In-House Agency Case Studies

In-house marketing agencies are often tasked with managing macro, big-picture campaigns that require ample resources, time and focus. That’s why an array of in-house agencies rely on the specialized expertise of Galileo Tech Media to fill the gaps, offloading labor-intensive tasks like SEO keyword research, SEO copywriting and link building to our experienced and adaptable team.

In-House Agency Solutions

Our partnership approach

When working with in-house agencies, we first establish what marketing elements need attention and how we can add immediate value. Once needs have been identified, we then establish a competitive, per-piece pricing structure, providing our partners with maximum flexibility while optimizing ROI.

In lieu of developing a new marketing strategy, we brief ourselves on our client’s current and future marketing plan and develop processes to seamlessly integrate into an already-existing structure. Success metrics are quickly identified, ensuring all parties involved understand key KPIs and goals. With these key features in place, work begins, with our team scaling up or down as needed to deliver high-quality SEO solutions.

Client: Invoice Automation Company

When a digitally-native invoicing company approached Galileo Tech Media for assistance, the goals were multi-faceted. The business wished to drive organic web traffic and enhance conversions, but they also wanted to establish themselves as a thought-leader in the niche space of automated invoicing and accounts payable servicing.

To achieve these goals, Galileo worked to craft a holistic content and SEO strategy that worked in tandem together in order to produce impressive results. The client’s website was audited to address any foundational issues, ensuring that any SEO or content marketing was optimized. Once completed, SEO keyword research was undertaken; using those terms, Galileo Tech Media built out a dynamic Content Hub to host relevant information, news and articles on targeted subject matter. Other tactics, including SEO Link Building, were implemented to support this Content Hub.

Although the “ask” was challenging, the results were impressive: They included a 95% jump in organic search traffic over a one year period and a 82% increase of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) from organic search versus year prior.


  • SEO keyword research and selection

  • SEO content audit

  • Content calendar development

  • SEO content production, including content hub creation

  • Link building

  • Website reporting


  • Produced an 95% jump in organic search traffic in a one year time frame (and a 174.3% increase in overall website traffic)

  • Drove a 188% increase in Google rank to own the top three results for 49 total keywords

  • Published 90+ articles in a one year time frame

  • Achieved a 79% increase in traffic to brand’s main content hub (blog) in one month

  • Assisted in streamlining and optimizing overall content creation process

Client: Fortune 500 Hotel Group

Working with a leading international hotel group, we provide an array of SEO and content marketing solutions across their entire brand portfolio. This encompasses nearly 6,000 properties — including 90 in the luxury category. Although this particular organization has a robust internal marketing agency, the sheer volume of work made it impossible for them to manage everything internally.

By outsourcing an array of their SEO and content marketing needs to Galileo, they have achieved a broad range of goals, including enhancing search visibility and rankings via SEO tactics, driving targeted traffic on a local, national and international scale, producing compelling and brand-worthy content for a variety of target audiences, and increasing direct bookings online. In one month alone, we completed 2,500 pages of keyword research across 350 hotels.

For our services, we were awarded the “Swiss Army Knife Award,” highlighting our can-do attitude and versatility. Throughout our ongoing collaboration, we continue to add value by illustrating our ability to seamlessly integrate with even the most complex corporate structure.


  • SEO keyword research and selection

  • Content calendar development

  • SEO content creation and optimization


  • Increased direct site bookings on hotel websites from search

  • Produced highest volume of direct site bookings among other large hotel brands

Client: Blue Chip Media Company

In partnering with a leading publisher in the home and real estate space, Galileo Tech Media has helped to grow several niche blogs focused on relevant topics. Our scope has included conducting SEO keyword research, advising on a blog content calendar and writing compelling and keyword-rich copy to drive visits and increase engagement.

Through this collaboration, our client has enjoyed having the deep resources of our team without having to hire for various positions internally — saving them both time and money. Furthermore, we streamlined what was a cumbersome and resource-intensive content creation process, freeing up their in-house team to focus on other business needs that they were better suited to handle.


  • SEO keyword research and selection

  • Content calendar development

  • SEO content creation


  • Streamlined overall content creation process, resulting in higher efficiencies and enhanced output

  • Enabled their clients, such as real estate agents, to utilize the content we create to strengthen their relationships with both buyers and sellers

How can you outsource your SEO needs to Galileo Tech Media?

Streamlining SEO and Content Creation

How working with Galileo Tech Media can transform your business.

Efficiency. Effectiveness. Expertise. These are just three of the reasons why in-house marketing agencies partner with Galileo Tech Media. As industry leaders in SEO and content marketing, we provide highly specialized and technical support to in-house agencies that do not have the time, skill or resources to tackle certain projects. And unlike other agency partners that require complicated retainers or complex onboarding process to work together, Galileo Tech Media provides our clients with total flexibility, working on a per piece pricing structure that delivers ultimate ROI.

Our SEO experts, including content creators and copywriters, are available on an on-demand basis to enhance our clients’ already-existing marketing frameworks. Our partners know and trust us to deliver high-quality work at scale, giving them the freedom to focus on big-picture marketing initiatives and campaigns.

Explore Our SEO Case Studies

From Fortune 500 travel brands looking to rise to the top of the SERPs to boutique creative agencies seeking white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has worked with a wealth of clients. Our efforts run the gamut from conducting technical SEO audits to crafting highly researched, industry-specific blog content. In all of our relationships, our flexible partnership approach has proven invaluable, allowing our happy clients to leverage our expertise on-demand while scaling their businesses in the process.