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Trust our Charleston Firm to Energize Your Company’s Local SEO Strategy

Charleston, SC is a competitive market – and your company needs proven local SEO services and techniques to stand out among the crowd.

According to the Kelsey Group, nearly 74% of Internet users perform local searches. How much do you leverage factors related to your immediate geographic locale into your company’s marketing efforts?

If your response to this question is “hmmm, not much,” you might want to think about adding some serious emphasis – even if your company sells primarily to national or global clientele.

Why? What’s the point of zooming in on Charleston-based SEO? Consider these three factors:

1. Mobile usage is on the increase, and 70% of search is local in nature.
2. The focus on local search within Google and other search engines is intensifying.
3. Data marketing is increasing its focus on niche and geo-local audiences.

Galileo Tech Media has an office right here in Charleston, with SEO experts and services dedicated to helping you understand and penetrate this vibrant market.

Galileo Helps Businesses Gain (and keep) Local Traction
With a Proven, Agile Strategy, Including:

Local SEO Audit

We conduct a thorough analysis of your business, documenting your company information and keeping a checklist of all of the steps needed to ensure that your business is utilizing local SEO to best effect.

Hyper-Local Keyword Research

We research and select terms and phrases that are specific not only to your business, but to your neighborhood.

Local Content Optimization

Our experts develop fresh, relevant content in the form of blogs, landing pages, and more, built around hyper-local terms.

Competitive Analysis

We provide an examination of your competitive set. What are they doing that you could be doing better? What can you do to position yourself as a leader among them?

Buyer Personas and Journeys

Understanding your clients is key to understanding how to market to them. By closely detailing your company’s buyer personas and the path they take to look for your services, we can make sure we’re providing the right message to them.

Authority Building

By using tools including Moz Opensite Explore and LinkRearchTools, we’ll work to build and maintain your link profile; we can also identify targets for online publicity and generate social media buzz.

Video SEO

YouTube SEO is a huge untapped traffic source, and an invaluable tool for your sales team. There is a wealth of potential in using photography or video, paired with a voiceover and graphics, to describe your business or to share recent company events.

Let our agency superstars capitalize on your local website traffic
and give you a crucial edge in your market.

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