Influencer Marketing NYC: What You Missed from the October Influencer Marketing Meetup in NYC

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Galileo Tech Media creates and executes comprehensive Influencer Marketing Campaigns for brands who are looking to benefit from greater reach and visibility. Influencer Marketing increases inbound links from high-authority websites, which creates enhanced visibility, brand awareness, and ROI. And if you’re looking for Influencer Marketing services and connections in NYC, then you don’t want to miss our next Meetup.

Galileo CEO Joseph McElroy founded the New York City Influencer Marketing Meetup to create learning and conversation associated with this best practice.

To see the Influencer Marketing Meetup in action, take a look at the video!

On Tuesday October 25th, Galileo partnered with Tidal Labs, a content-as-a-service platform for Influencer Marketing, to host the Influencer Marketing Meetup. This Meetup, “Why Influencer Marketing,” featured speakers were Daniel Chung (Marketing Strategist and Digital Creative at The Modman), Jessy Grossman (Commercial Department/ Social Media Talent at Don Buchwald and Associates, Inc.) and James Reid, Brand Partnerships (New Business) at Collectively, Inc. The event was introduced by Joseph McElroy and moderated by Adelle McElveen of Tidal Labs.

Attendees learned about and discussed the growing importance of Influencer Marketing at the middle and top of the purchase funnel. And while the brand engaging with the influencer is obviously important, let’s not forget the importance of the INFLUENCER’S brand. They have spent years cultivating the trust of their audience, and that’s what makes their voice invaluable. Brands must trust the influencer to speak to their audience in an authentic way – that’s what makes an effective campaign.

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