Real Estate SEO Case Studies

Real estate is a fiercely competitive market—one that is often complicated by geographic factors and an ever-evolving landscape. Galileo Tech Media provides proven and effective real estate SEO services to a global clientele, helping independent agents, media publishers and brokerage firms enhance their organic search rankings, expand their client base and retain loyal customers through authentic and immersive SEO content.

Real Estate SEO Solutions

Our partnership approach

Understanding the complexity of the real estate market is key to driving success — both online and offline. Through collaborating with businesses that occupy different spaces in the market, Galileo Tech Media has been able to gain invaluable insight into this ever-evolving niche market. Utilizing marketing tactics like local SEO, authority building and immersive content creation, we have been able to enhance the web presences of several noteworthy real estate clients.

After an initial intake to understand a given partner’s goals and current marketing framework, we both implement and improve upon processes, seamlessly slotting in and providing immediate value. In this capacity, Galileo Tech Media has taken on a variety of projects in the real estate space, including SEO keyword research, technical SEO audits and SEO content production.

Client: Blue Chip Media Company

In partnering with a leading publisher in the home and real estate space, Galileo Tech Media has helped to grow several niche blogs focused on relevant topics. Our scope has included conducting SEO keyword research, advising on a blog content calendar and writing compelling and keyword-rich copy to drive visits and increase engagement.

Through this collaboration, our client has enjoyed having the deep resources of our team without having to hire for various positions internally — saving them both time and money. Furthermore, we streamlined what was a cumbersome and resource-intensive content creation process, freeing up their in-house team to focus on other business needs that they were better suited to handle.


  • SEO keyword research and selection
  • Content calendar development
  • SEO content creation


  • Streamlined overall content creation process, resulting in higher efficiencies and enhanced output
  • Enabled their clients, such as real estate agents, to utilize the content we create to strengthen their relationships with both buyers and sellers

Client: Luxury Real Estate Listing Website

In our work with a real estate listing business, Galileo Tech Media advised the client to focus their overall messaging on a more discerning and luxury audience. This pivot helped the business carve out a definitive and differentiated place in the market.

In our ongoing collaboration, we conduct SEO keyword research — with a focus on geo-targeted, intent-focused terms — and produce compelling and value-adding SEO content. Resultantly, our client has been able to gain more search visibility while positioning themselves as a thought-leader in this highly competitive space.


  • SEO keyword research and selection
  • SEO content creation and optimization


  • Assisted in overall rebrand, pivoting marketing efforts towards targeting a more discerning, luxury-oriented clientele

  • Created keyword-rich, targeted content to start branded blog

  • Help to both frame and then reinforce new brand identity through immersive Content Hubs and brand-owned channels

How can you attract qualified leads in your market with Real Estate SEO?

Real Estate SEO

Why is local SEO crucial for real estate businesses seeking success online?

Any good real estate agent understands that knowing the market is imperative for success. When it comes to the digital space, a business’s website must be equally conversant in the local language: Which is why having a strong local SEO strategy is paramount.

At Galileo Tech Media, we’ve worked with an array of businesses across a variety of categories (including real estate, of course) that rely heavily upon local SEO to bring in quality web traffic and increase conversions. In our partnerships with these clients, we typically conduct a local SEO audit, identifying opportunities in the region and clarifying the competitive landscape. Targeted long-tail and short-tail SEO keywords are then identified, and content is both created and optimized using these keywords, zeroing in on the hyper-specific terms that prospective customers are searching for.

Throughout our collaborative efforts with real estate businesses, we not only stay abreast of SEO best practices, but we conduct regular keyword refreshes, as real estate trends continually evolve. Real estate companies entrust us to bring knowledge, professionalism and a can-do attitude to every single project we approach.

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From Fortune 500 travel brands looking to rise to the top of the SERPs to boutique creative agencies seeking white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has worked with a wealth of clients. Our efforts run the gamut from conducting technical SEO audits to crafting highly researched, industry-specific blog content. In all of our relationships, our flexible partnership approach has proven invaluable, allowing our happy clients to leverage our expertise on-demand while scaling their businesses in the process.