Link Building

Link Building

A critical element of a successful SEO strategy, as it helps a business build authority online while boosting organic web traffic. Galileo Tech Media has worked with clients across the country building links capacity and understand the tremendous opportunities (and potential pitfalls!) of this marketing tactic. Our partner clients rely on our expertise to implement white hat link building processes in order to deliver relevant, high-quality traffic to their website.

Why it’s essential

When implemented correctly, Link Building — also known as “authority building” — can be extraordinarily successful, driving organic traffic, boosting search rankings and enhancing prospective customer confidence. Unfortunately, Building links is often done in the wrong way, using aggressive programs that can potentially trigger negative mentions, thus harming a company’s brand equity and search ranking. Therefore, it is imperative businesses choose a Link creating partner that employs tested, white hat processes and seeks out only the most relevant, high-quality links — which is how Galileo Tech Media operates!

Our approach

At Galileo Tech Media, we approach creating links with rigorous standards and cultivated nuance. When partnering with our clients to provide a Link Building strategy, we only utilize white hat standards. All inbound links cultivated on behalf of our client partners are relevant to the vertical(s) being targeted, offering authoritative content while presenting a diversity of information. To this end, we often prioritize vertical news sites and high-quality blogs, with solid page and domain authority and audience engagement. All content sourced always adds value to the end user (for example, if a link partner offers a service specific to residents of NYC ), we take local SEO into consideration) and adhere to Google’s ever-changing best practices —  of which Galileo Tech Media remains abreast of. Our focus on digital public relations and earning links rather than securing them establishes authority and builds trust.

Outsourcing Link Building to Galileo Tech Media

Many of our partners do not have the resources, time, or experience to handle link building at the enterprise scale, yet wish to grow their businesses online through this authority-enhancing tactic. At Galileo Tech Media, we understand that building links and acquisition requires a careful and strategy-driven approach. While we often develop and implement custom link creating strategies, drawing on years of experience to implement tested and trusted techniques, working with industry leaders to secure publication and exposure where it benefits clients most.

Building No-follow vs. follow Links

An intelligent and tactical balance of no-follow and follow links is important for SEO, as an imbalance can lead to search engine penalties. To address this, Galileo monitors the link balance for our clients and provides a mechanism by which to get no-follow links to support our other link building efforts. Used in tandem, this nuanced strategy ensures that our client partners receive high-quality traffic from authoritative web presences, such as news websites (follow links) as well as a healthy interjection of web traffic from sources like sponsored content (no-follow links), which could eventually lead to conversions. The primary focus on digital PR ensures both types of links drive targeted traffic to the site to build brand awareness and improve conversions.

How can you drive quality organic traffic to your website?

Our offering

Building Links is not a haphazard process; rather, it’s a surprisingly technical and tactical marketing technique, one that requires advanced planning. Galileo Tech Media begins each Link Building project with a strategic perspective, taking into account our client’s overall SEO strategy, and performing a backlink audit. We then identify the Link Building tactics we consider appropriate to the enterprise, receive approval, manage execution, report on results, and serve as a liaison between the different teams in order to achieve our outreach goals.

  • Prospecting: Based upon our overall campaign strategy and backlink audit, we work to find websites, blog, and journalist opportunities for our client partner.

  • Qualifying: We filter through prospective partners in order to hone in on the opportunities that best fit our campaign’s overall outreach plan.

  • Outreach: The process of contacting prospective link partners takes proven outreach strategies, well-thought-out templates, and relationship-building techniques that align with a company’s brand and offerings.

  • Content Development: We develop content for the intended links – or work with bloggers and journalists to influence the content into which they will place the links, with a focus on social media and other sharing methods to maximize the reach and potential of the content.

Building Links for Travel and Real Estate SEO

How Building Links drives results in niche industries

Whether you are a Fortune 500 hospitality company seeking to drive bookings or a local real estate agent hoping to drum up leads, Link Building is a valuable SEO tactic. Tapping into our years of experience across both industries, Galileo Tech Media understands the steps involved in procuring high-quality links to your website.

Utilizing techniques like SEO keyword research and strategy, Content Hub creation and smart outbound linking, we’ll help to implement a Link Building strategy that gradually enhances your site traffic while delivering conversions. All of our tactics are tested and white hat, ensuring your website is never penalized by Google because of manipulative practices.

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