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In the digital-first era, buyers and sellers look for brokerages, agents and properties online. A strategic real estate SEO strategy ensures your website appears when these prospective customers are hungrily searching. Galileo Tech Media has worked with countless enterprises in the real estate market and knows what it takes to succeed using data-driven real estate SEO services.

Examining the real estate landscape

Why do you need real estate SEO?

According to data released by the National Association of Realtors, 50% of home buyers found their home online. This stat, though unsurprising, is staggering: In short, it makes it abundantly clear that real estate businesses aren’t simply in the real estate business—they’re also in the digital marketing business.

Yet with this great opportunity comes great challenges. For one, real estate is an ever-evolving industry, one that literally changes day by day. Whether you are a large brokerage firm or an independent agent, instituting a thoughtful, data-backed real estate SEO strategy—one that involves Content Hub creation and hyper-local keyword research — is paramount for success.

We Know Real Estate SEO

How Galileo Tech Media can help your business with real estate SEO?

Galileo Tech Media’s managed Real Estate SEO services start with a comprehensive review of a client’s goals. We focus on target ROI, a technical SEO audit, competitor analysis, current capabilities, social footprint and Google My Business for real estate agents. From there, we help our clients develop a buyer persona and map their customers’ journey. Our team analyzes big data and performs keyword research to select the most optimal words for online content including web page content, blog posts and social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more). We then create keyword-driven content for our clients that solves their customers’ problems. While offering targeted value for the consumer, our “Wise Content” also strategically builds a positive web presence for the client.

Our managed real estate SEO services encompass the following.

  • Conducting data-driven keyword research, emphasizing on intent-focused terms and local SEO. When uncovering keywords for our clients, we always bear in mind their target audience—for example, a luxury home buyer is behaving in a much different way than a budget homebuyer and vice-versa.
  • Creating effective, carefully researched content that resonates with our clients’ target audience. When working for our luxury real estate clients, we produce lifestyle-oriented content that speaks to all aspects of a “life well-lived,” including travel and food blog posts.

  • Crafting a strategic link building campaign through cultivated relationships, therefore driving high-quality traffic to our real estate client’s website.

Real Estate SEO

Why Content Hub creation is essential?

Let this stat sink in: Research from HubSpot reveals companies that post regular blog content to their website receive 55% more visitors than those not posting. Increased visitors means more conversions; more conversions lead to greater brand interaction and raised trust. Real estate companies rely on conversions and earned client relationships— particularly in the luxury niche.

Creating SEO Content Hubs is an effective way to build a customer base and position yourself as an authority in your industry. For example, real estate agents who want to be known as a specialist in a specific area—such as luxury homes—can create SEO content that demonstrates extensive knowledge of this specialty, drawing clients in and eventually converting them.

Real Estate SEO

The Galileo Tech Media difference

By offering on-demand, highly efficient and scalable real estate SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has helped a range of clientele across the country grow build authority and grow their businesses. In approaching real estate SEO, we take into account a variety of factors, tailoring our offering client-by-client.

With that said, core elements like data-driven keyword research and keyword-rich content creation are key features of our real estate SEO offering. In particular markets, such as luxury real estate SEO, we collaborate with our clients to create immersive and in-depth content hub experiences, providing their prospective targets with both the information and trust necessary to make highly informed decisions.

Optimize your real estate SEO with us.

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