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SEO Copywriting Services

Galileo Tech Media provides a global clientele on-demand, scalable SEO copywriting services.

We possess extensive experience creating effective, compelling and keyword-rich copy for search engines, helping businesses across multiple industries rise to the top of the SERPs and drive organic revenue.

What is SEO Copywriting?

Simply put, SEO copy is copywriting that ranks well in organic search, thanks to the integration of targeted keywords. But this simple explanation belies the careful skill required to draft successful SEO content. Successful SEO content answers the questions that a prospective consumer is asking in a compelling way, all while adhering to a brand’s specific voice and tone guidelines. Furthermore, solid SEO copy avoids practices like keyword stuffing, garnering organic search traffic through the natural integration of targeted terms.

SEO copywriting services: Our approach

Our SEO copywriting approach — what we call “wise copy” — encompasses keyword research, science, strategy, technology, data and analytics. Our team of SEO copywriters understand the nuance involved with integrating keyword research into content, producing SEO content that authentically speaks to curious searchers while ultimately driving all-important conversions for our client partners’ companies.

Outsourcing keyword research to Galileo Tech Media

Whether we are partnering with a client’s in-house marketing team or creating a standalone unit to improve content from an SEO perspective, Galileo Tech Media brings the same flexible and proven perspective to every single project. Companies that work with Galileo appreciate this skillful approach: One that strikes a fine balance between performance and creativity.

Wise Copy: Compelling SEO copywriting

Compelling content isn’t merely content that is stuffed with keywords. Rather, it does things like specifically addresses consumer pain points and intents, or offers exclusivity. Utilizing expert keyword research and SEO best practices as a foundational elements, our SEO copywriters deliver “wise copy”: beautifully crafted, technically refined, action-oriented SEO content that drives real results for our client partners.

How do you best optimize web content for Google search?

SEO Copywriting

Our offering

From its inception, Galileo Tech Media has brought a technological approach to content development. We understand that effective, impactful SEO content cannot be achieved simply by handing off assignments to copywriters, as there are several stages of creating SEO content that requires more than just creative skills. Our comprehensive SEO copywriting services encompass the following elements:

  • Conducting careful, data-backed research of relevant keywords, including both primary and secondary terms as well as long-tail phrases for storytelling-oriented content (i.e. blog posts).

  • Utilizing SEO best practices for length, structure and phrasing in all content, ensuring the appropriate use of all relevant keywords.

  • Crafting keyword-rich and sequentially relevant headers for Google search, as well as producing SEO-friendly content like title tags, meta description and metadata.

  • Creating keyword-rich content that properly aligns with a brand’s voice, tone, language and proposition, ensuring keywords are integrated naturally.

The SEO Content Machine

How we produce SEO content at scale.

Crafting excellent SEO content involves multiple steps: From conducting the all-important keyword research to producing compelling, intent-oriented SEO copywriting. These stages not only require different skill sets, they are each time-consuming in their own right. Using a computer architecture algorithm called “pipelining,” Galileo Tech Media breaks up content creation into equal units of work, where each unit can be started before the full project is complete. This process of “pipelining” increases speed and enhances output.

When partnering with clients, we can start many pieces of SEO content simultaneously while still adhering to the highest standards. We can even integrate with both external agencies and internal marketing departments to create an efficient, process-oriented pipeline. Our results speak for themselves – with a small team, we produced over 20,000 pieces of SEO content for one Fortune 500 client within a year.

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