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Multi-location SEO Services

Whether you are a hotel chain, a law firm, a real estate agency or a doctor with multiple offices, a thoughtful multi-location SEO strategy is critical for driving success across all elements of your business. At Galileo Tech Media, we understand the finesse and insight involved with executing a successful multi-location strategy—and have done so on behalf of an array of very happy clients!

Multi-location SEO

Why do you need multi-location SEO?

For businesses with multiple branches or geographic footprints, multi-location SEO is paramount for driving success. Each individual branch must be catered to with a local SEO campaign—wherein geo-specific terms and hyper-local content is integrated—while the larger brand itself should be supported through an evergreen strategy for company-wide SEO. Brands that fail do this risk missing out on prospective customers who are searching for them in both a location-specific and generalized capacity.

Multi-location SEO

How Galileo Tech Media can help your business with multi-location SEO?

At Galileo Tech Media, we understand that businesses have varied—and often competing—demands. For multi-location businesses, this is particularly true, as each different branch needs specialized marketing attention in order to succeed. Creating a thoughtful multi-location SEO strategy is essential; luckily, we possess the skill and knowledge to do so successfully. Our offering encompasses the following:

  • Identifying various personas and their attendant behaviors in order to delineate various target audiences.

  • Conducting comprehensive keyword research, focusing on both general and geo-specific terms in order to hit all types of prospective audiences.
  • Producing keyword-rich content that speaks to intent in all stages of the brand discovery process. This includes crafting highly relevant, hyper-local content when applicable.
  • Engaging in authority-building campaigns on both a local and national level in order to build brand awareness, trust and equity.

Multi-location SEO

The benefits of working with Galileo Tech Media

Galileo Tech Media has collaborated with countless clients with a multi-location footprint in order to provide data-informed SEO services. Using local SEO best practices, technical expertise, and leading-edge technology, we help our multi-location partners drive organic traffic and increase conversions across multiple locations. Furthermore, our unique ability to scale up and down as needed—paired with our competitive, per-piece pricing structure—makes us an appealing partner to business with an unpredictable workflow or limited budget.

Multi-location SEO

Who we work with

A New York-based lawyer with several offices. A travel agency with a global footprint. An international hotelier with thousands of properties. These are just several of the many clients we have worked within a multi-location SEO capacity. Although each of these partnerships required a nuanced strategy tailored to the particular needs of the business, one commonality emerged: Increased ROI.

Optimize your multi-location SEO with us.

Browse our Multi-Location Case Studies

Learn more about how Galileo Tech Media has worked with clients across the globe.

Multi-Location SEO Case Studies

In our ongoing partnership with a leading international hotel group, we provide an array of SEO and content marketing solutions across their entire brand portfolio. Working on nearly 6,000 properties — including 90 hotels in the luxury category — we’ve achieved a broad range of goals.

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