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25 Years of Experience in NYC

I am Joseph Franklyn McElroy
I know New York SEO

New York City is where dreams are realized. For businesses based in the New York area, understanding both the challenges and opportunities in this hyper-competitive market is critical—and it often begins with a nuanced local SEO strategy. I should know, I have built and promoted businesses in NYC for the last 2.5 decades.  From Technology to Professional Services, from Small Business to Fortune 500, From B2B to B2C I have helped generated millions in sales and thousands in leads and billions of impressions.

I am the Founder of the New York Inbound Professionals Organization. Founder of the New York Influencer Marketing Professionals Organization. I have a podcast on TalkRadio NYC and am a well-known podcast guru. I was part of the first dot-com boom, raising millions in capital using online optimization tactics. I have helped businesses in every borough and lived in most of them. My marriage was featured in the New York Times. I have been on the boards of NYC Museums and the third oldest historical association in New York. I have been recognized with awards from both the City of New York and New York City Congressmen. I know New York business. I know New York SEO.

I am here to provide you the best Return on Investment for NYC SEO Services. I can provide the team, or I can coach your team. Or provide a combination of both.

My company Galileo Tech Media is not a fly by night operation. We provide SEO services to Fortune 500 companies like Marriott, but are able to also provide affordable services to small businesses and professionals all over New York.  Reach out to book a personal zoom meeting with me below.

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25 years of experience working in New York City

Specialized expertise in Travel, B2B, Real Estate, and Professional Services in NYC

Flexible New York SEO team that can scale on-demand

Unique understanding of challenges in New York market

An SEO Leader and Visionary

Recommendations By Clients

  • Joseph is a SEO expert, thought leader and team builder. His insights into the intersection of marketing, technology and media are profound, as exemplified by his founding of the NY Inbound Marketing Professionals four years ago and recent nomination to the steering committee on the NY chapter of SEMPO
  • Joseph, and the team at Galileo Tech Media, are the leaders in the industry at Travel SEO. Relying on quality material and hard data, Joseph and his team not only produce results, but they create top level content that gets sites ranking and converting. The travel industry is incredibly competitive in the digital arena, and Galileo Tech Media has devised a tried and true methodology to get sites not just rankings, but also receiving targeted traffic that results in conversions.
  • Joseph and CPA are a smart and inventive SEO company. Joseph understands the space quite well and knows how to maximize results for his clients...and he's a pleasure to work with.
  • I've known and worked with Joseph McElroy for more than 15 years. He has a depth of understanding in search engine optimization, data and online and new media
  • Joseph is that rare combination of creative, strategic thinker and highly-detailed, results-based consultant. The results we continue to get from his work continually exceeds our scope and expectations.
  • Joseph is an expert in his field has years of experience and knowledge of the marketplace and his clients needs. If you want results he's the go to guy.....
  • Fantastic digital marketing services for firms in need of cost effective and creative, out of the box ideas to reach/expand their audiences.
  • Joseph Mc Elroy is a man of very unique talent. He combines a scientists knowledge of the workings of the internet, search engine optimization and online marketing with the wisdom of a world-class CEO.
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