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Link Building (also known as Authority building) is a crucial element of your company’s SEO strategy. When done correctly, link building can be extraordinarily successful; it requires deep integration on the part of the link builder with content and keyword teams, in order to understand developing needs, leverage research, and identify gaps and opportunities. Unfortunately, link building is often done the wrong way, using aggressive programs that can potentially cause negative mentions, thus harming a company’s brand equity. Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose a link building service that employs tested, white hat processes and seeks out only the most relevant, high-quality links.

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Galileo’s Standards for a Quality Link Building Strategy

  • Links must be authoritative, especially within the vertical(s) being targeted.
  • Links must be diverse, yet relevant.
  • Vertical news sites and high-authority blogs with comments and audience engagement are the best opportunities.
  • There must be solid page and domain authority from the links.
  • Most importantly, the content we might offer to link partners, or which they might produce, must add value to the end user. If a link partner offers a service specific to residents of NYC, for example, our link building content must take that local SEO focus into consideration.

Our Link Building Process

Link building and acquisition, at an enterprise scale, requires a careful and strategy-driven division of labor. Galileo has identified five distinct, task-based processes:

Link Building Tactics

While we can certainly develop and implement custom link building strategies,
years of experience have taught us that the following tactics provide the best results:


Identifying authoritative, relevant blogs willing to take content is the most important element of this tactic. Galileo uses scraping software to identify thousands of potential blogs in which we could implement guest blogging services.

We employ a methodology that ranges from broad to specific, and always includes human qualifiers who view each candidate site to verify that it would meet a brand’s guidelines.

Depending upon the campaign parameters, we will then either pitch existing content, create new content, or identify content on the target blog from which we desire a link. We will then reach out to the blog author via email, to inquire if they will make placement.


Skyscrapers, in context of SEO, refer to building a piece of content or a resource that addresses a common topic and adds onto it. Rather than building a new, unique concept into an on-site guide or content piece, we’re taking something that’s already out there and doing it better—in a more visual format, a more comprehensive guide to the topic at hand.

Using Wise Content techniques, we take outdated or uninspiring content on authority websites for schools, government offices and other agencies and make it more interesting. We then reach out to the bloggers and publishers who previously linked to that content, and convince them to link to our new, better version. It’s fairly straightforward – and completely white hat.


Content Promotion Networks (CPNs) provide brands with an efficient, low-risk means of distributing sponsored content at scale. Through real-time, automated natural language processing, CPNs recommends brand-sponsored content to high-quality publishers.

These recommendations encourage publishers to link to that brand’s sponsored content, thereby generating valuable, organic backlinks that drive SEO performance on target keywords. Since the placement of links is at the discretion of publishers who get no compensation, it is a Google-approved, white hat link building method that been a highly effective approach for several years.


A proper balance of no-follow and follow links is important for SEO, as an imbalance can lead to search engine penalties. To address this, Galileo monitors the link balance for our clients and provides a mechanism by which to get no-follow links to support our other link building efforts.

Working with a Marketplace for Sponsored Content where publishers create original, approvable, and compliant content with guaranteed story reads, we place no-follow links to our client’s content. This offers SEO value – as well as advertising, influencer, and public relations value.

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