In-House Agency SEO Services

In-House SEO Services

Galileo Tech Media possesses years of industry experience in all facets of SEO—from technical SEO to SEO copywriting. In-house agencies look to us to fill the gaps of their SEO knowledge, trusting us to provide industry-leading expertise on both an ongoing and project-by-project basis. The result is a refined work process and enhanced results.

In-house SEO

Why do you need in-house SEO?

Galileo Tech Media has worked with countless businesses in an in-house capacity. Prior to all of our collaborations, one consistent theme resurfaced: Sometimes, one business can’t do it all internally. Luckily, that’s why we are here!

We know that busy, successful and engaged businesses don’t always have the time, resources or budget to hire an internal team to handle their SEO needs. Leveraging our years of experience, in-house agencies rely on the specialized expertise of Galileo Tech Media to fill the gaps, offloading labor-intensive tasks like SEO keyword research, SEO copywriting and link building to our team.

In-house SEO

How Galileo Tech Media can help your business with in-house SEO

When we collaborate with our in-house partners, we begin by establishing what marketing elements need attention and how we can add immediate value. Once needs have been identified, we then create a competitive, per-piece pricing structure, providing our partners with maximum flexibility while optimizing ROI. We next develop processes to seamlessly integrate into an already-existing marketing structure. Goals are identified, and work begins—with our team scaling as needed to deliver high-quality in-house SEO solutions, encompassing the following:

  • Creating a seamless, integrated and highly workable framework for collaboration, focused on taking burdensome, process-oriented tasks away from our in-house partners.
  • Conducting intensive, data-driven keyword research to identify what keywords your business should be targeting and providing an actionable SEO strategy for implementation.

  • Producing effective, keyword-rich content that speaks to your core audience(s) and business propositions. This content is continually optimized and refreshed according to keyword shifts and/or new goal prioritization.
  • Engaging in highly thoughtful authority-building strategies, including link building and partnerships. Throughout, we implement white hat tactics to ensure your website will not be penalized by Google.

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In-house SEO

The benefits of working with Galileo Tech Media

If you’ve ever wished you had your own in-house SEO team, you can get the equivalent or better with managed SEO Services from Galileo Tech Media. We make it possible for you to avoid hiring experts and managing overall SEO strategies, allowing you to spend your time and money perfecting your product, building brand partnerships and selling face-to-face. Hire out all of the SEO details to us, and sit back and watch the digital conversions come in.

In-house SEO

Who we work with

Our Managed SEO Services clients include global hotel brands, regional tourist destinations, and local travel and tour companies. We implement ongoing, multi-tactic and multi-location SEO campaigns for our suite of global clients, while also handling single-service SEO projects for clients with smaller budgets or one-off needs. Agencies even use our services to white label SEO to their clients, saving both time and money.

Optimize your in-house SEO with us.

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In-House SEO Case Studies

When a digitally-native invoicing company approached Galileo Tech Media for assistance, the goals were multi-faceted.


In partnering with a leading publisher in the home and real estate space, Galileo Tech Media has helped to grow several niche blogs focused on relevant topics.

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