Content Hubs: A Guide to Market Your NYC Travel Business

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You’ve probably read about Galileo’s highly-targeted Content Hubs Strategy, designed for any business trying to dominate a niche using SEO tactics. This strategy is particularly effective when thinking about your NYC Travel Business – the act of converting a prospect base of tourists interested in visiting New York City into clients. While it’s not difficult to create volumes of content, much of it may not hit the target audience. We don’t just collate and curate content.  To drive traffic, our SEO team develops tailored information that is highly relevant and desirable to online visitors. Our focus is on delivering the leads you need to convert a constant pipeline of prospects into repeat customers.

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Content Hubs serve as all-inclusive stops for your Internet audience. Unlike other less known vacation destinations, when it comes to marketing to those considering travel to New York City, the prospect pool is vast.  However, so is your competition.  In addition, many individuals mistakenly believe that they may fare better if a New York City vacation is planned without the benefit of an experienced travel agency.

The key here is to position your NYC travel business as having the inside expertise that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere. It’s about giving people what they want and making them want to share it.

At Galileo Tech Media, we have the advanced technological solutions that will ensure that your services and unique expertise will be incorporated into the online lives of your customers. For instance, we know how to develop an engaging new page on the travel agent’s website with a powerful URL.  We understand how to draw clients with title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags that employ strategic keywords such as Central Park and Times Square… as well as neighborhood hot spots near you that may have less demand but are highly targeted.

When it comes to all that New York City has to offer, there are many exclusive tips and much practical advice that are not widely known to those who reside outside the Big Apple.  Very useful information is hard for readers to ignore.  When people benefit from insightful advice, your agency positions itself as a leading expert.  This not only distinguishes your agency from the competition, but also often attracts repeat visitors.  Many individuals may respond to the content provided.   When this happens, Content Hubs are often relied upon as sounding boards for what travelers want and when.   Agencies can use this information to further refine both communications and marketing efforts tailored to prospects and clients.

Effective Content Hubs also effectively target and attract specific audiences within the larger prospect group.   We develop material that covers a wide range of topics designed specifically for highly defined prospect categories and segments.  Content is created to engage visitors interested in the most traveled and sought-after destinations, along with niche audiences who may have visited New York numerous times and are interested in more unique locations.  These may include trips geared toward high-end shoppers, music lovers, diners, young children and teenagers, or seasonal attractions focused, for example, on haunted sites for Halloween or Easter activities for all ages.

Your audience will also want to learn about your NYC travel business. We encourage clients to show some personality.  Sharing stories and interesting information about what makes your company unique not only distinguishes your company from your competition, but also builds your brand.  Powerful brands are associated with vast numbers of loyal customers.

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