If you own a business or work in marketing in any capacity, you might be wondering, what does SEO stand for? The acronym itself stands for search engine optimization, which refers to the process of altering and improving your website in a variety of ways. By doing so according to best practice, you can expect improved rankings on Google and other search engines.

What Does SEO Stand For and How Does It Work?

Changing content to be more useful to readers, to include keywords, and to win featured snippets may not seem as important as a local radio ad when it comes to gaining business. However, both types of raising brand awareness are essential for sales.

Anyone searching for a product or service like yours, particularly in your geographic region, might turn to Google or another search engine and find your company before purchasing. In some cases, they may not know they’re about to buy from you. By providing excellent content that they are led to through search, they may choose to purchase from your company.

This is where SEO comes in. Say you run a successful boutique hotel in the Hamptons. Through keyword research, you might determine that “Hamptons vacation planning” is a top search term for businesses like yours. To capture those searching this, you might choose to include a blog post on your website titled “7 Bucket List Items for Your Hamptons Vacation.”

Then, people planning a trip to your area might stumble across your hotel’s website.  You’ve now established yourself as a thought leader and a brand offering excellent value and thoughtfulness to help travelers plan their vacations. In this planning, “dreamer,” phase of the vacation booking process, you are one step ahead of businesses not employing SEO best practice.

Top Elements of an SEO Campaign

There are numerous aspects of a great SEO campaign, but there are some in particular that shouldn’t be overlooked. Some of these include:

  •     Optimized content
  •       Keyword research
  •       Optimized metadata
  •       Schema
  •       Quick site load times
  •       Https protocol
  •       Proper site mapping
  •       Link building

Grow Your Business With SEO

Now that you can answer the question, what does SEO stand for, it’s time to put it into practice for your business. Doing so will almost certainly improve the volume of traffic to your site, as well as the quality of the leads you get from organic search.

Users tend to trust search engines, and they are most likely to click on a site within the top five search results for any given query. To succeed online, your site needs to be there. Even if you sell on Amazon rather than on your own website, there are ways to optimize your product listings to rank higher there, too.

SEO is also a good tool to boost your popularity on social media. After all, the easier it is to find your site and its content, the more likely users are to share it on their social channels. This can be a particularly powerful tool for businesses in certain industries, particularly B2B and service-oriented industries like real estate, as it helps to establish thought leadership.

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