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Reach Your Target Customer Through Real Estate SEO Services Including Content Creation, Keyword Research and Multi-Location SEO

Buyers and sellers in today’s Real Estate market search for brokerages, agents and properties online. Does your Real Estate company show up where these potential clients are looking? Real Estate SEO positions you in front of your target customer, whether you typically work with luxury clients or location-specific buyers and sellers. By implementing a Real Estate SEO strategy that includes keyword research, keyword-driven relevant content and location-based SEO, you position your brand as a leader in your industry and niche. And, you attract your target customer who sees value in your authoritative online presence.

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Attract Your Target Customer by Putting Out Valuable Real Estate Content That Positions Your Company as an Expert

Companies that post regular blog content to their websites receive 55% more visitors than those not posting. Increased visitors means more conversions, and more conversions leads to greater brand interaction and raised trust. Real Estate companies rely on conversions and earned client relationships. It makes sense for a Real Estate brand then – small or large, luxury or location specific – to post regular blog content and to implement other Real Estate SEO tactics.

Real Estate SEO Services

Galileo Tech Media’s managed Real Estate SEO services start with a comprehensive review of a client’s goals. We focus on target ROI, a technical SEO audit, competitor analysis, current capabilities and social footprint.  From there, we help our clients develop a buyer persona and map their customers’ journey. Our team analyzes big data and performs keyword research to select the most optimal words for online content including web page content, blog posts and social media marketing. We create keyword-driven content for our clients that solves their customers’ problems. While offering targeted value for the consumer, our WISE content also strategically builds a positive web presence for the client.

Real Estate SEO Keywords

Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors should understand how to use SEO Keyword Research to attain their search engine optimization goals in conjunction with their company objectives. Our team utilizes Google AdWords and other keyword volume tools to make informed decisions about which keywords to target for our real estate clients. 

Taking the time to understand proper keyword research helps you produce content based on what your customers are searching for. For instance, even if you love talking about classic design, your keyword research may indicate that you should be discussing modern design to meet your customers’ needs. You have to create content based on what your target buyers want. Keyword Research not only helps you understand what that buyer wants and produce valuable content, it helps you refine and repurpose existing content to better connect with your customers on every step of their journey.

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Our Managed Real Estate SEO Services

Galileo creates keyword-focused blog content for our clients, and we provided managed SEO services including keyword research and link building. We know the luxury Real Estate customer. Our team understands the demands of the location-specific buyer and seller. The work we do for multi-location Real Estate companies and global brands in other industries boosts all branches of their businesses to the top of the search engines. Through luxury Real Estate SEO, we facilitate customer and brand interaction by creating content that speaks of luxury Real Estate, and that speaks of other facets of a life well lived like travel, design and food. Our Real Estate SEO services include strategies and tactics that are quickly scalable, which means we meet the unique demands of our clients. By creating keyword-driven evergreen content for clients, along with link building and other services, we make it easy for our partner businesses to increase online visibility and boost sales.

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SEO for Real Estate Agents

Every Real Estate Agent should implement some basic SEO tactics to improve search results page positioning. To start, an agent should have a website. Not a page on a company site, but a dedicated agent website with at least 5 pages and a customized domain (which should include the agent’s name or team name).

After performing basic keyword research using Google AdWords, an agent should create website page content that integrates top keywords and provides value to a buyer or seller. Individual pages on an agent website might focus on local property listings, school information, local events and entertainment, luxury lifestyle and real estate design. Regular posting to a blog provides added content searchable content and value.

Real Estate Local SEO

In 2017 and 2018, and beyond, we will see a GREAT time for local real estate SEO. Back in the early days of search engine optimization, domain name squatters with keyword-dense domains won the race to the top of the search engine results pages. It didn’t matter if the people behind the fake websites were in China or Russia, or in a relevant geo-specific location. Today, Google is smarter. In November 2017, the search engine giant announced it will show LOCAL results based on a users specific location. NO MATTER where they are.

This means that the domain squatter who owns but doesn’t have a true local footprint (as in a verified Google Map page, a verified Facebook page or a verified Twitter Account) will not be seen in a local search. Why does the Real Estate Agent need to know this? Savvy local Agents who optimize their sites with associated map listings, local social profile links, etc. will be seen first. It’s about time! Let’s explore how to optimize your website and related social profiles to gain maximum exposure in the search engines.

Why Outsource Your Real Estate SEO Services to Galileo Tech Media?

  • We know the business of Real Estate and we know SEO

  • We offer multi-location Real Estate SEO services for luxury global brands and location-specific companies

  • Our team quickly scales to meet your needs (we’re capable of producing dozens of relevant keyword-driven pieces of content per week)

  • Keyword Research is our passion (Really, we live for it)

  • We know that content created from carefully researched data connects effectively to the target customer

  • We’re link-building experts, crafting strong relationships within industries for our clients

  • Our SEO Services clients are leaders in their industries and niches