Link Building is an important Real Estate SEO tool for visibility, but only if it’s done the right way. A bad Real Estate SEO Link Building campaign can actually hurt your chances of showing up in the SERPs. It may even leave you with a huge penalty from Google.

Through Link Building, real estate agents and brokers can bring attention to their online content and to their businesses. The boosted site traffic from a good Link Building campaign correlates to increased brand awareness, trust and clients.

The real estate industry is one of the best industries to be in in terms of using Link Building to gain customers. Searching for houses online as well as professionals to sell homes has become the standard MO. This means, if you can put together a solid white-hat Link Building campaign that gets your name, services and reputation out there – where your target audience is looking – you’ll be in a great place to kill it when it comes to sales and a large client base.

To take advantage of the opportunities that exist, however, you must remember that any effective Link Building campaign starts with good and valuable content.

Create Quality Authoritative Real Estate SEO Content

Building strong links to your website to boost traffic begins with creating content that’s worthy of linking to. If other website owners are going to link to your web content or blog post, they’ll want you to have quality content. The copy you create should be meaningful and it needs to come from a place of authority.

What does your target customer want to know about? How are you and your company uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to those customers’ needs? These are the questions you should ask yourself when you plan a content calendar as a first step to a Link Building campaign. In real estate, there’s a wide range of topics you can discuss from a place of authority.

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Leverage Local with Real Estate SEO

Going local with your SEO and Link Building is easy when you’re in the real estate industry. Buyers want to know about the schools, restaurants, shops, entertainment venues and so forth in the area that you serve. They look for information on average home prices in certain cities and even in specific zip codes. You can be the one providing the answers to their queries.

Sellers also want to know about trends in local home price tags. They may even be interested in learning about staging companies or similar businesses in your area that can help get their home sold. These are great topics to create articles, blog posts and content hubs around.

Go Broad with Your Real Estate SEO Content

Relevant and varied content is the foundation for a successful Link Building campaign. Beyond local topics, an agent or broker should create content that’s generally interesting within the realm of real estate.

Decorating, entertaining and financing tips are always good content fodder. As are home-improvement how-tos and design trend stories. It’s important to fully flesh out your content hubs and update them continually to stay relevant, so they can sustain your Link Building campaign.

Target Right and Relevant Resource Pages

After you’ve established your content hubs and have begun creating content, it’s time to build links. Submitting your website to local directories is always a good idea, but you need to do more to get substantial traffic. It’s vital you identify authoritative resources that can provide you with backlinks.

Perhaps there’s a respected regional culture magazine you can write a guest blog post for. Any of the topics we mentioned are great ideas for articles that potential home buyers and sellers would want to read. Other authoritative resources that often provide quality backlinks from your article, blog post or bio including university housing sites, chamber of commerce websites, Nextdoor, and church or school digital newsletters.

Link Building is an extremely valuable and vital Real Estate SEO tool, however, it absolutely must be done the right way. Which means it has to start with a plan and follow with good execution. And, by no means can it include any black hat Link Building techniques that might offer quick results along with major consequences.

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