Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Regardless of industry, location or size, your business must have an optimally functioning and well-organized website to succeed online. One of our core offerings, Technical SEO encompasses both auditing and optimizing a client’s web presence, utilizing SEO best practices as our guide. Galileo Tech Media is well-versed in identifying potential SEO issues, providing our client partners with priceless counsel on how best to position their website to garner quality traffic and drive revenue.

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Technical SEO

Why it’s essential

No amount of keyword-rich content can improve upon a website that is fundamentally flawed from an SEO perspective. Issues like poor site infrastructure and architecture, slow page load times, an incorrectly formatted sitemap and broken links are all examples of problems that can hurt a website’s search presence, prevent quality traffic and hinder conversions. Addressing these issues through a comprehensive site audit is essential when creating a marketing roadmap; it’s akin to ensuring that a house is laid upon a solid and workable foundation.

Technical SEO: Our approach

Before implementing SEO-optimized content, Galileo Tech Media recommends conducting a Technical SEO audit. This ensures that your website is best poised to rise to the top of the SERPs, drive high-quality traffic and promote conversions. Our team of SEO experts will conduct an exhaustive and comprehensive look into both the back-end and front-end of your website, using targeted technology to gather a full picture on site performance, honing in on recommendations for improvement.

Outsourcing Technical SEO to Galileo Tech Media

In the ever-changing digital landscape, it can be difficult to stay abreast of the various technical elements that contribute to a website’s functionality and searchability. This is why Galileo Tech Media is such a valuable partner; we’ll work hand-in-hand with your marketing and web development team to both identify and quickly address issues like poor loading time, broken links or the incorrect implementation of metadata and title tags. In fact, many partners elect to work with us for only the initial Technical SEO audit to help accomplish tasks like migrating over to a new site server.

After an initial audit has been conducted, we can help advise on next steps. Our team is always available to conduct regular website check-ins to ensure functionality and usability remain optimal. This frees up our partner clients to focus on the macro elements of their business, dedicating internal resources toward big-picture projects.

What’s a Technical SEO audit?

One of our core offerings, a Technical SEO audit examines a website’s overall health and performance, specifically zeroing in on factors related to SEO. During the audit, Galileo Tech Media will look into elements like website architecture and site map, internal and external linking, page load times, metadata implementation and more. Our comprehensive findings won’t simply illuminate any potential issues: we’ll provide a step-by-step, action-oriented plan to address how best to fix problems and position your website for success.

How will conducting a Technical SEO audit improve my search ranking?

Technical SEO

Our deliverable

Our technical SEO solutions can be catered to a given project or a specific client. Some clients request competitive analyses alongside the more technical website work, in which case we’ll present all of our findings in tandem to create a holistic, go-to-market SEO plan.

With that said, when embarking on a technical SEO project, we usually conduct an all-encompassing SEO audit. This 360-degree view of a website’s overall health examines a variety of factors, some of which we’ve detailed out to the right. Upon delivery, we can work with your team to implement fixes or hand off detailed instructions to an in-house web development and/or design resource. Throughout, you’ll enjoy access to our SEO experts, who will ensure the project runs smoothly and is completed in a timely manner.

  • Uncovering and fixing broken links

  • Addressing and removing duplicate website content

  • Ensuring all metadata and title tags adhere to current SEO best practices, both in structure and length
  • Reviewing website load time to reveal slow pages

  • Addressing security issues to ensure website is safe and secure

  • Analyzing site linking, i.e. who is linking to you and how can you gather more quality links

  • Ensuring site map is properly formatted for web crawlers

  • Addressing mobile optimization issues

Mobile optimization and Technical SEO

Why ensuring your website is mobile-optimized is critical for SEO

When it comes to searching the Internet, the days of being handcuffed to a computer are over. With an increasingly mobile-centric consumer, businesses must prioritize having a mobile-optimized web presence if they wish to succeed.

When conducting a technical SEO audit on behalf of our client partners, we take care to investigate whether or not a website is mobile optimized and, if not, provide recommendations how to quickly and efficiently optimize content for viewing on smartphones and tablets. For clients needing web development solutions, we offer comprehensive services to assist in the mobile optimization process.

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