Over the past decade, the endless debate about the value of link building services continues. While the process evolved, the bottom line remains the same – quality links boost rank, strengthen branding, build authority, and improve conversions. With that in mind, the Galileo team is proud to announce our updated link building offering, focused on digital public relations and earning links rather than securing them.

In the beginning, link building meant getting a client’s link on almost any authority site that accepted it. More backlinks improved ranking and exposure but did little or nothing to brand the business and make meaningful connections with potential customers. As Google’s algorithms became more sophisticated to improve the user experience, irrelevant links did more harm to sites than good.

Earning links is a slower, more labor-intensive process but well worth the effort. Earned links prove the content is relevant and resonates with your target audience. As a result, this content is shared more often and is more likely to become an authoritative resource on the topic. Earning a coveted spot on Google’s People Also Ask or snippets provides continued exposure, maximizing the outreach and potential of well-crafted content. Consider the value of link building today and how to make the most of this SEO investment.

Why Does Link Building Matter Today?

Link building is one of Google’s top factors for ranking in 2021. Industry studies over the years prove the value of link building throughout its evolution. Galileo regularly examines industry trends to provide cutting-edge agency support services that put clients ahead of the curve, such as our latest digital PR-based link building strategy.

Our link building strategy can also be supported by other offsite authority building tactics, such as syndication networks, Google My Business optimization, Google site builds, and more. The focus is on mass outreach and earned links versus targeted outreach and paid links using custom content. This innovative approach provides maximum exposure with numerous opportunities to establish authority and branding.

The goal of modern link building is to create more opportunities to connect with clients and industry leaders. Well-written and researched content gets noticed by the target audience, other authority sites, and Google. When this content is shared and linked to other content, its relevance and market penetration increases. The result is strong branding with improved conversion rates.

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20-Hour Link Building Campaign

We offer two tactics based on the client’s goals and budget. Galileo’s 20-hour link building campaign includes two to four high-quality links. The process includes:

  • Identification of existing content for outreach or the creation of new link building content, if required to provide meaningful content that resonates with your target audience;
  • Review of thought leadership versus link building articles to establish authority;
  • Creation of outreach emails for resource, roundup, mention, and skyscraper campaigns;
  • Resource campaign reaches out for inclusion on featured resource pages and posts;
  • Roundup campaign reaches out to sites that do link roundups to include our content;
  • Mention campaign reaches out to websites we linked-to in our content;
  • Skyscraper campaign reaches out to sites with old, outdated, or competitor links to get them to link to the client’s site instead;
  • Run other campaigns if applicable, such as a featured guest on podcasts, inclusion on featured tools pages and posts, reviews of client products and services, offer expertise to sites with expert roundups, create custom URL campaigns, and custom search to reach out to contact based on your choice of keyword and offer.

As a result, a client secures the highest quality links to drive more targeted traffic to their site and develop a relationship with customers based on trust and value.

40-Hour Link Building Campaign

Our more powerful link-building tactic includes up to five to ten high-quality links. The service includes all the strategies provided in the general 20-hour link building campaign, plus:

  • Run a 20-hour campaign set for multiple relevant keywords;
  • Keyword research to determine the best words and phrases for SEO based on traffic, competition, and trending topics;
  • Create new content if necessary for additional keywords
  • Create multiple campaigns for different keywords to find additional link building opportunities

Both link building programs require a startup strategy for success, such as a backlink audit, to ensure a measurable ROI.

What To Expect from Link Building Services

Link building continues to be one of the top three ranking factors, proving the importance of securing high-quality links. The result of successful link building campaigns include:

  • Higher site ranking on Google and other leading search engines
  • Increased trustworthiness and credibility as a company
  • Google finds new site pages quicker
  • Possible targeted referral traffic from other sites

The right link building services focus on white hat SEO, which abides by Google Webmaster Guidelines to strive for a top-ranking position ethically. Our white hat SEO approach focuses on reaching human audiences meaningful while earning sustained visibility on Google and other leading search engines.

Conversely, black hat SEO violates Google’s guidelines by using manipulative tactics to get quick search engine wins. Black hat SEO tactics can lead to diminished site ranking, and it could take months or years to recover from the impact. SEO is a long game that requires patience, research, and ethical strategics to win.

This is where the intelligent use of tools such as BrightEdge help our team develop white hat tactics for long-term SEO gains. Link building is a tiered process based on proper research and analytics to drive traffic and leads to your site continually. Wise content reaches your target audience and establishes brand authority.

Are you ready for measurable gains for the long haul? Contact the Galileo professionals to find out more about our innovative link building program, and how it helps or strategic partners meet or exceed their SEO goals. Links are viewed as votes for your site – make sure you’re a winner!