Battery Park, New York, In-House SEO Services

Have you been searching for help with Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization services? If so, look no further than Galileo Tech Media, an experienced and trusted digital marketing services agency in Battery Park, New York. We are proud to serve the needs of the tip of Manhattan Island businesses who are hoping to drive sales by improving their internet presence. Whether you’re looking to do this by way of content writing or backlinks, we can help. We also offer continued support over time to ensure that your search results stay top-ranked.

Benefits of Handling SEO In-House

As any business owner likely knows, you simply can’t do it all. Marketing and SEO are often pushed aside in favor of sales and other critical elements of doing business. It can be difficult to outsource these tasks, since you have a very intimate familiarity with your work and your target clients.

It’s possible to choose the best of both worlds, however. Allow Galileo Tech Media to step in, offer advice, and assume the responsibility of the rote tasks involved in your SEO work. Whether it be SEO copywriting for your homepage or link building to boost your score in the Google algorithm, our expert strategies will revolutionize digital marketing efforts.

How We Assist Battery Park Businesses

Galileo Tech Media can help Battery Park, New York, businesses in a variety of ways. To start off with, we like to have a conversation about the needs of your brand. Then, we prioritize the SEO tasks you most need to focus on in an effort to ensure we maximize your ROI and work within your budget. We are pleased to offer competitive pricing, and we bill per-piece, making it easy to see the value of a partnership with our agency.

Next, we’ll help you plan a search engine-friendly digital marketing strategy that maximizes user experience to drive traffic to your homepage. Some of the elements of a thorough SEO plan include:

  • SEO copywriting and content writing, replete with keywords, for use in blogs or on home pages.

  • Thorough analytics to illustrate the keywords you should be focusing on in your content.

  • Guidance towards online partnerships and backlink strategies.

  • White-hat techniques to keep you in compliance with Google’s search algorithm policies.

  • Frequent check-ins on your content, including keywords, to be sure you are still on the path toward your digital marketing goals.

Galileo Tech Media’s Value Proposition

When you choose to work with Galileo Tech Media, your Battery Park brand will benefit from thorough, data-drive SEO strategies that will elevate position in search. We offer a variety of managed SEO services that allow you the benefits of an in-house digital marketing team with the convenience and expertise of an outsourced specialist.

We have decades of experience, so we can provide the right advice, every time. In addition, we can take rote SEO tasks that eat up your time off your plate, allowing you to focus on sales and other essential business tasks.

More About Our Clients


Our Managed SEO services clients lie within a variety of industries, and include global hotel brands, regional tourist destinations, and local businesses. No matter your industry, however, we can help you with keywords, backlinks, metadata, and content.

Our services are straightforward, value-rich, and intuitive. We are pleased to note that some of our customers re-purpose our services and offer white-label SEO to their own clients. We live and breathe SEO, from Upper Manhattan to Lower Manhattan. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Optimize your in-house SEO with us.