Companies that post regular blog content to their websites receive 55% more visitors than those not posting. More visitors equals more conversions, and more conversions leads to greater client interaction and boosted trust. Real estate companies rely on conversions and earned relationships. Real Estate Content Marketing is an SEO tactic that makes sense, for real estate companies big and small.

Blogging is a great opportunity to drive buyers and sellers, and potential buyers and sellers, to your site. It’s an easy SEO tactic that helps with rankings, which means an increase in SEO visibility [which translates into an increased number of site visitors]. Through regular blog posts, you also have opportunities to incorporate other SEO strategies such as Link Building.

real estate content marketing

Real Estate Content Marketing to Boost SEO

Blogging is dream chance to implement SEO as part of a real estate content marketing campaign. It allows you to create keyword-driven content that will help you rank, and it’s a perfect place to link to relevant industry-related content. In your regular blog posts, you can and should include links to your social media profiles. Remember when you blog, it’s important to create keyword-relevant title tags, meta descriptions and alt tags to accompany your blog content.

A blog with regularly posted content eventually should become rich with value for your clients, and potential clients. Think about how much depth is possible when talking about real estate financing, tips for buying and selling a home, home décor and other similar subjects. All of this content posted regularly gives you a much greater opportunity to show up in search engine results in front of readers looking online for this information.

Blogging Regularly to Build Brand Loyalty

When you post regular blog content, you provide an invaluable resource to real estate buyers and sellers. And, who do you think these people will call when they’re ready to enter the real estate market? You guessed it. They’ll turn to the agents, brokers and companies that have shown knowledge in the industry through continued authoritative and thoughtful content.

Many real estate blogs incorporate comment sections where readers can leave feedback, or interact with the blog post author. Comment sections are great ways to invite users to ask questions and discuss their real estate situations. You can create new blog posts to address common concerns or areas that buyers and sellers might not be knowledgeable about. Can you see the huge potential for creating loyalty with a consistent blog?

Position Your Company

With regularly posted real estate blog content, it’s easy to position your company the way you want in the marketplace. Whether you sell luxury real estate or offer discount brokerage services, or have a niche service somewhere in between, post to your blog regularly and show who you are.

Use your blog to affirm your experience selling high-end homes, eco-friendly properties or houses in a particular area. Even though each of your blog posts might focus on a different topic, there should be a common thread through every one of them. The prevailing theme to all of your posts will be, of course, your unique position in the industry and your excellence related to that position.

There are some best practices for real estate blogging that you can incorporate into this SEO tactic right away. Contact Galileo Tech Media to learn more, and to find out how we can create custom content for your real estate blog.