.io LLC, which works with producing digital media as well as marketing solutions. Keith explains how he’s been involved with Stanford Innovation Week, and throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, he has been able to interview many people through Stanford Innovation Week on how they innovate during the pandemic. The two discuss when they had first met, and how their in-person networking strategies have been translating well digitally. Keith explains his past working with IBM and Apple, and the similarities and differences between the two, in both culture and the responsibilities of his position in those organizations.


Keith retells his time teaching himself WordPress, where afterward he was blogging for a start-up in the early 2010s, which led to him being asked to testify before the United States Congress. Keith explains why he was called before Congress in relation to the start-up, and his written testimonies were submitted to Congress, which displays the prominence of wise content, because of his blog Keith now cemented credibility from congress to all new possible clients. Joseph and Keith discuss Keith’s work with Kodak, and how Keith was able to create a branded content hub through a digital magazine that, while not created with an SEO perspective, does well SEO-wise. The two discuss another content hub Keith had worked on, and Keith explains the nuances between the soft and hard launch of the content hub.


Joseph and Keith discuss Keith’s book Content Culture, as well as Keith’s journey through publishing the book. Keith explains the return on investment (ROI) techniques that he writes about in his book, and how one can create a blog, or another piece of digital content and successful brand it to effectively benefit from ROI techniques. The two discuss different ROI models, and how content is not expensive, but rather an investment one can expect returns from. Joseph and Keith also discuss the importance of finding a name for one’s media that is different from a blog, and that can get an audience hooked and engaged in the content. Keith also explains the necessity of a team, even if one is a solo entrepreneur, even if it is small scale, as it will be more beneficial in the future.


Joseph and Keith discuss in-depth Keith’s go-to ROI model, which is in a spreadsheet format and focuses on investment, as any content can not be highly successful without any kind of investment. Keith discusses his philanthropic pursuits, specifically with Stanford Innovation Week, and the unique environment of Stanford, CT. He also explains how he was able to plan events for Stanford Innovation Week during the Covid-19 pandemic through both online events, and a drive-through in-person event.