Agencies need keyword researchers, writers, SEO experts and social media strategists to best meet their clients’ needs. What they don’t want, however, are bigger payrolls and more complicated hiring processes. Or, headaches involved with wondering which professionals they should keep on staff full time and how to even find top talent. Galileo Tech Media solves the problem of wanting to fully service clients but not having in-house systems in place to execute as a top-tier partner for agencies who need to outsource SEO services.

We work with agencies in a white label capacity to provide comprehensive, tactical, ongoing and one-off services that go beyond client satisfaction and that make agencies look like the completely responsible party for marketing success. Here’s how we do it:

Outsource SEO Step 1: Understand the Needs of Agencies’ Clients

Galileo works with agencies to help them better understand their clients needs, which is essential if the agency plans on meeting clients’ goals and bringing them success (however success is defined by the individual clients). Does the client need a SEO Technical Audit? Maybe new the client needs brand new SEO Content, or the existing content can better perform with a simple refresh? What analytics can the agency share with Galileo to help flesh out the optimal marketing strategy? These are questions we discuss and address with agencies.

Outsource SEO Step 2: Determine a List of Services for Galileo to Provide

Based on the unique needs of agencies’ various clients, we work together to come up with a list of services Galileo will provide for each client. These services can be keyword research, SEO Content, mobile and local SEO, link building, influencer marketing, social media strategy or a combination.


Outsource SEO Step 3: Establish Competitive Pricing for Maximum ROI

Since agencies looking to outsource their marketing tactics often go down this path due to budget constraints, Galileo offerings competitive pricing to perform tactical services agencies can mark up to their client. Pricing relies on Galileo serving as a tactical partner, meaning we execute the to-do list, and the agencies acting in a capacity to develop the client’s overarching marketing strategy.

Outsource SEO Step 4: Allow the Agency to be the Client’s SEO Expert

All white label marketing allows the agencies to receive total credit for successful SEO campaigns. We simply work behind the optimization scenes, making sure our SEO team is up-to-date on current trends, always anticipating changes in the search landscape, executing properly continually communicating critical information in a clear manner.

Outsource SEO Step 5: Review Success Metrics

Galileo works with agencies to review their clients’ success metrics and adjust marketing plans accordingly. We are a data-driven company, and we believe in constant campaign monitoring to learn which tasks are producing positive results is vital to meeting clients’ goals.

Outsource SEO Step 6: Quickly Scale to Meet Clients’ Needs

Galileo’s ability to scale services up or down as needed, and quickly if required, is a huge plus for marketing agencies. Perhaps an agency has a client that demands a bulk of content one month and next to nothing for the next few. Managing this unreliable schedule in-house is not ideal, as it could mean the agency has to hire a full-time content writer that might not be fully utilized. Or, the agency may need to search for a freelancer without a huge workload, who might also lack a proven track record. Galileo easily and quickly scales services up and down, month by month, meeting agencies’ needs as they arise with agency-caliber talent.

Working with Galileo Tech Media in a white label capacity lets you free up money and time to do what you do best, while we take care of the details that allow you to reap benefits including more happy clients.

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