Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

Implementing a sound SEO strategy requires conducting comprehensive keyword research — a process that’s both an art and a science. At Galileo Tech Media, we utilize both current and historical contextual data to conduct the necessary keyword research, uncovering the terms and phrases most relevant for our partner clients to efficiently increase Google search ranking, enhance website traffic and drive ROI.

Keyword Research

Why it’s essential

Whether you are an established blue chip organization or an up-and-coming brand, connecting with your target audience online is no easy task — particularly in a vast and fragmented digital space. Conducting KW is critical in order to uncover what your audience is looking for and, perhaps more importantly, to identify how your business can best align with those searches.

Keyword research: our approach

Leveraging years of industry experience, Galileo Tech Media offers a proven and multi-pronged approach to keyword research. Our method of keyword planning and research takes into consideration the various ways that different groups interact online and with the world around them while utilizing the latest tools and keyword research best practices to identify search terms with high transactional intent.

These high-intent keywords are usually narrow enough in scope to allow our partners to beat out competitors, ensuring relevance and audience alignment. In our fine-tuned keyword research process, we also incorporate broader search terms in order to drive more traffic to targeted pages. Throughout, we consider various elements like the navigational structure of our clients’ websites in order to optimize performance and drive conversions.

Outsourcing keyword research to Galileo Tech Media

Stellar industry expertise, a flexible approach and ability to scale as required are just some of the reasons why businesses across the globe rely on Galileo Tech Media to provide keyword research and keyword planning. Our on-demand SEO services can be tailored to the client or project, plus we understand the nuance required to succeed in different industries.

Intent-focused keyword research

Whether it is booking a hotel room or purchasing a face cream, Galileo Tech Media understands that a prospective buyer undergoes a journey — one that largely takes place online — prior to making a sale. For businesses seeking to convert these potential customers, it is crucial to understand their motivations and, furthermore, to identify valuable patterns behind their searches online.

This is why intent-focused keyword research is so important. Capturing intent at every step of the sale — from initial research to final purchase — increases the likelihood of converting a prospective customer online. Our keyword research methodology focuses on uncovering intent-focused terms, thus empowering our partners to always be one step of the game.

Why isn’t your site ranking in Google?

SEO Keyword Research

Our offering

Whether we are partnering with an in-house marketing department or acting as a standalone marketing department, our SEO team will add immediate impact to your business. Aside from conducting the initial research, we provide services like the ongoing analytics to evaluate which keywords are driving the best traffic. Armed with this data, we integrate our findings to make dynamic decisions for our partners, maximizing organic search results and ensuring that their overall marketing strategy continues to be as effective as possible. We offer keyword research for the following:

  • Search Engines: Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. We help our partners discover the core keywords that will drive their businesses on Google, Bing, and Amazon; we also uncover the intent-based and long-tail niche keywords that will capture interest at every step of the sales cycle.

  • Google AdWords: Successful paid search campaigns require solid understanding and implementation of relevant keywords. It also demands an intimate knowledge of what keywords are most impactful in advertising. Galileo Tech Media optimizes keywords for our clients’ paid campaigns as well as those used in ad creative and on landing pages.

  • Social Media: Social media campaigns are enhanced through the use of keyword research, which is why we work with our clients’ marketing departments to help optimize the content and creative messaging of their social media marketing.

  • Headlines + CTAs: Headlines and calls-to-action are critical pieces of marketing copy, requiring both emotional “pull,” and SEO-friendly keywords. Utilizing keyword research, Galileo Tech Media improves upon our clients’ web copy to drive traffic and produce results.

Travel and Real Estate SEO

Why SEO keyword research is essential in the travel and real estate industries?

In the hyper-competitive, ever-evolving industries of travel, hospitality, and real estate, conducting targeted keyword research is essential, as businesses are competing on a global, national, regional and local level. At Galileo Tech Media, we understand this: We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands in the travel and real estate spaces, utilizing smart data and SEO expertise to take our clients to the top of the SERPs and drive revenue growth.

Benefiting from a strong foundation of travel and real estate experience, our keyword research team focuses on uncovering the best keywords for local, regional and multi-location brands. We have both the experience and tools to hone in on the right geo-targeted keywords that will connect you to your target audience.

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