The role of the content marketer is relatively new. Or perhaps it’s existed for a while, but was never properly identified. In any case, there are plenty of content marketing tools out there to help improve content marketing productivity and effectiveness if you’re charged with this task.

We’ve learned that content marketers invest the most resources in content curation and aggregation, content creation and workflow. And that when asked, content marketers indicate their greatest challenge is the lack of time and resources to create content, and to create enough content with enough variety to satisfy all stakeholders.

Luckily, there are content marketing tools to help accomplish the content marketer’s goals. But of course, determining which tools best suit your needs is another task in itself!

Galileo Tech Media is here to help you sort through the available content marketing tools, and whittle it down to a few you should give a test drive.

Before we delve into the toolbox, take a look at this amazing graphic from Select your content marketing challenge on their graphic, and they direct you to a handful of tools that could be helpful to you.

Content Creation Tools

Before you start creating content, you should organize your workflow.

1. Google Docs

At Galileo, we use Google Docs for nearly every project. From creating an editorial calendar to collecting internal feedback on marketing campaigns, it cuts out a lot of duplicity.

2. Asana

For multi-step processes, Asana is another great [free!] web based tool.

3. Trello and 4. Evernote

We also hear good things about Trello, and of course Evernote.

5. InboundWriter

InboundWriter can help you predict your content’s performance before you begin writing it, using a data-driven approach to explain why some content will work and some will not.

Tell InboundWriter what you want to write about, and they predict the performance, suggest other related topics to write about, and provide some guidelines for crafting successful content. A great remedy for Writer’s Block!

content marketing tools

Content Distribution Tools

When you spend your valuable resources creating original content, you want to make sure it’s distributed effectively. Sure, you’ll certainly want to use your general social media practices. But take it a step further with some of these company’s methods.

6. Outbrain

Outbrain uses a multitude of algorithms to learn what your content is about, and then they target it to consumers who tend to engage with similar content. Outbrain says their services are most successful with B2B companies, trying to fill the top of their funnel with new leads.

Since you’re not always sure where those leads will come from, casting a wide net with content marketing is a smart strategy.

7. SlideShare

Your team spent valuable resources preparing conference presentation materials. Now package it up for distribution by using SlideShare, the company considered the YouTube for slideshows.

Not only can you embed and distribute your SlideShare content to your consumers, but it’s available on their website to their healthy audience too.

8. Influencer Marketing

We’ve written about Influencer Marketing previously, providing tips for seeding a campaign without engaging outside help. After all, there is nothing new about the importance of creating and nourishing relationships with influential people. But there certainly are benefits of employing a service to jump-start your Influencer Marketing efforts.

NinjaOutreach is an all-in-one prospecting and outreach tool. You can use this to find industry experts in any niche, around the world. This tool has over 5 million bloggers in their database of websites, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Simply type in a keyword, filter through prospects and build a list of people you want to reach out to in order to promote your campaign, build links, find guests for your podcast and interview series and more. It also shows you some outreach analytics in order to measure the success of your campaigns.


Here at Galileo, we love metrics. We are always looking for the analytics that point us along the path of improvement. Here are 2 content marketing tools we think you’ll enjoy testing out:

9. Optimizely

Optimizely is an A/B and multivariate testing tool that makes it “easy” to create data to fuel action and improvements to your website. Test multiple changes and goals on your site to determine what drives the most engagement, clicks, sign ups, purchases, etc. The Optimizely team takes your technical team out of the picture, to avoid bottlenecks based on resources, etc. It’s an interesting solution to situations where you have great optimization ideas, but little/no technical resources to bring it to fruition.

10. TrackMaven

TrackMaven has all the tracking capabilities you expect, and allows you to see how each iteration of content is performing across multiple channels [paid, owned, earned]. The interesting piece is TrackMaven’s ability to overlay competitor data to spot content opportunities where you may gain a competitive edge.

11. Galileo Tech Media

And lastly, the very best content marketing tool we can suggest would be a relationship with Galileo Tech Media. Our team is the solution to the need for smart, actionable content. We produce Wise Content to scale, and offer an alternative to big-agency thinking and pricing.

Have a series of press releases due? Need blog posts to circulate to Influencers and your social networks? Looking for someone to research data-backed keywords to drive your content? Give us a chance to create Wise Content that speaks to your brand and stakeholders.

Reach out to us today!