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Meet Galileo Tech Media

Since 2014, Galileo Tech Media has provided a suite of global clients with SEO services. With locations in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina—and a team of Content Marketing experts spanning the world—we offer a nimble and data-driven approach to content marketing and SEO.

Working in competitive, multi-location industries like travel, hospitality and real estate, our clients include Marriott International, Ritz-Carlton, Starwood Resorts & Hotels, Travel Leaders, Better Homes & Gardens, as well as an array of advertising and marketing agencies that rely on our specialized expertise.

Galileo Tech Media was created to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Taking inspiration from Galileo Galilei’s passion for freedom of inquiry, our firm was founded based on science, creativity, independence, and freedom. Our network of global professionals are experts  who enjoy the freedom of flexible working opportunities.

The Galileo difference

At Galileo Tech Media, we employ consultants who live and work across the globe, allowing us to source the brightest and best copywriters, analysts, project managers and more. Our core principle of work/life balance allows our consultants to do their best work from anywhere in the world, enabling us to build an expert team that can scale on-demand.

Our flexible model is based on this notion of scalability: If you have a short-notice project that needs completion, we have you covered; if work slows down, you don’t have to worry about the overhead cost of an expensive agency. In the ever-changing world of digital and content marketing, this unique differentiator has been invaluable for our clients.

Our clients

Who we work with

Galileo Tech Media provides Wise Content services to an array of clients, including hospitality and travel brands, multi-location businesses, in-house marketing agencies and third-party marketing agencies that utilize our services in a white label capacity. In all of these partnerships, we offer both industry-leading expertise and a coveted ability to scale up and down as necessary. Our clients include:

  • Travel companies and travel-focused businesses, including those with a multi-location footprint
  • Fortune 500 hotels, resorts and hospitality brands
  • Real estate companies, brokerages and agents

  • Businesses looking to outsource and/or white label our SEO and content marketing needs, including agencies and consultants

Galileo Tech Media Wise Content Conferences

Join us for thought leadership events.

Galileo Tech Media presents a rotating assortment of Wise Content conferences and webinars, bringing together fellow marketers, experts, and content creators. In NYC, our CEO Joseph McElroy is the founder of New York Travel & Hospitality Marketing Professionals, which hosts regular events on subjects like SEO, SEM, content creation, mobile technology, and real-time data, discussed via the lens of travel marketing.

We Value Our Partnerships

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Galileo Tech Media is Wise Content SEO services provider. With locations in New York City and Charleston, South Carolina, our team of experts executes multi-location Marketing services, working in competitive industries like travel and hospitality, real estate and more.

Our Leadership

Meet the Galileo Tech Media CEO

Joseph McElroy

CEO, CTO and Co-Founder

Joseph McElroy is a technology Renaissance man – serial entrepreneur, business leader, technologist, marketer and performance artist. He is an expert in inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) balanced with a deep understanding of brands and the emotional and psychological marketing elements which can enhance their appeal to consumers. His expertise with big-data tools, SEO strategy and implementation and what he calls “wise content development” have allowed him to work with some of the top brands in the world.

As the CEO, CTO and co-founder of Galileo Tech Media, he leads a distributed network of digital marketing professionals that assist high-profile clients, such as Marriott International, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, The Ritz-Carlton, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate and Travel Leaders, to generate targeted search engine traffic and meet their business goals.

Prior to Galileo, McElroy was the founder and CEO of Corporate Performance Artists, a New York-based inbound marketing firm focused on quality content. He grew the firm to several million dollars in sales, before leaving the company in 2012 to attend to the health of his late wife.

McElroy began his career at IBM as a telecommunications staff programmer. He went on to become a team leader at the company where he led the development of Internet Gateways that allowed Internet traffic to flow over IBM’s proprietary networks worldwide. While at IBM, he won the IBM Division Award for Technical Excellence.

Among his many non-profit roles, McElroy is the past New York City Leader of SEMPO, the world’s largest trade organization for Search Engine Marketing professionals. He served on the board of governors for the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York and he founded the New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup with over 1,000 members. McElroy is also a museum recognized performance artist (internationally) and a cultural supporter. His poetry has been published on the Jumbotron screen in Times Square.

He attended Duke University on a full mathematics scholarship he won in a national competition, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and economics. He currently lives in the New York City area with his new wife, Simone, and infant twins Anya and Henry. McElroy also has a grown son, Ethan, from his prior marriage.

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From Fortune 500 travel brands looking to rise to the top of the SERPs to boutique creative agencies seeking white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has worked with a wealth of clients.