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Creating Effective and Actionable Copy for Search Engines

Galileo Tech Media’s SEO Copywriting Services start first by understanding the intent of the keywords people will use to find a website page. We understand that intent and write to fill those pages with words and ideas that spill into the world and excite searchers to become visitors. Whether it is clicking from search result pages or causing a phone to ring, words are the foundation of action. Not just words – wise words. Wise Copy. As part of a marketing campaign, not only does Wise Copy attract visitors, but it measures, predicts, and converts the curious into customers. Wise Copy is based on science, strategy, technology, data, keywords and analytics; and at Galileo Tech Media it comes from some of the best brains in the business who dig into your brand and breathe it just like you do.

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SEO Copywriting – Creating Wise-Copy that Converts

Brands and in-house teams struggle daily with creating enough content to meet the demands of internal and external stakeholders. Our team is always looking for ways to improve, and ensure that the content we create not only meets all tactical requirements but is also beautifully written and points the reader towards the desired goal.

Compelling copy is copy that’s emotional. It touches a pain point in the reader or it offers exclusivity. You create compelling copy by knowing your buyers and by delivering exactly what they perceive as value. All our writers are trained to consider the factors that go into writing SEO copy that convert. These are:

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What is SEO Copy?

SEO copy is copywriting that ranks well in search. But, it’s not just copy stuffed with keywords. Carefully crafted SEO copywriting answers the questions that a target prospect is asking in a compelling way.

Great SEO copy is created in a careful and scientific manner, so it generates valuable web traffic for a business. Great SEO copy must also adhere to a brand’s specific tone guidelines, so that it speaks to the target prospect in the preferred manner. And this specific tone must trigger the target’s emotional and rational needs, easing their concerns and answering their questions.

Galileo Tech Media’s approach to SEO copywriting is to:

  • Carefully research SEO keywords and keyword phrases

  • Uncover long-tail keywords and phrases to be used in SEO blog posts, to serve as thought leadership and to nurture the prospect at various stages of the customer journey
  • Select primary and secondary keywords for copy, with the right mix of volume, demand, and attainability
  • Write metadata for each page, including keyword-focused title tags and meta descriptions that are descriptive and compelling (and meet best practices for length and structure)
  • Ensure that keywords fit naturally into copy, supporting the content in a way that reads naturally for the target and Google
  • Meticulously craft SEO headings to be sequential and informative to Google, answering questions that the target will have along the way
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The Factors for Compelling SEO Copywriting

  • Learn about your target prospect and that which compels them.
  • Make your prospect feel special – part of an exclusive club. Not many people understand the need for SEO Copywriting.
  • Don’t just focus on the logic of buying, appeal to the emotional moments.
  • Draw analogies and metaphors to help readers see a fresh perspective, like drawing up a curtain on a new stage set.
  • Don’t “try” to avoid using weasel words, actually “avoid” using weasel words. The words like “try” weaken the promise. Weasel words are words that make your promises (and copy) seem weak and listless.
  • Create urgency with your words – nobody takes action when they are comfortable. For example, we have been measuring how long you have been on this page – if you have been hear less than five minutes and click this link, you get a free blog post for your website!
  • Of course “click this link” is not a compelling Call To Action (CTA), instead make your CTAs simple and potent and meaningful to your prospect. Get Copywriting Services Started with a Free Post>>