Content Hubs: A Luxury Real Estate SEO Marketing Strategy

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Creating SEO Content Hubs is an effective way to build a customer base and position yourself as an authority in your industry. We recently gave you an example of how a travel agent could utilize the content hubs marketing strategy to provide value for clients and earn trust. The great thing about content hubs and marketing is that the technique can apply to most business niches. Real estate SEO marketing is an opportunity that practically begs for utilization of the content hub technique. Real estate agents who want to be known as a specialist in a specific area, such as luxury homes, can create SEO content that demonstrates extensive knowledge of this specialty and that draws clients in.

Real Estate SEO Marketing for Luxury Properties

Let’s talk for a bit about how a real estate agent specializing in luxury properties might use content hubs to offer value, boost a customer database, and increase sales. Real estate is an industry that provides many chances to connect with a potential or past customer. When speaking about real estate, one could talk about properties (their style, age, historical context, functionality), the area a property is in, the methods of obtaining a property (i.e. financing and choosing the right agent), and more. A real estate agent selling luxury homes should ideally create a core content hub that talks generally about any expertise in evaluating properties, getting a loan and picking a specialist, examining the pros and cons of an area, and so on.

Creating a Content Hub Core

The luxury-home real estate agent’s main website (which should be a personal website and not a company website) would be the primary content hub (or center of a circle of information that will expand outward through related content offerings on the site and off-site). The agent’s home page would be the core of web hub, giving an overview of luxury properties and of the agent’s experience marketing luxury homes. The home page would also include photos of luxury properties (each given an Alt Tag containing the page’s focus keyword) and content that covers a bit about areas of interest to luxury homebuyers and sellers (as mentioned: area, financing, choosing an agent, etc.).

Branching Out With Valuable SEO Content

One reason why SEO content creation through a content hub approach is so effective in establishing value and authority is because there can be so many topics covered. From the core of our hub (or main message), we can typically branch out and discuss dozens of related topics – all to entice clients into reading more our material and gaining trust in our ability to meet needs. For real estate agents using the content hub technique for luxury home marketing, a website home page would ideally lead readers to learn more about luxury properties by guiding them to different pages on the website. Our luxury real estate agent should create separate pages for each topic briefly discussed on the home page, and then these pages can dive into even more detail. This is an exciting way to create content and one that works in bringing in conversions, either quick wins or sales down the road.

The Spokes of our Real Estate SEO Content Hub

On the luxury real estate agent’s Properties web page, for instance, there could be several articles discussing styles of luxury properties: modern properties, provincial estate properties, luxury penthouses and townhomes, beachfront luxury properties, and so on. A page on Financing might delve into content that explains options for obtaining unconventional loans or how to leverage luxury real estate to optimal financial advantage, and a web page about choosing the right luxury real estate agent might include several articles that summarize testimonials or awards received. An Area page could offer individual pieces of content on specific cities covered by the luxury real estate agent, talking about luxury restaurants and shopping in each of the cities, perhaps.

Content Hubs for Real Estate SEO Get Social and Expand Reach

As the content hub is created for the luxury real estate agent’s website, more spokes of the main content hub are created on the agent’s social media pages and on websites the agent has guest blog posts on. With the agent’s website serving as a core, links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts and Tweets – and real estate specialty sites – give customers more options for learning about luxury real estate and the particular agent’s experience in the niche.

Content hub creation is a fantastic, comprehensive approach to marketing that can be replicated for nearly any business. Physicians can create content hubs related to their specialty, as can lawyers, restaurateurs, clothing brands, and even creatives like graphic designers.

To get help creating a content hub strategy for your business, contact Galileo Tech Media. We specialize in SEO marketing for travel, real estate, and other industries – providing options for utilizing the power of today’s technology and consumer behavior research to maximize business success.

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