Local SEO

Local SEO

According to the Kesley Group, approximately 74% of Internet users perform local searches. Couple this with a steady increase in mobile device usage in recent years, and one thing is clear: Having a comprehensive local SEO strategy is critical for both capturing and converting hungry searchers. Galileo Tech Media understands the many opportunities — and challenges — inherent in local SEO, which is why both up-and-coming brands and Fortune 500 companies rely on our expertise to improve search rankings, optimize content and drive results.

Why it’s essential

Whether you are a leading hospitality brand , a regional franchise or a local mom-and-pop business, it is important to have a SEO strategy in place. In fact, in the aforementioned research conducted by the Kelsey Group, 61% of local searches resulted in a purchase while 82% of local searchers followed up offline via an on-site visit, phone call, or purchase. This offers a huge opportunity for smart businesses to capture and thereafter convert customers both online and offline, plus engage them in the equally important research and discovery phases.

Local SEO: Our approach

At Galileo Tech Media, we understand that a successful local SEO strategy is nuanced, targeted and backed by data and research. Furthermore, we realize that competing on a local level involves much more than just placing an address or a phone number on a website; it’s a multi-pronged approach, encompassing keyword research, on-site and schema optimization , and content creation that aligns with the geo-specific keywords that prospective customers are searching for during their sales journey.

Outsourcing Local SEO to Galileo Tech Media

We possess a proven track record of helping business attain and keep traction in their local market through our local SEO services. Working with our partner clients, we tailor a custom local SEO strategy, while advising on both implementation and ongoing optimization. Our adaptable approach, comprehensive SEO experience and ability to scale on-demand are just three of the reasons why brands partner with us to enhance their local SEO and gain a competitive advantage.

Google My Business

In fiercely competitive local markets, it can be difficult to rise to the top of the SERPs. One of the most efficient and effective ways to improve SEO and rank is Google My Business, a dashboard that allows companies to manage their Google listing — encompassing everything from business information to photos to reviews to brand-owned content. Galileo Tech Media works on behalf of our partners to update, optimize and oversee their Google My Business presences, ensuring their information is accurate and consistent, as well as relevant to their target audience’s searches. This undertaking is often a “quick win” for local enterprises seeking enhanced visibility in Google search.

How can your business own your local market?

Our offering

When partnering with our clients seeking local SEO solutions, we begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your business, documenting your company information and creating a prioritized check-list of all the elements necessary to implement a successful local SEO strategy. From there, we embark on a multi-faceted and highly targeted effort enhance all aspects of your local SEO presence, from examining the competitive landscape to pinpointing short- and long-tail geo targeted keywords to optimize your web content at scale.

While we customize all of our offerings to the needs of a particular business or project, our local SEO solutions can encompass the following tactical elements:

  • Local SEO audit: We conduct a thorough analysis of your business, documenting your company information and creating a prioritized check-list of all the elements necessary to implement a successful local SEO strategy.

  • Competitive set analysis: Exhaustive research is undertaken to uncover what your competitive set is doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can position your business to be at an advantage.

  • Hyper-local keyword research: We research and select SEO keywords and long-tail phrases that are specific to both your business and to the local and regional areas in which you are operating.

  • Content optimization: Focusing on hyper-local terms, our SEO copywriting experts refresh and/or create web, social and social media marketing content for your business.

  • Authority building: Using tools like Moz Opensite Explorer and LinkResearchTools, we’ll work to build and maintain your link profile; we can also identify targets for online publicity and potential backlink building.

Local SEO and inbound marketing

How the two are interconnected

Inbound marketing — the practice of drawing prospective customers to your business before they are ready to buy — is the cornerstone of many successful brands, and local SEO can help boost this type of permission-based, organic marketing.

By implementing a savvy local SEO campaign, you are able to bring attention to your brand through features like Google Place Listings; if your listing has positive views and authority-building mentions, you’ll boost the likelihood of conversions.

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