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Generating an effective report means using the right SEO reporting tools to keep track of site evolutions. SEO involves more than checking a few rankings on the search engines. Data must be results-driven to ensure the highest level of success. SEO is a long-term strategy rather than a short-term win. Companies realize an ongoing ROI, making the cost of reporting worth it.

Creating an SEO report powered by an enterprise tool like BrightEdge Data Cube provides invaluable insights to businesses navigating a constantly changing online marketplace. Discover the benefits of using data from these reports to realize ongoing results from your marketing efforts and maximize conversion rates.

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What Is an SEO Report?

SEO reports communicate to stakeholders the impact optimization marketing strategies are having on the organization. Reporting goes beyond basic Google Analytics, which most site owners understand how to use for general updates. SEO reports provide impactful insights into current and future trends to maximize SEO efforts.

Reports should indicate the progress made, activities and their value, and recommendation for further growth. Metrics and progress versus predicted KPIs, along with observations on what worked and didn’t work in the marketing campaigns. Once renegade territory, the Internet is now a primary marketing platform for companies around the world. The C-suite and stakeholders want to regulate the progress of SEO strategies to determine the ROI.

SEO reporting is based on metrics and KPIs, and different statistics matter based on the company and its goals. Marketing professionals rely on tools to help them generate concise and complete reports. The BrightEdge Data Cube Score includes the largest data set in the industry, consisting of search terms, keywords, rich media and content, and their performance online. Historical and real-time competitive performance and analysis provide key insights.

What Is an SEO Dashboard?

SEO Dashboards are important for strategic planning for your SEO and to visualize how you are performing head to head with competitors. Customizable dashboards are important because they help you match the exact insights you need to report on. Galileo Tech Media uses BrightEdge StoryBuilder which works with web analytics and data to give you the insights you need. Using customizable dashboards, you’re able to gain insights into the buyer’s journey and your competition. In BrightEdge StoryBuilder, you can eliminate or add competitors to gain deeper insights into who is your true competition. You can find how your content aligns with customers’ search intent, drives business outcome, and impacts brand equity. SEO Dashboards help drive SEO support throughout the company by painting the picture of where you are in search and how you can improve in a way that even non seo savvy C-Suite professionals can discern.
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Going Beyond Basic Analytics

Did you ever question what an SEO specialist was doing to help rankings and conversion rates? The process can seem confusing, especially since the industry is constantly evolving as Google updates its algorithms. An SEO report goes beyond the basic analytics to interpret the data so it provides meaningful conclusions to the business. In essence, reporting is the communication tool between a professional SEO company and its clients. Three basic aspects of SEO should be covered in the reports: technical, keywords and rankings, and content performance.

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Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the site’s performance. A functional, navigable site sets the groundwork for effective optimization campaigns. People expect a site to load quickly, with nearly half of consumers expecting a site to load in two seconds or less. Sites must be mobile-friendly to work well on any device.

Other factors are also explored, such as broken links, that detract from the user experience. Visitors should easily find links to what they want, and be able to access those links without getting error messages. Technical SEO reporting includes site performance, security, crawlability, internal linking, and international optimization.

For example, secure sites should be hosted at HTTPS rather than HTTP. If a company changes its blog, internal links to articles might need updating. From the site loading speed to international search terms, the technical aspect of an SEO report reveals what performance aspects need improvement.