White Label SEO Case Studies

For many marketing agencies, delivering quality solutions to their clients across a range of specialities can be challenging. Galileo Tech Media seamlessly integrates into those agencies, providing valuable SEO and content marketing knowledge while providing the option to scale our services up and down as necessary — delivering impactful results and happy client partners.

White Label SEO

Our partnership approach

When offering white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media enhances the capabilities of agencies seeking to win new clients or enhance already-existing relationships with expanded marketing offerings. Our partners appreciate our specialized, technical expertise and our ability to adapt to or improve upon existing processes.

When working with a media, marketing, advertising or creative agency, we immediately fill the knowledge gaps and provide comprehensive support. For example, if a creative agency specializing in high-level branding wins a client that also wants to implement SEO, the agency can utilize our services as an extension of their own. This mutually beneficial relationship results in happy clients as well as happy agency partners.

Client: eCommerce Design & Development Agency

A South Carolina-based eCommerce Marketing Agency approached Galileo Tech Media to work with clients on a white label capacity. We have assisted with several clients, acting as an SEO resource. For one client, we helped to plan a website migration based on SEO keyword research and already-existing site traffic. For another client, we identified technical SEO errors that were blocking website indexing and SEO growth. In all of our partnership efforts, this agency relied upon our technical SEO expertise and process management skills.



  • Fully service their clients’ SEO and content needs, without stretching in-house resources or increasing head count

  • Meet client’s complex and deadline-specific requests, due to Galileo’s ability to scale

Client: Marketing Agencies Seeking Amazon SEO Support

Drawing on our extensive SEO and content experience, Galileo Tech Media is a key partner for several marketing and advertising agencies seeking Amazon SEO expertise. Working in a white label capacity, we have conducted SEO keyword research and content optimization to enhance and optimize their client’s product page listings, focused on creating highly shoppable content that wins the “Buy Box.” Our agency partners appreciate our ability to scale quickly and take on projects with as little as a three-day turnaround.


  • Amazon audit

  • Amazon SEO keyword research

  • Amazon SEO copywriting and content creation


  • Streamlined content creation and production workflow, freeing up both our partner agencies and their clients to focus resources on other projects

  • Created optimized Amazon SEO content that improved clients’ Amazon page rankings and drove increased sales

How can agencies benefit from working with Galileo?

White Label SEO Solutions

How Galileo Tech Media can expand your marketing offering.

So you’ve won that client for the rebrand… and now they’re asking you for SEO services. You don’t have the in-house capabilities, but you also don’t want to lose out on expanding your relationship. It is in scenarios like these that Galileo Tech Media offers tremendous value, white labeling our SEO and content marketing expertise to a variety of agency partners.

Typically, our agency partners have specific projects or areas of the business that they are seeking help with. From conducting comprehensive technical audits to providing SEO keyword research, we work in a variety of capacities to provide immediate and impactful assistance while seamlessly slotting into already-existing frameworks.

Explore Our SEO Case Studies

From Fortune 500 travel brands looking to rise to the top of the SERPs to boutique creative agencies seeking white label SEO services, Galileo Tech Media has worked with a wealth of clients. Our efforts run the gamut from conducting technical SEO audits to crafting highly researched, industry-specific blog content. In all of our relationships, our flexible partnership approach has proven invaluable, allowing our happy clients to leverage our expertise on-demand while scaling their businesses in the process.