Content Hubs – Build Authority on Any Topic

Content Hubs – Build Authority on Any Topic

SEO is now shifting to a Content Hub model, where a single page acts as the main hub of content for an overarching topic and multiple content pages that are related to that same topic link back to the hub page and to each other. This interlinking action signals to search engines that the hub page is an authority on the topic, and over time, the page may rank higher and higher for the topic it covers. The Content Hub model, at its very essence, is a way of organizing a site’s content pages using a cleaner and more deliberate site architecture.

Why it’s essential

Millions upon millions of pieces of content get published each day, creating a fiercely competitive environment for drawing all-important eyeballs. For businesses seeking to gain influence on a given topic on a local, regional, national and global scale, it can be hard to gain traction — which is why Content Hub creation is essential. In this process, a business strategically creates and frames their website as a definitive source for information on a targeted subject, building a network of supporting information to add value and meaning to the conversation.

What are Content Hubs?

Also known as Topical Clusters, are groups of SEO-friendly, keyword-rich and topic-specific content spread across an organization’s website and social media pages as well as relevant influencers’ websites and social media pages. Usually, an interior web page of a given business acts as the primary “hub,” with all ancillary content — supporting web pages, blog content, third party web content — functioning as the “spokes.” All of the elements are necessary to create motion — which, usually, is driving a prospective customer to convert.

Outsourcing to Galileo Tech Media

At Galileo Tech Media, we approach Content base creation through a variety of tactical efforts, encompassing strategic planning, comprehensive SEO keyword research, SEO copywriting and SEO Link Building. Our comprehensive, all-in-one approach is appealing for many of our partners, particularly those who want strategic assistance in creating a roadmap for an SEO-friendly website that drives organic visits and converts customers at scale.

Smart Content Base Creation

It doesn’t mean producing content for content’s sake. Publishing random blog posts stuffed with keywords won’t move the needle; rather, Google’s rankings reward publishers who create interconnected and highly relevant hubs of content that readers continue to return to, encompassing all the details a target customer could want to know on a subject. This is particularly true in highly competitive niches or with highly competitive subject matters.

How can Content Hub creation positively impact your business?

Our offering

When you work with Galileo Tech Media, you’ll have on-demand access to a team of SEO marketers and copywriters who are well-versed in implementing all aspects of a Content Hub from start-to-finish. Our 360-degree offering frees up our busy clients to focus on other aspects of their business while reaping the benefits of a website that works just as hard as they do. Although we handle each client and project on an individual basis, our package usually features the following elements:

  • SEO keyword research: Undertaking comprehensive and data-backed search of the short and long-tail terms your business should be targeting.

  • One (1) 2,000-word landing page: Creation of an impactful, informative and intent-focused Content Hub optimized using keyword research and SEO best practices.

  • Five (5) 750-word blog posts: The production of all-important and interconnected “spoke” content that interweaves niche themes and keywords of your landing page content while offering added value.

  • Two (2) inbound links per month: Working with relevant partners and niche influencers to procure two high-quality, ultra-relevant and authority-building links per month.

Content Hubs for Travel and Real Estate SEO

How Content Hub creation drives results in niche markets

In the competitive travel and real estate industries, targeted Content Hub creation can be the determining element in attaining high-quality web traffic and, eventually, driving conversions. Tapping into years of experience in this niche market, Galileo Tech Media will work with you to establish a marketing plan that zeroes in on your target audience and, from there, build-out a content hub strategy that maximizes your organic search exposure. From conducting keyword research that pinpoints local, regional and intent-focused terms to crafting targeted SEO content pieces like blogs and social media posts, we’ll help you own your niche.

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