By Joseph Franklyn McElroy
By Joseph Franklyn McElroyFounder and CEO of Galileo Tech Media

We’re all looking for that secret sauce to success. The right tools help digital marketers pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to give their clients a competitive edge. Over here at Galileo Tech Media, my team uses wise content marketing tools, such as BrightEdge, to help clients improve their SEO services.

Yep, there are a million tools out there. We were introduced to BrightEdge via our relationship with Marriott Digital Services. And we now call it OUR secret sauce, offering in-depth insights beyond basic analytics.

For our Agency partners, operational success with SEO and content marketing requires a lot of time. BrightEdge and our client success managers can reduce hundreds of hours annually in helping clients have operational and business success using the BrightEdge platform.

Our strategic account managers are focused on helping our agency partners’ growth by providing complementary data to support your pitch process and providing sector insight as well as market benchmarks to create pitches that sell.

And with BrightEdge, we can invest in our agency partners’ success with a range of different account sessions, training, and understanding their workflow.

On a project level, SEO teams and clients love being able to tackle SEO gains on an individual URL basis, project traffic increases (helps answer that always asked question “how much SEO growth can we expect to see?”), and find ways to glide past the competition.

We can help your SEO clients who are getting frustrated with slow results or ambiguous goals and pinpoint the areas where you are growing but just don’t have the data to prove it. Or, provide insights to weave into that white space your competitors haven’t found just yet. Or better yet, identify the content you should be writing to earn higher rankings.