What is SEO Website Hosting?

What Is SEO Website Hosting?

Current search engine optimization goes far deeper than choosing a few relevant keywords to add to your website content. The competition in an online marketplace is fierce, and companies need every advantage to get noticed. A High Speed Website is one of the key aspects of SEO that puts you in a leadership position. Get a Complimentary SEO Opportunity Assessment which includes speed analysis to get started!

Importance of SEO Website Hosting

Businesses often don’t realize that high speed website hosting and optimized site technology is where SEO starts. Unfortunately, many SEO specialists overlook website speed optimization as a viable, long-term strategy.

Websites lose search rankings, conversions, and revenue when they fail to load quickly. Every millisecond a visitor waits to load the site means losing potential customers. Most web searchers won’t wait three seconds for a site to load before bouncing to a competitor. Web hosting with fast server response time eventually results in a fast loading web page at the user end, improving the overall experience.

The information below will give you more information to understand what you need to do to get a speed-optimized website, but if you don’t have to time our team, Galileo Tech Media has already done the heavy listing for you. We have developed incredibly fast SEO optimized servers that can host the most demanding sites and get fantastic SEO results.

Our Incredibly Fast SEO Website Hosting

At Galileo Tech Media, we focus on every aspect of SEO to ensure a site performs optimally. As part of our website speed optimization services, some of the many steps we provide include:

  • CSS optimization/minify JavaScript

  • Image size optimization and compression without losing quality

  • Combine CSS and Javascript files

  • Gzip compression

  • Caching setup and configuration

  • Optimize/reduce number of HTTPS requests

  • CDN setup and configuration

  • WordPress bloat elimination

SEO Website Hosting Defined

Assessing the facts proves the importance of SEO website hosting to the overall success of a site. Remember them amidst the din of web hosts offering free hosting, shared hosting, and other perceived perks that don’t address the bottom line – delivering a superior user experience to attract more targeted visitors.

While SEO hosting is not specifically defined, it means SEO-friendly hosting designed to support future optimization efforts. Various methods are used to improve overall optimization of the site, with support services such as content management, marketing, and creation, IPs, and other SEO services.

SEO website hosting is necessary to build a visually appealing website that functions optimally and findable by the target audience. Targeted visitors must know about the site to visit it, which is the first step toward improving conversion rates.

Focus on the User Experience

The initial consideration when establishing or reassessing your site is the user experience. The first step is to host and design a space that functionally optimally for visitors. Slow load times, dead links, and irrelevant content all detract from a positive user experience.

Users want to see core content quickly and navigate the site effectively. Anything less sends them surfing away to the competition. Users also want instant access to web pages they find on search engine results.

Keep in mind uptime is another crucial factor when it comes to hosting a website. Security and human error are two top issues when it comes to maintaining uptime. Robust SEO web hosting addresses these concerns to ensure the site is ready for traffic and scalable for future growth.

Uptime Matters

Uptime is one of the first factors to consider when choosing SEO web hosting, which is the percentage of time a site is online and accessible to visitors. Higher uptime means fewer visitors leave because the site is down, which often means they surf away to the competition never to return. Excessive downtime hurts a site’s ranking and credibility.

Most site owners want 95 percent or better when it comes to uptime. However, a host with 99.999 percent offers the best results. At that high percentage, a site only experiences 5 minutes and 16 seconds of unplanned downtime. Keep in mind site maintenance and other site updates lead to additional downtime.

Hosts offering 100 percent uptime are likely to be making unrealistic representations, so be wary of these claims. Find out if customer service is available around the clock, which matters if a site goes down in the middle of the night. A reputable hosting company offers robust customer service along with maximum uptime.

Let the team at Galileo Tech Media take care of your SEO web hosting for superior performance and optimization. Keep the long haul game in mind by establishing the right groundwork for your site.

Types of Web Hosting

Beyond having an accessible site with minimal downtown, there are six basic types of web hosting available on the market today.

  • Shared Hosting

    Ideal for new and low trafficked websites, shared hosting is when your site shares the same server with other websites. Share hosting is an affordable way to get businesses online.

  • Managed Hosting

    Suited for site owners with little or no technical expertise, managed hosting is when the provider handles daily management of the hardware, operating systems, and applications of the site.

  • VPS Hosting

    Often a solution for sites that are beyond shared hosting, virtual private hosting (VPS) hosts a site in its own space on a physical server shared with other site owners.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Perfect for sites experiencing rapid growth that need scalability, cloud hosting works via a network with resources used across several servers.

  • Dedicated Hosting

    Site owners who must maintain control of the hosting process choose dedicated hosting, the most costly option, because the server is rented solely by the owners for their own site only.

  • Colocation Hosting

    The most costly option, colocation hosting provides the most control over the hardware and software because colocation hosting is provided in a colocation center with all the essential support such as cooling systems, bandwidth, and IP address.

Scalable Options

Hosting services must be scalable to support business operations and growth. Flexibility is crucial to ensure the site can handle traffic and ranks well on the search engines. Find a provider offering automatic backups, so a site is quick and easy to restore if something goes wrong.

Another important factor for ranking is SSL, with HTTPs being a top ranking factor. The web host should support SSL, with many offering it as part of an overall hosting package. Business sites should always be secure to establish trust, boost rankings, and improve conversion rates based on trust and authority.

Be mindful of site growth by choosing a provider with multiple hosting plans. SEO hosting combined with ongoing optimization strategies increase rankings and drive more traffic to sites to build a recognizable brand and improve conversion rates.

Understanding Server Response Time

Understanding server response time helps companies consider ways to improve their SEO website hosting. Server response time defines how long it takes for a web server to respond to a user’s request. When a user clicks on a link, types a site in the URL bar, or otherwise accesses a web page, it sends a call to a web server to allow viewing of the site. Server response time refers to the time it takes to render a page’s info to the user.

The dedicated servers we use are powered by Liquid Web, providing stability and exceptional server speed with outstanding support. With the fastest server response time and best support in the industry, clients appreciate excellent uptime and rare downtime. Technologies, powered by Liquid Web, used to achieve these impressive speeds include:

  • SSD (solid-state drive) storage. (SSDs are faster and more reliable than HDDs – hard-disk drives).

  • PHP 7 (Superior in speed and security to other PHP versions).

  • Nginx

Liquid Web owns advanced data centers that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by Level 3 technicians. Server issues are never outsourced to questionable third parties because Liquid Web addresses them in-house. All of these factors make an impact on overall SEO performance, search rankings, and conversions.

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