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From international hotel chains to high-profile travel agencies, Galileo Tech Media has worked with some of the travel industry’s most noteworthy players. Our client partners trust us to take them to the top of the SERPs and drive bookings through SEO keyword research, SEO content creation, link building and other tactical strategies.

Travel SEO Solutions

Our partnership approach

The travel industry is a highly competitive one, complicated by a cluttered field of local, national and international players. In this ever-evolving space, the Internet remains one constant: According to a recent survey of travelers, over 50% of all bookings happen online. More importantly, about 65% of those bookings happen directly on a brand’s website.

While this poses a great opportunity for digital marketers looking to reach eager and engaged travelers, it also means that web content must be optimized in order to connect with these prospective customers. Galileo Tech Media works with an array of noteworthy travel organizations to drive high-quality organic search traffic, craft compelling and linkable content, produce category-defining content and increase all-important bookings.

Client: Fortune 500 Hotel Group

In our ongoing partnership with a leading international hotel group, we provide an array of SEO and content marketing solutions across their entire brand portfolio. Working on nearly 6,000 properties — including 90 hotels in the luxury category — we’ve achieved a broad range of goals, including enhancing search visibility and rankings via SEO tactics, driving targeted traffic on a local, national and international scale, producing compelling and brand-worthy content for a variety of target audiences, and increasing direct bookings online. Our best-in-class deliverables, can-do attitude, and versatility earned us a “Swiss Army Knife Award” from this client.

Galileo Tech Media has also conducted thousands of technical and local SEO audits on behalf of this client partner, ensuring consistency and accuracy across a variety of their digital touchpoints, including web pages and social media channels. Furthermore, our work output speaks for itself: In one month alone, we completed 4,000 pages of keyword research across 400 hotels. In all aspects of the partnership, we bring the highest levels of professionalism and expertise.


  • SEO keyword research and selection
  • SEO content creation and optimization
  • Social media optimization

  • Website / technical SEO audits

  • Local SEO audits


  • Increased direct site bookings on hotel websites from search

  • Produced highest volume of direct site bookings among other large hotel brands

Client: Boutique Motel in Maggie Valley, NC

Galileo helped a destination motel in Maggie Valley, NC increase their organic traffic by 434%. Galileo uses a process to discover these opportunities, using a Content Audit Template and a research strategy with data from Google Search Console. With this process, Galileo was able to increase organic traffic for the Meadowlark Motel by 434% Month over Month (MoM)

Also, over time, the target page Things to Do in NC Mountains, has become one of the most visited pages on the site, accruing over 1,000 organic visits in a month!


  • BrightEdge Enterprise SEO Technology

  • Identify Keyword Opportunities

  • SEO Content Audit

  • On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Add a Table of Contents


  • 434% Increased Organic Traffic

  • Primary keyword ranking improvements (into top 5 results)

Client: Boutique Travel Agency

When a boutique New York City-based travel agency approached Galileo Tech Media to drive targeted traffic to their homepage in order to drive bookings, we addressed the project with a multi-pronged SEO strategy. It began with the creation of buyer personas and customer journeys in order to both identify strong prospects and clarify messaging strategy.

Next, keyword research and selection was conducted — taking into account local SEO considerations — with web and social content being optimized per targeted terms and SEO best practices. Other tactical efforts enforced our overarching goal of driving search visibility, including link building and intent-focused blog content, ensuring our client captured their prospective targets at every stage of the purchase cycle: From initial research to the final booking.


  • Buyer personas and customer journeys

  • SEO keyword research and selection

  • SEO content creation and optimization, including intent-focused blog content

  • Social media optimization and management

  • Link building

  • Local SEO audit


  • Increased search visibility and improved rankings via SEO tactics, driving targeted traffic to the homepage and ancillary pages

  • Increased online conversions SEO content

  • Created engaging, intent-focused travel content

  • Managed local SEO presence, to ensure client is visible in all local searches across all listings

  • Managed social media presence in order to create a community of like-minded travel lovers

How can local SEO impact your travel business?

Travel SEO

How Galileo Tech Media drives success for travel businesses.

For travel businesses seeking to rise to the top of the SERPs, bring in high-quality organic web traffic, and increase bookings online, having a nuanced and well-implemented SEO strategy is absolutely essential. At Galileo Tech Media, we understand the obstacles that many enterprises face in succeeding. Our adaptable and knowledge approach has been the solution for industry-leading travel brands who rely on us to assist in all stages of the sales cycle.

For many of our travel partners, this begins with an initial technical SEO audit, wherein we identify potentially penalizing site issues such as broken links, duplicate content, incorrect metadata implementation, and other issues. From there, we work to address those issues and provide a foundational go-forward SEO plan, one that often involves both keyword research and SEO copywriting, often focusing on geo-targeted search terms and themes. In many of our ongoing collaborations, a client’s web presences are continually optimized to ensure high-quality performance.

Regardless of how we work with our travel clients, one element remains consistent: Our turn-key approach and ability to scale as needed has made us a valuable resource and a critical part of their overall successes.

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From Fortune 500 travel brands looking to rise to the top of the SERPs to boutique creative agencies seeking white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has worked with a wealth of clients. Our efforts run the gamut from conducting technical SEO audits to crafting highly researched, industry-specific blog content. In all of our relationships, our flexible partnership approach has proven invaluable, allowing our happy clients to leverage our expertise on-demand while scaling their businesses in the process.