Local SEO Strategies for NYC – Amplify Your Location & Earn Loyal Hotel Guests.

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Google says that travel businesses, such as NYC Hotels, can convert more sales by “being there” and “being useful” throughout hundreds of micro-moments that take place between the time a trip becomes a idea in a traveler’s mind and when that traveler’s vacation culminates. As a hotel in New York City, you have an especially rich opportunity with local SEO strategies for NYC to reach customers at key stages of these micro-moments. You have some of the most notable attractions in the world near you, many of them likely steps from your hotel. This gives you scores of great content to feature on a hyper-local attractions page on your website, which guests can use as they’re planning their trip and when they’re navigating the city.

Featuring local content on your website, such as top attractions in New York, is a superb way to create value for a traveler by offering insight into the energy of the city and fueling excitement about a visit. Imagine though, if you could set your hotel apart from the hundreds of other NYC hotels that also offer articles about the most popular tourist attractions. What if you provided hyper-local content, meaning content that was extremely geo-specific and that focused on highlights of New York City that were in your immediate area? Even though you’re one of many hotels in New York, there’s something special about your location that a traveler would find beneficial. With so many gems of places to see and things to do in NYC, you’re bound to be within a stone’s throw of several of the best, in the minds of certain travelers, and that’s what you need to be selling to your guests.

Whether a traveler is in the I-want-to-get-away, Time-to-make-a-plan, Let’s-book-it, or Can’t-wait-to-explore micro-moments that Google has defined, you can be there and be useful to them, and consequently build trust and convert sales, by having a value-packed and can’t-turn-away-from attractions page on your website that’s hyper local and specific to your hotel.

How do you create the type of local attractions page that acts like a personal and trusted tour guide for a traveler as well as the ultimate selling machine for you? You implement these local SEO strategies for NYC that will localize a vacation in terms of putting the traveler in what’s perceived as the most desirable neighborhood in the city (your neighborhood, of course) and that will differentiate you from even other hotels in that neighborhood.

Create Your NYC Attractions Page as Part of a Guide

To best connect with a traveler throughout all micro-moments, you should create a comprehensive guide to New York City that includes a hyper-local or geo-specific attractions page as well as hyper-local pages for shopping, restaurants, and activities. The more pages you have that can be hyper-optimized the better in terms of establishing your hotel brand as an NYC expert and a premier hotel in the city. Plus, you can deep link between these pages to boost your SEO, for instance linking from your attractions page for Times Square to shops in Times Square near you like the Disney Store.

Highlight the Top NYC Attractions Near You

On your attractions page, give a brief overview of the top NYC attractions close to your hotel, in the form of a summary paragraph that includes the name of 4 or 5 of these attractions. This paragraph begins to build anticipation as a traveler reads about what’s nearby and considers staying at your hotel. The summary paragraph should include high-ranking keywords a traveler would search for like “Times Square New York” and “Attractions in New York City,” but it should also include hyper-local and geo-specific keywords unique to you like “Times Square Hotel.” Through your text and keywords, you’ll establish yourself as a stand-out hotel within a target area. In addition to your hyper-local NYC attractions summary, your attractions page should have at least 10 summaries of the best and closest attractions to you (with the top and closest listed first, and then the others descending in terms of popularity and proximity) as well as a link from those summaries to read more about the attraction.

Depending on your hotel’s location, you might want to focus your hyper-local efforts on one or more of the following “hot-spots” and then include others as additional New York City attractions not to be missed:

Optimize Individual Attractions Pages

From your attractions page, guests should be able to click to read more about an individual attraction. When they arrive on the individual attraction page, it should offer content that explains what the attraction is, why they should visit, how they can visit (attraction address, phone number, open days and times if regular), and how close the attraction is to your hotel. Proximity is key. Play it up. Your hotel is in a unique area and it offers a desirable location for a New York traveler, perhaps a specific type of traveler. Sell your location as crucial for that traveler to enjoy a New York City experience. These individual attractions pages should give valuable information for a person in the planning stages of a trip as well as for guests who might be staying with you and looking on your website as they explore the city. Not all visitors to these pages will, or should, come from your main attractions page. Individual attractions pages should include more high-ranking keywords like “New York Attractions” and “Broadway Theaters,” in addition to more geo-specific keywords like “Hotels near Broadway Theaters,” so that travelers searching the web have more places to land on your website. Your attractions pages should always contain text that directs readers to your reservations page, so that you can convert those who have entered the booking stage of the traveler’s journey.

Whether your hotel is near Times Square, in the middle of Times Square, across the street from Central Park, within walking distance of Fifth Avenue, or close to the best bars and restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen, there’s a geo-precise feature about it (and probably many) that can be used to market to potential guests, keep current guests happy while they’re at your hotel, and forge relationships that continue as travelers take repeat trips to New York City and dive deeper into its intricacies. That’s the goal of hyper-local SEO. To give travelers exactly what they need, at any given time, so that they’re happy with their trip. And, for you to be considered the all-mighty provider of that happiness.