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Amazon SEO is essential for any marketer looking to optimize content and copy for Amazon search. A leading Amazon SEO agency, Galileo Tech Media provides copywriting solutions for agencies, brands and sellers. But blindly applying traditional SEO tactics – ones that have garnered success on Google or Bing – may not be effective. A sound Amazon SEO strategy requires a nuanced approach, one explicitly tailored to complement the platform as well as Amazon’s ever-evolving algorithm, A9.

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Retailers, Take Note

Research by BloomReach reports that a whopping 55% of Americans conduct their first product search on when online shopping. Knowing this statistic, any savvy marketer will recommend implementing a well-thought Amazon SEO strategy as a first step for both capturing and converting these hungry searchers.

But blindly applying traditional SEO tactics – ones that have garnered success on Google or Bing – may not be effective. A sound Amazon SEO strategy requires a nuanced approach, one explicitly tailored to complement the platform as well as Amazon’s ever-evolving algorithm, A9.

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Why Traditional SEO Doesn’t Guarantee Amazon Success

While there exists overlap in SEO best practices when comparing Amazon to other search engines like Google and Bing, there are also significant differences. As such, it’s critical to take the following factors in mind when crafting an Amazon SEO strategy:

  • A UNIQUE ALGORITHM: Amazon’s A9 algorithm encompasses numerous determining influences – many of which are ever-changing and ambiguous. Paired with the fact that Amazon does not report on search volume, utilizing traditional SEO tactics can lead to disappointing results.

  • A PREMIUM ON PURCHASING: Unlike other major search engines, Amazon places an exclusive premium on product page listings that drive purchases. Any Amazon SEO strategy must take this key determining factor in mind; Amazon’s most “successful” products are the those which drive sales, with search results reflecting that.

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Why Amazon Marketing?

In an increasingly competitive and fragmented e-commerce environment, Amazon continues to reign supreme. With over 300 million active users and counting, the digital behemoth’s record-breaking growth shows no signs of slowing – fueled by consumers who require an on-demand, seamless shopping experience across all product categories.

For brands, Amazon’s sheer reach can provide tremendous revenue opportunities, while also presenting serious challenges. After all, the platform’s scale can only be monetized if products are readily findable – by an impatient, discerning and distracted consumer, no less! In fact, research from Epsilon notes that both online shoppers and Amazon Prime members turn to Amazon first to search for products before doing online research through another channel.

The objective for an effective Amazon SEO strategy? Feed Amazon’s algorithm and compel the consumer to buy – through informative, keyword-rich, engaging copy that’s tailored to complement Amazon’s distinct algorithm.

Copywriting for Amazon: The Galileo Difference

With years of industry experience developing actionable, keyword-optimized content across a variety of categories, Galileo is not just an Amazon SEO agency — we’re a team of tactical marketing professionals, highly trained and highly proficient in all facets of content marketing. Our partners appreciate our flexibility, talent and ability to provide efficient and effective support.

Amazon Optimization Services
  • A TURN-KEY SOLUTION: You provide the keywords, we write the copy. Our ability to support already-outlined content marketing goals enables our partners to outsource the more tactical elements of their business to our team, freeing them to focus on “big picture” items.

  • COPYWRITING PROWESS: As a team of creative wordsmiths, we pride ourselves in creating engaging, meaningful copy that goes beyond basic keyword integration. We are humans writing for humans, ensuring that content is resonate and real.

  • NO MINIMUMS, NO RETAINERS: We understand that our partners need to be nimble and adaptable in today’s competitive marketplace; we also recognize that work volume can fluctuate significantly month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter. As such, we don’t require minimums or retainers to work together — ensuring your business needs are always met in the most efficient way possible.

  • TECHNICAL KNOW-HOW: Our years of content marketing experience and in-depth understanding of Amazon SEO provides us with a well-informed perspective to develop shoppable content that drives sales, engages the consumer and boosts organic search ranking.

  • WIDE-RANGING CATEGORY EXPERIENCE: From food and beverage to technology and media, we’ve worked with blue-chip clients across a variety of industries. We understand the nuance involved within a particular category and adapt Amazon SEO strategy accordingly.

We provide services for such Amazon categories as:

Amazon SEO Copywriting Services: Our Offering

Thinking of partnering with our agency? With a stable of experienced copywriters and Amazon SEO experts available, we instantly provide enhanced support if and when necessary, saving our partners time, energy and resources. Aside from ability to scale, we offer a multi-pronged approach to Amazon SEO optimization, encompassing the following elements:

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Amazon SEO Copywriting Services: The Deliverable

In order to appropriately and successfully optimize a product page listing for organic and paid search, we address the following copy components:

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Amazon SEO Best Practices

5 Ways Amazon SEO is Similar to Google SEO

A solid understanding of SEO best practices is essential for success on any search engine. And while we’ve pointed out the differences between Amazon SEO and Google SEO, there are plenty of similarities between the two – after all, they’re both search engines!  Ahead, we’re delineating five key ways in which these digital powerhouses are similar in the realm of SEO, and how to implement SEO best practices when copywriting for Amazon product page listings.

  1. Your Google keywords are often your Amazon keywords

    Keywords are Essential for Amazon SEO

Chances are, the keywords you’re using to craft SEO-friendly content for Google are going to be very similar to the ones you’re targeting on Amazon. In fact, we often recommend both established and new sellers on Amazon use the already-existing data they have from Google search insights to inform their Amazon keyword strategy. What’s more, Google SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner can be leveraged for the sake of Amazon keyword research.

One caveat: We advise prioritizing short-tail versus long-tail keywords on Amazon, as queries on this platform tend to be shorter and less question-oriented than on Google.

  1. Product Title and Title Tag operate in similar ways

Small but mighty, your product listing title (Amazon) and title tag (Google) are both critical to SEO. Amazon and Google look at these snippets of information first to analyze and organize search results; SEO best practices dictate that each must be optimized accordingly.

Although this can encompass a variety of facets, here are three key points that apply to both:

  • Feature your most important — or “primary” — keyword(s) at the beginning of the title
  • Adhereto character count best practices (ideally 60 characters or less for Google, 50 or less for Amazon, with some category variations)
  • Use appropriate punctuation like case capitalization.

If you do nothing else, optimizing your product title for Amazon SEO is a must.

  1. Keyword-rich, relevant content is king

Both Google and Amazon want happy users, which is why the highest-ranking web pages and product page listings are those that are also most relevant. Translation: They match the keywords the user is searching and result in quality interactions. In the case of Google, “quality,” can mean a myriad of things, such as time spent on site; with Amazon, it means a sale.

The best way to ensure that they convert? Craft content that is both relevant and keyword-rich.

Amazon SEO best practices

  1. Black hat tactics are a no-no

Engaging in practices like keyword stuffing will not only get you penalized on both Google and Amazon, it will actually hurt your product and page ranking in the long-term. There’s nothing users dislike more than copy that sounds like a sales-hungry robot wrote it; there’s nothing Amazon and Google dislike more than unhappy users!

Lesson: Don’t attempt to game the system or “get ahead” quickly through lazy and unethical tactics; a thoughtful, dedicated Amazon SEO strategy is the only way to guarantee real results.

  1. Ongoing SEO optimization is required

In the ever-changing landscape of the Internet, there’s no such thing as “set it and forget it.” Sure, SEO content doesn’t need to be reworked on a weekly or even a monthly basis, but SEO best practices require ongoing evaluation of industry and search trends.

Take the fast ascent of organic skincare. Given the awareness around the category, searchers are increasingly savvy, adapting queries with variations like, “USDA Organic skincare.” A diligent player in the space recognizes this shift and reworks content to reflect these subtle changes.

Monitor trends, monitor your advertising performance and adapt your Amazon content accordingly. Good luck!

Galileo Tech Media provides our partners invaluable SEO expertise. Reach out to use today to inquire about our Amazon SEO and Google SEO services.

Galileo is prepared to help you take your Amazon optimization efforts to the next level.

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