Multi-Location SEO

Multi Location SEO

Scaling and Optimizing Traffic and Sales for all Locations

Whether you are a hotel chain with thousands of franchises, a law firm with a few offices, a real estate agency with hundreds of agents, or a doctor with multiple clinics, a successful multi-location SEO strategy is critical for driving traffic and sales across all elements of your business.

It’s the Numbers!

Why do you need multi-location SEO?

For businesses with multiple branches or geographic footprints, multi-location SEO is paramount for driving success. Each individual branch must be catered to with a local SEO campaign – wherein geo-specific terms and hyper-local content is integrated – while the larger brand itself should be supported through an evergreen strategy for company-wide SEO. Brands that fail to do this risk missing out on prospective customers who are searching for them in both a location-specific and generalized capacity.

How do we know? The numbers tell the story:

  • 64% of customers use search engines to find local businesses
  • 50% of local customers who do a local search visit the location the same day
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in an offline purchase
  • 46% of all searches have local intent
  • 71% of people search for business location before visiting – even if they know the business

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It’s the Process!

How do you do multi-location SEO?

Multi-location SEO is an intensive process. It is critical to hold a kickoff discussion before you even begin with a team of SEO experts, technical staff, creative staff, brand managers, content creators and other employees to discuss real-world timelines and resource availability. Education about multi-location SEO is more than likely an important aspect of this stage as well.

Strategy development involves not only an Enterprise SEO Strategy, but a Local SEO strategy that is repeatable across each location. Deployment will be based upon existing structures that can have various levels of ability to be modified. Considerations must include:

  • Single-domain, multi-location deployments vs multi-domain, single brand systems vs hybrid/content syndication models
  • Scalable reporting/roll-up reporting dashboards
  • Local/freelance content team training and workflow advice
  • Local citation building and local business listing audit and cleanup
  • Reputation and reviews management
  • Local authority building and brand awareness
  • Localized social media

Once the strategy is in place, a program pilot representing a small percentage of the locations should be piloted to work out kinks in the process. The goal is to measure growth in ROI to justify investment on a broad scale. Otherwise, there is no business justification for the process.

After the SEO program is implemented, there will always be needs for new content, refreshed content, discoveries, measurement and refinement. This ongoing process should be anticipated and managed for scale.

It’s the People (and their tools)!

How do you scale Local SEO for multiple locations?

Scaling local SEO for multiple locations starts with first separating the SEO team into two equal parts. The Enterprise SEO team and the Local SEO Services team. This is important because they will work in different types of environments with different cost centers and responsibilities.

The Enterprise SEO team will be responsible for:

  • Global sites
  • Strategic support for all enterprise brands
  • Technical architecture
  • Code optimization and QA
  • Agnostic support for all locations
  • SEO for enterprise marketing activities

The Local SEO Services team will be responsible for:

  • Cost variable management per location
  • Per location tactics for content, audits, local business listings, citations, reviews and reputation management, local social media, local PR, local authority and brand building
  • Per location measurement and reporting
  • SEO customer support for on-location marketing teams

The Local SEO Services team will focus on scaling with a core team capable of managing a dynamic environment, supported by an extended team of SEO analysts. Filling out the team for the on-demand unpredictable nature of multi-location SEO will be a network of freelance SEO writers, analysts, authority builders, and technologists.

Integral to all teams will be software and tools to manage and extend the capabilities of the team. Tools such as BrightEdge, Yelp, CMS systems, inbound marketing systems, etc.

How can Galileo Tech Media help your business with multi-location SEO?

At Galileo Tech Media, we understand that businesses have varied – and often competing – demands. For multi-location businesses, this is particularly true, as each different branch needs specialized marketing attention in order to succeed. Creating a thoughtful multi-location SEO strategy is essential; luckily, we possess the skill and knowledge to do so successfully. Our offering encompasses the following:

  • Identifying various personas and their attendant behaviors in order to delineate various target audiences

  • Conducting comprehensive keyword research, focusing on both general and geo-specific terms in order to hit all types of prospective audiences

  • Producing keyword-rich content that speaks to intent in all stages of the brand discovery process; this includes crafting highly relevant, hyper-local content when applicable

  • Engaging in authority-building campaigns on both a local and national level in order to build brand awareness, trust and equity

The benefits of working with Galileo Tech Media

Galileo Tech Media has collaborated with countless clients with a multi-location footprint in order to provide data-informed SEO services. Using local SEO best practices, technical expertise, and leading-edge technology, we help our multi-location partners drive organic traffic and increase conversions across multiple locations. Furthermore, our unique ability to scale up and down as needed—paired with our competitive, per-piece pricing structure—makes us an appealing partner to business with an unpredictable workflow or limited budget.

Who we work with

A New York-based lawyer with several offices. A travel agency with a global footprint. An international hotelier with thousands of properties. These are just several of the many clients we have worked within a multi-location SEO capacity. Although each of these partnerships required a nuanced strategy tailored to the particular needs of the business, one commonality emerged: Increased ROI.

Multi-Location Case Study

Multi-Location SEO Case Studies

In our ongoing partnership with a leading international hotel group, we provide an array of SEO and content marketing solutions across their entire brand portfolio. Working on nearly 6,000 properties — including 90 hotels in the luxury category — we’ve achieved a broad range of goals.

Optimize your multi-location SEO with us.

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