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Headquartered in New York City, Galileo Tech Media services a local and global clientele with on-demand SEO services, such as keyword research and SEO copywriting, Local SEO, Technical SEO and more. Working in the most dynamic city in the world—and working at its fast pace—has provided us with the unique perspective necessary to succeed in the New York market. And if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!

20 years of experience working in New York City

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20 Years of Experience in NYC

We know New York SEO

New York City is where dreams are realized. For businesses based in the New York area, understanding both the challenges and opportunities in this hyper-competitive market is critical—and it often begins with a nuanced local SEO strategy. After all, according to the Kelsey Group, nearly 74% of Internet users perform local searches. This certainly applies to New York City, where the options are limitless and the pace is breakneck.

Based here in New York and led by industry veteran Joseph McElroy, Galileo Tech Media brings a deep understanding of the New York market to our SEO services. Allow our experts to help you harness the potential of your local audience, to drive your business to the top of the SERPs, increase revenue and enhance ROI.

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Local SEO Services

Grow your business in New York and beyond

At Galileo Tech Media, we understand that a successful local SEO strategy is well-researched and highly targeted. In a competitive and cluttered market like New York, having a sound SEO strategy is paramount—one encompassing SEO keyword research, on-site and schema optimization and SEO content creation. When we partner with our clients seeking to optimize their New York marketing efforts, we utilize the following tactics:

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  • Local SEO audit: We conduct a thorough analysis of your business, documenting your company information and creating a prioritized check-list of all the elements necessary to implement a successful local SEO strategy.

  • Competitive set analysis: Exhaustive research is undertaken to uncover what your competitive set is doing in the New York market in order to best position your business to be at an advantage.

  • Hyper-local keyword research: We research and select SEO keywords and long-tail phrases that are specific to both your business and to the New York area.

  • Content optimization: Focusing on New York-specific terms, our SEO copywriting experts refresh and/or create web, social and social media marketing content for your business.

  • Authority building: Using tools like Moz Opensite Explorer and LinkResearchTools, we’ll work to build and maintain your link profile; we can also identify targets for online publicity and potential backlink building.

New York SEO

How travel and hospitality brands can own the New York market

Whether you are an independent luxury hotel or a global hospitality company with several properties throughout the city, understanding the nuances of the New York market is critical for driving success online.

Take the Chatwal New York. Offering a quiet oasis in the heart of Midtown, the hotel makes luxury a priority throughout all touchpoints with the consumer—from nuanced amenities to inspired accommodations. Yet this luxury experience begins long before the consumer even arrives; it starts online, where an immersive content experience and targeted keyword research play a critical role in capturing a prospective customer’s attention, driving a booking and building all-important anticipation before arrival. In a cluttered and competitive market like New York, doing all of these things are paramount for success.

At Galileo Tech Media, we understand the balance between driving traffic against broader search terms while also honing in on niche keywords that a discerning New York audience is searching for. Rely on our team of keyword research experts, copywriters and project managers to take your business to the top of the SERPs, drive bookings and increase ROI.

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Finding SEO success in the New York market

Travelers visit New York City to feel inspired. Luckily, NYC offers access to the best of everything: From Michelin-starred dining to world-class museums to one-of-a-kind shopping. Given the sheer quality and volume of things to do and see in New York, businesses across all industries must position themselves to be as competitive as possible. In the digital-first era, this means implementing a smart SEO strategy.

At Galileo Tech Media we help our client partners identify what search terms they should be targeting in their web content, plus provide comprehensive copywriting services. Integrating geo-specific keywords into content requires technical finesse and local market knowledge, both of which we have plenty of. Our results speak for themselves: We have an array of happy clients have enjoyed success in the Charleston market and beyond.

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