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Amazon SEO is essential for any business looking to optimize content and copy for Amazon search. Galileo Tech Media provides copywriting solutions for agencies, brands and sellers, one explicitly tailored to complement the platform as well as Amazon’s ever-evolving algorithm, A9.

Amazon SEO

Why it’s essential

Research by BloomReach reports that a whopping 55% of Americans conduct their first product search on when online shopping. And with over 300 million active users and counting, the digital behemoth’s record-breaking growth shows no signs of slowing – fueled by consumers who require an on-demand, seamless shopping experience across all product categories. For enterprises, Amazon’s sheer reach can provide tremendous revenue opportunities, while also presenting serious challenges. After all, the platform’s scale can only be monetized if products are readily findable – by an impatient, discerning and distracted consumer, no less!

Our approach

Feed Amazon’s algorithm and compel the consumer to buy – through informative, SEO keyword-rich, engaging copy that’s tailored to complement Amazon’s distinct algorithm. But blindly applying traditional SEO tactics – ones that have garnered success on Google or Bing – may not be effective. A sound Amazon SEO strategy requires a nuanced, multi-faceted approach.

It begins with category research, as understanding the industry landscape and the competitive set is of utmost importance for sellers. We conduct the due diligence to clarify what space our partners occupy, enabling us to uncover opportunities for optimization. From there, we utilize our intimate knowledge of Amazon SEO to provide immediate and actionable insights on ways to improve performance via a comprehensive and exhaustive Amazon audit. Our final deliverable is authentic, shoppable and compelling content designed to drive sales – leading to a higher search ranking and long-term, organic revenue growth.

Outsourcing Amazon SEO to Galileo Tech Media

With years of industry experience developing actionable, keyword-optimized content across a variety of categories, Galileo Tech Media is not just a SEO agency — we’re a team of tactical marketing professionals, highly trained and highly proficient in all facets of content marketing. With a stable of experienced copywriters and Amazon search engine optimization experts available, we save our partners time, energy and resources.

Our ability to support already-outlined content marketing goals enables our partners to outsource the more tactical elements of their business to our team, freeing them to focus on “big picture” items. Furthermore, we understand the need to be nimble and adaptable in today’s competitive marketplace —with work volume fluctuating significantly month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter. As such, we don’t require minimums or retainers to work together, ensuring your business needs are always met in the most efficient way possible. Our years of content marketing experience and in-depth understanding of Amazon SEO provides us with a well-informed perspective to develop shoppable content that drives sales, engages the consumer and boosts organic search ranking.

Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO

While there exists overlap in SEO best practices when comparing Amazon to other search engines like Google and Bing, there are also significant differences. As such, it’s critical to take into account the differing factors of the two when crafting an Amazon SEO strategy.

For one, Amazon’s A9 algorithm encompasses numerous determining influences – many of which are ever-changing and ambiguous. Paired with the fact that Amazon does not report on search volume, utilizing traditional SEO tactics can lead to disappointing results. Furthemore, unlike Google, Amazon places an exclusive premium on product page listings that drive purchases. Any Amazon SEO strategy must take this key determining factor in mind; Amazon’s most “successful” products are the those which drive sales, with search results reflecting that.

How do Amazon SEO and Google SEO differ?

Amazon SEO

Our deliverable

Partners working with Galileo Tech Media trust us to manage all aspects of Amazon SEO – from category research to ongoing product page listing optimization. Although we tailor our programs on a client-by-client basis, we usually begin our brand partnerships by conducting competitive research and, as part of this, advising on what keywords a given product page listing should be targeting. The various elements of an Amazon product page listing are then optimized, which include the following:

  • Amazon Product Title: Encompassing brand name, product name, any variants, unit size and relevant keywords per the product, an effective product title is the first step to allow consumers to find – and buy – a product on Amazon.

  • Five Overview Bullets for Amazon Products: The “elevator pitch” of Amazon product page listing, five persuasive, keyword-rich bullets are used to tell a differentiated story. Bullets are prioritized in order of importance, allowing the Amazon shopper to quickly skim content and shop the product line with ease. Substantive questions like “Why buy from you?” and “What does this product do?” are addressed through succinct and impactful copy.

  • Amazon Product Descriptions: The narrative piece of an Amazon product listing, an impactful description prioritizes storytelling. Keywords are integrated naturally, ensuring copy feels engaging and conversational versus didactic and technical.

Amazon SEO

Our markets

We have broad-ranging experience across a variety of popular Amazon categories, including:

Grocery & Gourmet Food: One of Amazon’s fastest growing categories, we have worked with both established and emerging brands to optimize content successfully. Whether you’re optimizing a single ASIN or an entire catalog, we here to help you do so efficiently and effectively.

Health, Household & Baby Care: Research notes that Amazon owns roughly 90% of the market share of both skin care and cleaning supplies. Understanding the potential opportunities in these fiercely competitive industries is our forte, with experience in niche categories like natural and organic.

Electronics: Amazon’s bread and butter, electronics is still the platform’s most dominant category, with 2018 sales forecasted in excess of $65 billion. We understand the technical nuance involved with competing in electronics and provide invaluable expertise when crafting content.

Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry: Amazon’s second-biggest revenue-driver, the opportunities in apparel are limitless. We are able to identify and amplify the key differentiators and benefits of a given product, plus have experience seamlessly creating content for multiple variations (i.e., size and colorways).

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