As we’ve previously discussed, Content Hubs are one of the best ways to market your leisure business and increase SEO visibility. Even more than providing an excellent SEO framework for your website’s content, it is an effective tool for establishing authority in your specific niche. In this example, we look at a strategy to improve SEO for a Charleston travel business.

A well thought-out information map to produce web pages and blog posts is a great tool for ease of ongoing content creation. Along with the use of strong keywords, it also provides an exceptional user experience for your site’s search engine traffic. When you set up a solid foundational premise and then continue to expand on that idea with increasingly detailed, useful information, you are building trust and encouraging repeat visits.

Mapping Out a Content Hub Strategy for a Charleston Travel Business

Content Hubs work well because of their basic simplicity, both on the creation side and for the end-user. Once you decide on the core concepts of your site, building out from the main content hub becomes a sort of “connect-the-dots” endeavor. The diagram below illustrates how a tour company that’s focusing on the Charleston market would use this idea. All of the content “spokes” branch out from the main theme of “Best South Carolina Tours.” Even if you’re a tour operator that sells tours for other regions, the site’s featured content could still focus on a more specifically targeted niche.

The benefit for the potential tourist, of course, is that once they see the wealth of information and broad range of titles laid out in each category-specific topic, they feel confident in choosing their tours and recreational activities based on this authoritative site’s recommendations.

Creating Partnerships

Another great aspect of using Content Hubs is the potential for creating local partnerships. People, especially tourists, want to make sure that they’re getting the most accurate, comprehensive, fair and balanced recommendations on where to go and what to do during their leisure time.

As a go-to source for information about The Best Tours in South Carolina, you become an expert that people trust not just for tours, but for general information about Charleston. As such, your content buildout can include such things as profiles of local non-competing businesses, interviews with prominent local figures or town-specific current events.

Endless Opportunities for Content Expansion

As noted in the diagram, the spokes that stem from the main hub lead to other branches of informative articles. This cycle can continue in a number of ways, including articles that talk about the historical background of the city, holiday event listings or seasonal features. Another option is user-generated input in the form of a “Share your Story” tab or a solicitation of local travel stories from guest contributors.

Content strategy done well can result in a huge spike in website traffic and, in the long-run, loyal repeat customers. For help with putting together a customized, managed SEO services content marketing plan for your tour company, contact Galileo Tech Media. Creating a strong web presence for travel-focused businesses is one of our specialties. We’d love to show you the positive impact that our highly effective marketing techniques can have your company’s bottom line.