White Label SEO

White Label SEO Services

For many agencies and marketing firms, delivering quality, holistic marketing solutions to a client can be challenging. Galileo Tech Media seamlessly integrates into those agencies, offering valuable white label SEO services to help them grow their businesses and better serve their partner clients.

White Label SEO

Why do you need white label SEO?

Say your client approaches your agency about conducting a Technical SEO audit. You don’t have team members who can complete such a project in-house, but you’d love to grow your partnership with this client. It is in this scenario where Galileo Tech Media steps in and provides invaluable white label services. In short, you offer comprehensive SEO solutions to your clients—and we execute. Win, win and win.

White Label SEO

How Galileo Tech Media can help your business with white label SEO.

Expand your agency expertise without acquiring a massive headache from trying to hire an entire skill stack. Add a revenue stream to your business less the huge capital outlay. Free up resources and time, so you can focus on what you do best.

Galileo Tech Media works with partner agencies by providing white label SEO services that revolve around ensuring success and efficiency, encompassing the following:

  • Comprehensive, data-backed keyword research. Our team of keyword research scientists will uncover the terms and phrases your clients should be targeting, providing regular monitoring, analysis and updates as necessary.

  • Keyword-rich, intent-oriented copywriting. Located across the globe, Galileo Tech Media’s stable of copywriters is able to scale on-demand, producing high-quality content efficiently and quickly.

  • Technical SEO and website audits. Our SEO experts will analyze your client’s website to ensure all backend elements are implemented correctly, providing in-depth recommendations on how best to address pesky problems like slow page load time.

White Label SEO

The benefits of working with Galileo Tech Media

When working with a third party creative agency, Galileo Tech Media immediately fills the knowledge gaps and provides on-demand support. We work with you to fully understand your clients’ needs, determining a targeted list of SEO services that we will then execute. Our competitive pricing allows you to maximize ROI and increase your bottom line while ensuring your client stays happy. Galileo Tech Media’s team is your client’s SEO resource… but you get all of the credit for a job well done!

White Label SEO

Who we work with

From Amazon-focused marketing firms to creative agencies with a local scope of work, Galileo Tech Media has collaborated with a diverse clientele in a white label SEO capacity. In all of our partnerships, we ensure that a clear workflow is established so that both our agency partner and their client receives high-quality work in a timely manner. Our flexibility is particularly beneficial for agencies that have unpredictable work volumes, as we can scale up and down as required—no retainer necessary! We price our services by the piece, allowing for maximum ROI and efficiency.

Optimize your white label SEO with us.

Explore our White Label SEO Case Studies

Learn more about how Galileo Tech Media has worked with clients across the globe.

White Label SEO Case Studies

Drawing on our extensive SEO and content experience, Galileo Tech Media is a key partner for several marketing and advertising agencies seeking Amazon SEO expertise.

Boutique Travel Agency

A South Carolina-based eCommerce Marketing Agency approached Galileo Tech Media to work with clients on a white label capacity.

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